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This element is used for network connection of portable appliances with power up to several kilowatts. Under voltage does not hit surrounding objects, it is made as a socket. It is always used together with plug with metal pins. Execution can be quite varied. An important criterion for selection is the size of the socket defined by the diameter and shape of bores for domestic and foreign species.the size of the outlet

Types of electrical sockets

For normal network 220 V sockets are two-pin. They mostly provided by the ground. The simplest model is designed for operation in dry rooms. They can be recessed for flush or patch for open. More complex designs provide protection from dust and moisture, are double, can contain switches and built-in RCD. The purpose and principle of operation remains the same. The design allows to apply electricity to the device, any person, not possessing special skills.

How does the socket?

The Principle of electric plug and socket is simple: when you insert the plug in the socket closes the two contacts and the electric supply to the device.

Ordinary household sockets are designed for a current of 10 A or 16 a More powerful device to them cannot be connected, since disconnected the machine in a Cabinet or in the worst case fails socket.

Appliances high power is better to connect directly with the power line where installed the machine in the dashboard.

For low-voltage lines used connectors, which are connected through the phone, computer, video and audiopaste etc.

How does the plug?

The Design contains a pad (a base) with metal pads, which are mounted on lead wires and contacts. All connections are protected by plastic housing. The plug does not only have to connect to the outlet, but also be held together with flexible wire from falling out through spring-loaded contacts the ground. They are installed in many sockets. To the ground worked, the apartment must be run a third wire connected to the ground of the intermediate floor panel.


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Power Leads are connected via screw connections or self-locking contacts.

In the housing bore of some models of sockets, installation of protective blinds. In the absence of the plug conductive portion is closed. When it is inserted into the hole of the housing, under pressure from the blinds moved away, providing a link to contacts. They can also be opened manually.

In the model are inserted various accessories: buttons popping plugs, lids, lights, circuit breakers, switches etc. While the dimensions of the outlet can be increased.dimensions rosette


The First pads were made of ceramic, but is now dominated by Carbolite. The plastic can be deformed when heated, and the breakdown voltage it has less. The advantage is the lower price.

The Housing is made of durable plastic, which often make out for the interior in shape, color or special inserts. Modern models are equipped with a replaceable lining for the interior of the premises. The electrical part of the change is not necessary.

The Main elements of the socket are metal contacts. Through them is transmitted the electrical energy from the power wires to the appliance. As the material is bronze or brass, and has elasticity to ensure a reliable contact of the pins of the plug with the socket. In addition to mechanical properties the important electrical parameters of metal conductive parts, at what voltage and current they are designed. Here is the significance of the material and the size of sockets and plugs: cross section of the pins and holes under them.

Classification outlet

Most Often used sockets are recessed type. They are mounted in the wall, which surface is flush or protrudes slightly. One niche is not enough. There should be installed the escutcheon, in which the model is fastened with screws directly to the housing or steel legs bred in hand also with the help of threaded connections. For installation in drywall, use the mounting box of another type, where its attachment to the sheet has distinctive features. Under mounting dimensions sockets in the sheet-cut holes in which are inserted the escutcheon with the four screws.mounting dimensions sockets

External socket (slip) is attached directly to the wall and is designed for open wiring. Inside both types of products have a similar design.

Number of poles standard socket is usually two. While there is still ground contact. It is an important element of security that cannot be neglected. This is especially true of rooms with high humidity, except where grounding should be installed breaker.

For connection of three-phase devices are used multi-pole sockets (up to four). Contacts are round and rectangular. The pressing pins are made of petals, or springs. The latter is more reliable, because the rigidity of the coupling is stable, and the wear is minimal. Radar connection in the operation process become weaker and when you insert a plug it can cause sparks, which leads to the burning of contacts. Now designed with a modern blade design, in which the connection becomes loose with frequent use.

In the design of the dual socket connecting the two plugs. There is one standard connector, suitable to one junction box. Installation size under the socket of the double type and its connection diagram is the same as that single.a-size-outlet

There are also three-pronged outlet or whole blocks. They are embedded switches, outlets for Internet, telephone, dimmers, additional protection from electric shock etc. If the power outlet is used often, it makes no sense to pull out and to insert it every time. To do this, select the model with built-in switch.

Apply the socket extender, which look as usual, but when needed, they are removed from the body and transferred with a wire to the right place.

Important! Dimensions of sockets and switches must be suitable to the setup boxes. When buying them you should immediately choose to create a robust connection. sizes of sockets and switches

Standard size sockets

Common international standards on the socket has already been created, but the differences are still many. In different countries the size of the outlet, the distance between the pins and their shape can vary. Schema connections are basically the same, because of their simplicity. Many of them are not suitable for domestic plugs with round pins are provided flat. The differences can be according to the number of holes and the distances between them. Dimensions all about the same.standard size outlets

Default size of the internal socket is 185х190х85 mm. If it contains a grounding prong, dimensions increase slightly: 230х190х85. Also changing the connection scheme, as there is a third wire.

Features domestic models

I survived domestic Soviet accessories, the dimensions of the pins which is 4 mm, and the distance between them is 19 mm (type C5, without earthing contact).socket plug dimensions

For the most part they replaced the C6 with the diameter of the pins 4.8 mm (European standard). They already have ground contact. The basis for the development was the German standard. If there is a spring contact, the socket will fit the plugs types are C5 and C6.

A Modern size of the socket smaller than the old metal enclosures, which are recommended to be replaced, or steel legs most models will hold in the opening. You can apply the strip, but they will last long.


To select and install fittings with wiring, it is necessary to carry out the necessary rules and follow well-known standards. The most important thing is safety. All repairs are performed with disconnected voltage. Socket select functions and desired conditions.


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