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Citizens should be required to obtain an identity card. The passport is issued for a certain length of time after which you want to exchange it. This is a must for all modern citizens of the Russian Federation. Next, we consider documents to replace passports under certain circumstances. If in advance to prepare for the surgery, it will take a minimum of hassle. In addition, we will examine other useful information about the exchange of identity cards of the established form.


What are the documents to replace the passport will be useful in a particular case? The answer depends on the situation. Remember that an identity card is issued to all citizens of the Russian Federation after 14 years. Further, it is mandatory to be exchanged:

  • 20 years;
  • Upon reaching 45 years.

Consider primarily the second scenario. But other scenarios do not need to forget.

Preparation of documents on passport

At the moment, the exchange of passports required:

  • If you change any personal data (for example, divorce or marriage);
  • If the document is lost or stolen;
  • Damage documentation.

Just because a service is not provided. Therefore, the documents for a replacement passport should be prepared only when there are grounds for the operation.

Where you replace

The Following important question: where to go with relevant applications? After the preparation of the papers will have to seek help from the state. The thing is that in Russia, the replacement of identity cards is carried out through different organs. Namely:

  • Through DCP and services of the type My documents;
  • Through the Federal migration service;
  • The passport office;
  • Via the passport and visa centers;
  • Through the migration service of the interior Ministry.
What you need to replace passport

In some cases, to accomplish the task required to file a petition in the prescribed form to the management company. In such organizations, there are passport offices that are engaged in a research question.


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Terms of service

How fast does a replacement passport in a particular case? The answer depends on where it's applied the established sample. If a person goes at his residence, the new passport will be given to him in 10-15 days. Otherwise, you will have to wait up to 1 month. No more scenarios, no. As a rule, the studied process is not too long.


Is There any penalty for late payment of the replacement ID card? Or this act does not suppressed? Under current law, citizens are entitled to the penalty for the pass period of the replacement passport. It is from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Therefore it is better to prepare in advance help to accomplish the task.


The paperwork for a replacement passport in 45 years (and not only) provide mandatory proof of payment of state duty for the operation. Without it, service will be denied on legal grounds.


In 2018, the replacement of identity cards by age and a number of other reasons will cost only 300 rubles. Fifteen hundred will have to pay for reissue of the passport in connection with his damage or loss. In other cases, to pay three hundred and no more. Important: it is desirable to Deposit funds in the state Treasury. It must be done before applying for the exchange ID.

General papers

What documents are needed for a replacement passport? As already mentioned, the answer depends on the situation. Let's start with the mandatory components. They will be useful under any circumstances.

Documents to replace passports include:

  • The old ID;
  • Statement;
  • Pictures (2-3 pieces);
  • Receipt of payment of fees;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Sheets of departure and arrival.

But that's not all. There are other papers which may be required under certain circumstances.

For men Only

A Person needs a replacement passport in 45 years? What documents are needed to accomplish the task? Separately usually distinguished men. They, in addition to these earlier references, you need to bring military ID. If there is no need to attach to the application a certificate from the military office. It's pretty rare, because "voennik" is issued even to those who did not serve in the army.


Documents needed for passport replacement, various. Sometimes in 45 years, a person is faced with the replacement of the identity card does not age. And then the package will be slightly changed. Family parties for the exchange of previously issued passports will be useful to extract, which make adjustments to the ID. For example:

  • Certificate of marriage;
  • Certificate of divorce.
MFC and replace ID

This will be enough. But only under the condition that all of the previously listed components are prepared in advance.

If you have children

One More important thing is the applicant's minor children under 14 years. In such circumstances you will be faced with more serious paperwork. Plan to replace your passport in 45 years? What documents are needed to a man if he has small children? In this case you will have to apply for compulsory certificates of birth certificates of all children up to 14 years. This is necessary to make corresponding entries in a new identity of marital status. To pay for the service not needed.

Loss and damage

Special attention is given to documents for the replacement passport upon loss or damage. In such a case must be treated very carefully. The thing is that the first person would have to go to the police and write a statement about the theft/loss of passport. Afterwards paid the penalty. And only now you can provide a core package of securities to accomplish the task.

Accordingly, the documents for a replacement passport at the age of 45 are complemented by:

  • A copy of the police report;
  • Receipt for payment of the fine.

In fact, it is not so difficult as it seems. And with the right preparation, the exchange of civilian identity cards by age will take a minimum of hassle.


It is Easy to guess that the documents to replace the passport must confirm the residence of the citizen. To cope with the task. Ideally, all individuals in an exchange of passports to take with the immigration authorities, the sheets of departure and arrival. They are filled and then given to the staff of the FMS.

apply for your replacement passport

In addition, can be useful any document confirming the fact of registration. For example:

  • Extract from the house register;
  • Certificate of family composition;
  • Documentation for provisional registration in the prescribed form.

Most Often, the population does not think about the task. Because permanent residence is indicated on the relevant pages of the passport. If you have an old sample ID once again to prove their registration is not necessary. It is very convenient.

Application sharing

Plan to replace your passport in 45? What documents are needed for an idea embodiment in life? Mandatory citizen requires an application form 1P. To fill the documentation will have only an illustrative sample. Not all fields need to have labels made by the applicant. Forms installed forms you can take directly to the registered bodies. Is to tell the FMS that the planned exchange of ID age (45 years). This is an extremely important caveat. If you do not communicate the reason for applying for a passport, you can fill out an application the wrong model. In such circumstances, the petition will not be accepted. It would have to spend time filling out another application.

Internet help

We found out which documents to replace the passport will come in handy under certain circumstances. Not so much as it seems. Moreover, we managed to understand how to act while receiving services.

"public Services" and the filing of an application for a passport

Hard to believe, but to order a new passport via the Internet. It will have to seek help from the portal "public Services". Here in catalog you can find a "Replacement passport". Next the user will select the reason for applying, fill out an application and upload scans of previously listed securities. That's all. After done actions the citizen chooses a convenient place for obtaining a passport and waiting for an invitation to the registering authority. Then he has to bring documents to replace passports, etc...

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