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If your house or apartment is made repairs, without alabaster is indispensable. From which one obtains this material, if he is not harmful to human health? Alabaster - what is it? The answers to these questions are given below.


Building material, characterized by its viscosity and derived from gypsum, called alabaster. Very often it is used for the manufacture of various products, as well as conducting repair work. Plaster - another name for the material.

The Foundation alabaster is a gypsum - its origin natural material. Construction gypsum (alabaster) - an environmentally friendly substance, not harmful to human health no harm. It is characterized by excellent insulation and water resistance. The scope of alabaster is sufficiently wide. It is used in the manufacture of various forms of building products.

When carrying out repairs it is ideal for sealing cracks, leveling the floor and walls. A solution of alabaster drying is not susceptible to cracking and forms a thin, uniform and smooth layer, which is to clean the treated surface, which, if required, covered with primer deep penetration.

After Examining the characteristics of the material, you can easily answer the question, alabaster is what it is.

Of the history

the Mortar of alabaster.

As a building material alabaster was used in ancient times. Natural softness makes it processing simple and does not require complex and durable tools. The material was used for making sculptures, vessels, and other household items. This used calcite. He is now little demand. In the construction of popular gypsum alabaster.


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Methods of obtaining alabaster

Construction plaster looks like a powder derived from gypsum. To do this, it was calcined, and then pulverized. The main advantage of alabaster, to distinguish it from similar materials is rapid solidification. It is worth remembering, studying the question of alabaster how to plant.

Alabaster how to plant.

It is Necessary to take into account this property of a material when you create a plaster test, before pouring it into the molds. Usually the solution was prepared in the ratio 2/1 where 2 pieces — it's alabaster, and 1 part — cold water. Keep in mind that plaster solution should be used as soon as possible, otherwise it will harden. If you want to increase the setting time, the stucco is added small quantities of animal glue.

Pros and cons of alabaster

Gypsum plaster used for repair work in areas where later to be inhabited by people.

The disadvantages of the material include the low strength and low moisture resistance. These disadvantages can be reduced by applying special additives.

Where you can buy plaster

Manufacturers produce about 10 different brands of alabaster. You can buy it at hardware stores, packaged in bags of various weights. Store plaster in a dry, well protected dry place, preferably not more than 6 months.

Area of application plaster

Alabaster - what it is, where are the raw materials for its production manufacturers? Mined in the quarries of natural gypsum, which is subjected to subsequent thermal treatment. Further in special mills annealed gypsum is crushed into a fine powder.

Alabaster what it is.

The Alabaster used in the alignment of the walls, floors, ceilings in rooms with minimal humidity. It is excellent for the manufacture of stucco, gypsum Board.

To Improve the moisture resistance of gypsum plaster by adding to a solution of synthetic resin or organosilicon compounds. Also popular cover of the film and impregnation of hydrophobic substances. Products from the alabaster fire resistant and are destroyed by fire just after 6 hours of intense heat. Therefore, they are often used as fire retardant coating.

As with any other material, when you apply this there are many nuances that should be explored if you are going to work with him and want to know: alabaster - what it is.

How to make plaster batter

Preparing a solution of gypsum at the rate of 1 kg of material to 0.5 liters of water. First, in a container pour water, and then she carefully poured the material, while stirring it to avoid lumps. The mixture should have the consistency of sour cream. To deciding, alabaster how to breed, should be taken very seriously. Largely this will depend on the final result.

Gypsum plaster alabaster.

We should Not forget that the solution solidifies within half an hour, and sometimes faster. If the mixture thickens, then it should not be diluted with water, and it is unlikely to succeed. To increase the setting time of the mortar you can add a little wood or Wallpaper glue.

To improve the water resistance of product made of alabaster, it can be painted or covered with a special moisture barrier paste.

The dough Plaster applied with a spatula or trowel, after using the instrument, it is necessary to rinse well.

Store alabaster necessary in areas where the humidity does not exceed 60%.


Armed with the rules of working with alabaster and adhering to them, it is possible to efficiently perform the required construction or repair work.


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