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In 2007, the government launched a global program of support of motherhood and childhood. In this year many families received the first maternity capital. The couple, who decided on the birth of the second, third and subsequent children, can count on state support in the form of a sum of money. Many interested questions about when you can use the parent capital, and that it is possible to buy. Note that initially amounted to 250 thousand rubles, but every year it grows and is indexed in proportion to inflation.

the program of the parent capital

Who can apply for maternity capital

According to the law, a prisoner may receive:

  • Woman with Russian citizenship, adopted or gave birth to a second child and later specified in the law date.
  • Man with Russian citizenship, which acts as the sole adoptive parent of the second child (or subsequent children), and adoption happened later than specified in law the date.
  • Father or legal adopter in the event of death of the woman (mother of child) or when she is deprived of parental rights. The nationality does not matter.
  • Minor children (child) student or full-time child under the age of 23, while the right of a father (adoptive father) or mother to receive additional support is terminated.

the payment of maternity capital

How to make a certificate

To use means of the parent capital, should contact the FIU at the place of residence or the place of actual residence, and to write a statement on the proposed form. The statement required to attach copies of the following documents:


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

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Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

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Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

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  • Passport.
  • Birth Certificate for each child (or adoption certificate).
  • Marriage Certificate or divorce.
  • Social security number of the applicant.
  • Social security number for each child.
  • In the case of an adopted child and need help about the court decision on adoption.
  • If one of the parents has Russian citizenship, a certificate confirming such children (the document is available through the passport office).

maternity capital

Important! under the law attached to the application only copies of these documents, the originals shall remain with the applicant on his hands.

In the case of death of parents or loss of their parental rights, maternity capital, the amount of which is indexed each year, can get a minor child or children of one family in equal shares. Also means can use an adult child who is a student and the student full-time until they reach 23 years.

How long is considered a statement

The Statement with all attached documents, which was filed with the Department of the FIU, shall be considered within one month from the date of admission. Within 5 days after check of documents the applicant should receive notification of the decision (refusal or positive response). Payment of maternity capital is possible only in the case of a positive decision. A certificate is issued in the same branch of the FIU. If you can not pick up the document personally, the FIU can send it by mail. If you lose your certificate a duplicate, you can get it in the same branch of the RPF.

In the case where the applicant is located outside of the Russian Federation, the documents to the FIU can be sent by mail. In this case, sent only a notarized copy. The papers are sent by registered mail with delivery notification. The acceptance date will be the date when the application was registered in the Department of FIU.

The Timing of the receipt of funds

Do Not specify when you can use the parent capital. Therefore, if the child was born or adopted no earlier than specified in law the date, and the parents or adoptive parents have any right to receive “the parent money”, they can apply at any time.

when to use maternal capital

In some cases, refuse to issue a certificate

To Lose the payment of maternity capital in the following cases:

1. The parent capital have already been used.

2. False information provided.

3. The termination of the law.

What can it be used

The Certificate on matkapital is issued exactly one child, at whose birth occurred right on state aid, and the whole family and children in equal shares. Many, of course, interested in that on the parent capital To purchase.

what can the parent capital

Just note that the law prohibits you to withdraw the certificate. They can be used to improve the living conditions of the family. It can be:

1. The initial payment on a mortgage loan to buy a residential square.

2. Repayment of previously issued mortgage (or interest) for the purchase of apartments.

3. The repayment of a mortgage loan for individual house construction. In this case also appears to be the possibility of compensation of the expenses connected with purchase of building materials. Allowed the construction on their own, without the involvement of contractors, which is much cheaper.

4. To participate in the joint construction of new apartment buildings.

5. To allocate funds for payment of the contribution (share or membership) as a member of HBC.

The State is permitted to use the prisoner for payment of training of children in institutions with the right to the provision of educational services. This can be as a kindergarten and high school. To pay tuition must apply to the pension Fund with a corresponding statement. It is worth remembering that no cash should not be, all transfers are carried out only through FIU. This is necessary in order for the prisoner were used for the intended purpose.

The Program "Maternity capital" in addition to all the above allows you to send funds to increase future pensions (funded part) of the child's mother. For this you need to contact the staff of the FIU. With the accumulation of interest, the applicant may withdraw the parent certificate, the amount of which is specified below, at any time and use the funds contemplated by any of the above.

Thus, the funds provided with a certificate that can be spent on the purchase of housing or improvement of living conditions, pay for children's education or increase the cumulative part of the pension of the applicant. The government is considering expanding the use of funds. For example, for the treatment of children, the purchase of a new car (domestic production) and education of the mother. Some regions of the country additionally allocate funds for regional netcapital in an effort to support families. It can be used to buy apartments/houses, improve housing conditions, pay for children's education and their treatment, and also allowed the purchase of a car or land.

When to use

The Program "Maternity capital" allows you to spend money only after the child reaches three years of age. But there are exceptions when you can use the parent capital earlier. Is to buy an apartment or build their own house. For this you just need to contact the pension Fund and to write a statement about the use of money. If the family has not spent the money shot until the child reaches 18 years of age, a right of use goes to an adult child, whose birth family was issued a certificate on the measure of state aid. It should be noted that the second parent capital the state is not provided, and you can get it once after birth in the family second or subsequent child (or upon adoption).

first parent capital

Certificate Amount

In Russia every year the number of families who received maternity capital. The amount it originally was 250 thousand rubles in 2007, Each year it is indexed taking into account inflation, the amount is growing. So, in 2015, it was 453 026 rubles, and in the following year according to forecasts 477 942 rubles.

maternal capital sum

The validity and possible extension

The Law stipulates the duration of the program. Time period when you can use the parent capital is limited. It ends at the end of December 2016. But the government is considering issues relating to the renewal of the law. Perhaps it will be extended until the end of December 2025. But it does not mean that the use of funds should be before the end of 2016. If the family has received the certificate, his money can be spent at any time. For example, if the second child was born in 2010 to apply to the Pension Fund of his mother maybe ten, fifteen years. Then the amount will already be indexed.

Note that the certificate on the parent capital already delivered more than 4 million families. Basically “parent money” directed to the purchase of new housing, improved...

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