What is better: a well or hole for a country house


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When purchasing a suburban area raises the question of water supply. Special companies conduct exploration area and offer different options sources. What is better: a well or hole for a country house?

Which is better, well or boreholeThe Advantage of drilling is that the water in it is cleaner and better than in the well. Its mouth is smaller than that of the well, and therefore there is garbage, and microorganisms do not multiply. At the well a greater volume of return, as it bore to the ground, cross and pressure layers. Groundwater is more pure, but in places polluted they are unsuitable.

What is better-well or well, and how often should the water be cleaned? This is not required regularly. If the filter is installed correctly to operate the rig much easier than the well. Several times a year it disinfect: clean wall, wash and analyze the source.

What is better-well or well - wspolnoty resources? All known cases of the drying up of wells, and artesian wells consistently receiving new water. And the main thing pay attention when selecting the source – is that drilling is cheaper than digging a well.

Wells at the siteThe Main advantage of wells is that when you turn off the light wells do not work, because basically, they operate on electric pumps. Therefore, in places with power outages, the question of what is better-well or well - not worth it.

When building a drill take the pipes black and galvanized metal. Connect them together or weld. The water flows through filters that are at the end of the pipe. The irregular use of drill filters silting. Well on the property is filtered and artesian. If sandy rig to operate correctly, it will serve 15 years. It is relatively inexpensive, but 3-4 days after its installation, you will need to conduct laboratory studies to identify the quality of the source.


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Artesian drilling more productive; it can provide water even a few houses. This water is the purest, as it is mined from layers which are not exposed to contaminants. It must be cleaned only from iron and increased rigidity. That's why I put the water treatment equipment. In order to drill a well, used rotary equipment. Work can be carried out from 5 to 10 days.

Dig the wellHow deep you need to dig a hole how many rings can be identified by nearby sources or ordering your land surveying. Usually digging wells to the depth of the aquifer. As a rule, it is 5-30 meters. They are conventionally divided into 3 types, depending on the depth: imperfect, perfect and perfect with the sump. It dug a vertical shaft. The attachment of the walls are tubular and drilled wells with wood, brick or concrete walls.


So what is preferable on the site: a well or borehole? Clearly this question is difficult to answer. After weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of water sources, each guided by personal criteria.

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