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Today, there are many options for heating systems. They differ in the cost of installation, operation, and its efficiency. One of the best options of heating is floor heating. This system can be mounted alone as in a private house and the apartment.

There are several types of such systems. They must properly choose and assemble. This will help to use the presented form of heating as efficiently as possible. How to make a warm floor will be considered in our article.

General description

Before considering how to make a warm floor, it is necessary to know features of this system. It is one of the newest and most effective to date.

The base design of the room mounted heating elements. It can be the pipes through which coolant is circulated, an electric wire or film. The choice depends on the features and operation of the system.

a warm floor in a private home

In the process, the heating device makes a warm floor surface. The heat gradually rises up to the ceiling. Here the air cools and descends again to the floor. In this case, a person in such a room becomes warmer much earlier than in a room with a wall heater of the same power.

The fact that batteries and other similar heating devices wall type provide an intense heating of the air in the upper part of the room. The space near the floor is always colder. Therefore require more energy to a person in this room was comfortable. Warm floor, on the contrary, consumes less energy, creating a comfortable heating. The heated air is concentrated at the base of the room.


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Types of systems

Considering how to make a warm floor, it is necessary to select the appropriate design. There are water and electric varieties of designs. They have different principle of work.

how to make a warm floor self

Radiant floor connected to boiler. From him, the heated coolant is supplied to all the circuits of the system. This type of heating suitable for private homes. To operate the boiler on solid fuel, gas or electricity. The choice depends on the performance of economic feasibility of use of a particular resource in a particular area.

Electric floor heating ideal for apartments. It is easier to install. If the boiler is set in an apartment impractical, an electric type of system would be the best solution. To make the right choice, you need to consider the features of each system.

Characteristics of water types of systems

Considering how to make a warm floor in a private house, the best option would be the installation of the water system. It will need to arrange for the construction phase of a building or in the process of a major overhaul. The floor covering will be created from scratch.

Water warm floor

From the boiler in each room will move on a separate heating circuit and the pipes to circulate the coolant, the temperature of which should not exceed 55 ºC. this process shall monitor the temperature sensor. After the boiler is mounted a special comb. It will open and close the valve each circuit.

When the water in the pipe of one of the paths will be colder than the specified level trigger the sensor. The isolating valves will open, blowing into the pipe a new batch of hot liquid. After the water warms up, the mechanism will block the flow of heated heat carrier from the boiler. It is very important to schedule the installation of water warm floor in conjunction with the purchase of the boiler. He was supposed to have a capacity that can meet the needs of the premises warm.

Installing water Underfloor heating

Make a warm floor with your hands at home is quite simple:

  • You will Need to prepare the ground. The old coupler is removed before the lag or the Foundation.
  • Next you need to add a layer of expanded clay. On it unfolds a layer of insulation and filled with rough screed.
  • When it dries, the floor is covered with insulation. Suitable expanded polystyrene with a minimum thickness of 3 cm.
installation warm floor
  • On the insulation layer expanded waterproofing.
  • Next, set the mounting strap. They will unpack the pipe, which can be made of different materials. The outline is created from special high temperature resistant plastic, which often has a red color.
  • Pipe laid on the prepared base in the form of “snail” or “snake”. The choice depends on the preferences of the wizard. For each room creates its own separate circuit, which is connected to the boiler.
  • Then the pipe is filled with a layer of screed at least 5 cm should be composed of plasticizers.
  • When the screed is dry, you can create the finishing coat.

Water floor in the apartment

Some landlords wonder about how to make a warm floor from heating. Should immediately say that such an action is illegal. To install radiant floor heating in the apartment only in the presence of an independent boiler. It will need to legislate to appropriate public institutions.

is it Possible to make a warm floor?

If we draw the pipes from the Central heating, the subsequent length of the line temperature will be significantly reduced. Neighbors the water temperature in the batteries will not be able to reach the specified level. Such a breach of use of the heating system is punishable.

It Should also be understood that the pipes that are in the floor, after a certain number of years to start leaking. If you have neighbors below, this might lead to flood damage to their property. Radiant floor heating requires to raise the level of the floor at least 10 cm This would require the installation of new doors. The apartment is advisable to install an electric type system.

Electrical type systems

The owners of apartments, the question may arise about whether it is possible to make a warm floor in their home. This will be possible when using the electrical system.

infrared warm floor

It is of several types:

  1. The First form is a wire, which is mounted in the screed. It is used only during overhaul.
  2. The Second type electric flooring mounted directly in the tile adhesive. This greatly simplifies installation. In this case it is possible to carry out the construction of a new floor without removing the old coating, if the basis has been laid ceramic tiles. On top of this system is possible to install tiles, laminate.
  3. Very easy to operate is the system of Underfloor heating film. This warm floor mounted only. It does not fill with screed or tile adhesive. This is the best option for those owners who want to lay laminate or linoleum. In this case, you can't even carry out a major overhaul.

Installation in screed

Figuring out how to make a warm floor in the house or apartment, you need to consider several mounting options.

electric warm floor

The First type of heating system involves filling of the heating wire in the coupler (this cable has a thickness of about 7 mm):

  • First, prepare the base. On a flat floor should be laid a layer of insulation, e.g. foamed polystyrene. Its thickness should be at least 2 cm (or more).
  • Next is placed a layer of waterproofing. On it place a metal mounting rail. They help to carry out the fixation of the wire.
  • Electric cable is needed to arrange “snake” increments from 7 to 15 cm. What will be the turns of wire, the faster it will heat up the floor.
  • Next, the wire is filled with a cement-sand screed. It is better to choose for this purpose a special solution, which is composed of plasticizers. When laying the floor the appearance of air pockets is unacceptable.

When the screed hardens, it is laid a finishing coat.

Wire Installation in tile adhesive

Considering how to make warm floors, you need to learn a second variant of the installation. It has a lot of advantages. In this case, use a thin cable with a thickness of about 3 mm. It is most often produced in the form of mats. The wire in this case is fixed on a special polymer mesh width of 50 cm It is rolled out on the smooth concrete floor.

In some cases, to decompose the wire will need. The step should be from 5 to 12 see If warm floor settling in the apartment on the second floor and above, it is possible not to put teploizol...

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