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All our mattresses are available on the market, so open up wide opportunities for the customers to get confused in all this variety it is possible without any problems. So, armed with sensible opinions of experts and feedback from owners who have “tested” any instances will make little stars out of mattresses for a more precise and correct orientation of the consumer.


It Should immediately be noted that the choice of products for an adult differs somewhat from the selection of mattress the child, so in the second case, it is better to give preference to the firm, specializes in this type of production.

Ranking of manufacturers of mattresses

Leading positions in five companies, characterized by quality products, good service and respect, respectively potrebitelei:

  • «Ascona».
  • «Armatec».
  • «Gremlin».
  • «toris».
  • «Consul».

Among the enviable manufacturers demand the following companies:

  • Parks.
  • Serta.
  • Simmons (Sleepeezee).

Manufacturers of mattresses in Russia (rating of children's izdelii):

  • «Ascona».
  • «Afalina».
  • «Virtues».
  • «Bali».
  • «Ecobaby».

Consider the most prominent models in each category.

Mattresses springs

The best are:

  1. "Ascona Smart Balance".
  2. "Drimlayn Kombi-3 Bonnel".
  3. Collection of "toris".

Rating mattresses opens one of the most popular and affordable models for “advisable” – Smart Balance (90x200 cm). The amount you will have to pay for the product ranges from 2.5 thousand rubles on the official website of the company.


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Design Features

This mattress is made according to “Bones”, where the spine is elastically supported, thereby preventing deformation and other distortions. The elasticity of the sleeping surface together with the soft springs allow you to rest comfortably without any noise and friction. Thanks becouse form, the coils are not in contact with the next, eliminating the distortion of the individual sections (to be solved).

rating mattresses

A slab of polyurethane foam give extra softness to the product, and protection spanbonda eliminates toxicity and perfectly ventilates the mattress. Design not having back pressure on sleeping, allowing you to freely circulate the blood during sleep. Critical load for the product is 90 kg.

The owner Reviews are mostly positive, but some complain of a slippery surface, so it is best to use special sheets with rubber bands.

About the same in terms of quality and characteristics, the specialists identified the model of the “Kombi-3" 80 x 200 cm from “Drimlayn" (5500 RUB.) and “toris Collection” 90 x 200 cm (6000 RUB.)

Orthopedic products medium hardness

These include:

  1. "Ormatek Optima Lite Bonnel".
  2. "Ormatek Devior Bonnel" series "Eco".
  3. "Ascona Smart Balance".

Rating mattresses in this category opens the model called "Optima Lite” with proven technology “Bonnell" (80 cm x 200 cm) from the company “A.”. The model economy class (3700 RUB.) with a good reputation, no way inferior to expensive models as to timing of operation, and quality.

Model Features

A Single spring unit “Bonnell” and provide the reliable and comfortable mattress firmness along with high orthopedic characteristics. As the main filler used tested and well-proven hypoallergenic material “ortho-foam" (artificial latex). He quite effectively distributes all the load over the entire sleeping surface, ensuring good blood circulation while you sleep and eliminating back stress on the body during sleep. Critical weight for the product is 110 kg.

mattresses rating best

The Owners are very warmly about the model, but sometimes complain of a mismatch to the declared characteristics (the stiffness is a little lower than indicated in the data sheet).

Also noteworthy model series “Eco” (basic dimensions 80х190 cm – 3000 RUB.) and “Smart Balance" (base dimensions-80 x 200 cm) from "asphalt" (3000 RUB.)

Hard ware coil springs

As the best are:

  1. "Drimlayn Eco strong".
  2. "Ascona Balance of Palma".
  3. "Drimlayn Bonnell dream 1".

Rating mattresses hardness opens the model called "Eco strong” from “Drimlayn” 90x200 cm (6200 rubles). Already clear from the title that this is pretty “strong” product. It is really special Poperechny in the springs greatly enhance the entire structure and allow you to freely cope with a weight up to 150 kg.

top producers of mattresses

On both sides of the product there is a high quality latex, and the cover is made of attractive jacquard quilted on Hakone.

The owner Reviews on this model are few, but most consumers are quite satisfied with it. The only thing that sometimes complain, is the low level of anatomicheski otherwise – a good and soundly constructed model.

Also noteworthy classic models from the ‘Ascona” – “Balance of Palma’ 120x200 cm (6000 RUB.) with natural coconut stove and “dream 1 Bonnell” 90x200 cm from “Drimlayn" (was 6300 RUB.) .

Springless products

Springless mattresses (best rating):

  1. "Ascona CD Effect."
  2. "the Consul Classic Philo".
  3. "the Consul Classic Pegasus".

The Model of “Compact Effect” 90x200 cm from “advisable” (4300 RUB) is made on the basis of a unique system of “Multiton”, where the main part of the design is a monolithic unit of synthetic latex with different density.

manufacturers of mattresses in Russia rating

The surface of the product consists of three anatomical sections, which roughly correspond to the load of the body on the mattress. At a relatively low price, the model has a good orthopedic performance, durability, resistance to climatic changes and excellent durability.

As the primary coating is highly elastic cloth “Bach” – it is undemanding to care material. Additional equipment sanvordem to protect the product from abrasion and dirt. Critical load on the mattress – 90.

Reviews of the models are mostly good, but some are not satisfied with the external skin, which quickly fades, otherwise the “Compact Effect” turned out quite balanced product.

Also noteworthy models “classic Philo" (base size – 70х195 cm) polyurethane foam (5000 RUB) and “classic Pegasus" (base dimensions – 90x190 sm cm) from "Consul" of 10 500 RUB. the High price is due to the presence of natural latex.

Baby bedding

Rating children's mattresses (including for babies) as follows:

  1. "Afalina lull".
  2. Italbaby Jolly Plus.
  3. Lapsi Cocolatex Lux.
  4. "Ormatek kids Comfort."
  5. Traumeland Snowflake.
  6. "Drimlayn Babiha Hard"/
  7. "Pliteks Junior."

Consider the features of the most popular model, judging by the reviews of owners – “bottlenose Dolphin lull”.

rating mattresses for a newborn

The Average price of the company's official website ranges from 4 thousand rubles. This product-a sandwich (120х60/65 cm) has a mass of useful properties, knowingly leading the ranking mattresses for a newborn.

The Company has collected in the model almost all the advantages of synthetic and natural fillers are combined with tested and proven technologies. The layered design of the product is made from natural coconut, polyurethane foam and natural latex. These components allow the body anatomic bend only along the mattress, avoiding bending of the spine newborn.

The Layers of the product is not glued together, and neatly stitched, making the mattress even more eco-friendly and attractive in the eyes of parents. Reviews about "lull" very positive, and owners unanimously awarded first place to the product (mattresses for children). The only complain is that sometimes young moms and dads is the price, otherwise – is a wonderful model for a child.

Main advantages “Bye-Bye”

  • High-tech springless design ;
  • Convenient and removable cover of jacquard (options: cotton, wool);
  • Bilateral type;
  • There are no smells of glue;

Other participants also have their own distinctive features and deserve the attention...

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