The sort of "Kumato" tomato with an intense aroma and sweet taste


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Exceptionally high nutritional and taste quality dark-colored varieties of tomatoes are recognized worldwide. But very little is known about the cultivation of this crop. Can from purchased fruit to obtain seeds suitable for cultivation in the country or in the garden? “I do not understand” — tomato, which is obtained by hybrid crossing. Collected at home tomato seeds will produce a crop, but its color and taste will differ from the parental forms. For the unusual varieties from world famous seed company Syngenta took decades.

Features of the Kumato tomato variety

kumato tomatoesTomatoes grown from the licensed seed, in compliance with all requirements of farming, at first glance seem unusual. Because of the greenish-brown color of the peel, they seem to be immature. But they taste sweeter than regular red tomatoes. The first thought that arises in the form of dark berries: “Not without GMO”. According to producers, genetically modified objects, they are not used, used only traditional breeding methods. It's just such an unusual sort — tomato “I do not understand”, obtained in the result of the efforts of a group of scientists-geneticists.

Feature class:

  • Height hybrid plants of 1.50-2.20 m;
  • Fruits hard, greenish and red-brown color, emit a strong aroma;
  • Diameter of one berry - 5 to 6 cm;
  • The average fruit weight 80 to 120 g;
  • The flesh is red, juicy and sweet.

“I do not understand” — tomato on top of the European Olympus vegetables

The development of the new varieties of tomatoes, the future of genetics Syngenta Luis Ortega began back in the 1970-ies. Then the young farmer discovered the phenomenon known to many growers in arid regions. Tomatoes that receive less water, much denser, darker, and the taste is more intense and sweet. The young man began to experiment with the watering, watching for water stress change in the properties of the plants. Later, Ortega is found wild Solanaceae, suitable for creating a new variety. He got tomato F1 Olmeca, known under the trade name “I do not understand». Tomato with high fructose began to sell in Europe in 2005. His cultivation began manufacturers in Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, Turkey, Greece, specially prepared by the company Syngenta.


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Black tomatoes “I do not understand” — sweet and flavorful

grade tomato kumatoFruits detected a significant content of potassium, magnesium, vitamins A and C. the Pulp and juice are low in calories. One large fruit weighing 150 g contains only 31 calories, completely devoid of cholesterol, saturated fat. No wonder this product has become so popular, in great demand. The cost of the popular varieties of tomatoes is higher than the normal red and yellow tomatoes. How to store “I do not understand”? Tomato will not deteriorate too quickly if not kept in the fridge. At low temperature the tomatoes quickly lose flavor and taste. Store whole tomatoes best at room temperature. Sliced fruit to put in a plastic container with a lid.

“I do not understand” and cooking

black tomatoes kumatoTomato “I do not understand” — healthy vegetable with a very pleasant taste. Consume tomatoes in this class fresh. Black tomatoes suitable for canning, although they have thick skins and pulp. Breeders did not initially created for processing. Tomato looks very impressive: attractive chocolate color, juicy delicious flesh. You can make tasty fruit juice. It contains many nutrients, including fructose. Thanks to its substantial content the product can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes. In addition, juicy tomatoes with a dense texture perfect for cooking different salads and sandwiches, decorating. Impressive looking dark slices sliced tomatoes in a dish with cubes of fresh mozzarella.

Growing popular varieties

kumato tomato seedsOnly recently unusual tomatoes appeared in supermarkets in post-Soviet countries. Before that black tomatoes were sold only in Europe and America. Sweet taste due to high content of glucose, characteristic of the fully ripe fruit. They have a slightly greenish tint. If the tomatoes go a bit immature, quickly “reach”. “I do not understand” — tomatoes whose seeds are impossible to find on the open market. That is the policy of Syngenta. Delicious vegetable should be grown from seed, the hybrid obtained by crossing parental forms. Without this manipulation generation may not inherit the characteristics of the variety. To ‘atomizing’ and not to replicate it, trust Syngenta tomato production “Kumato’ favourites to licensed firms. Recently new competitors have tomatoes of this variety. Many producers are breeding and developing new dark-colored varieties of tomatoes that are in demand among consumers.

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