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In different situations the human body is exposed to all sorts of negative influences: radiation, dust, germs. So I invented the personal protective equipment that can be used in adverse for the people conditions. Knowledge about them are included in the safety instructions in many enterprises.personal protective equipment

Tools of individual and collective protection are divided into two types: for the skin and respiratory system. There is also a classification according to the principle of isolation and filter.

So, the first type fully protects a person from any influences from outside. Usually, this suits are made of impermeable materials.

When filtering the air is necessary for a person undergoing a thorough cleansing. For example, by activated carbon.

Personal protective equipment used in construction

All the clothes of the Builder is made so as to protect the person. There are no superfluous details: pockets, many zippers. All makimalno practical and convenient. In addition, the clothing of the Builder there is an additional layer of fabric, means of individual and collective protectionProtect it from sudden changes of weather.

In Addition, helmets are used. Although frequently neglected, but statistics show a huge number of lives have been saved thanks to them. Also used masks for use with welding respirators, if you have to deal with dust. Even the shoes of the Builder is made with anti slip coating.

Personal protective equipment used in the lab

The Minimum set of equipment needed to lab: rubber gloves, cap, medical gown. If there is a threat of throwing biological material, then apply oil-cloth apron, goggles and mask.


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

Sick Pay provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular TC and FZ No. 255. In addition, some rules are governed by the provisions of the civil code. Any employee upon the occurrence of a certain disease should contact a health f...

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employers perceive the order of certification of employees as a formality. Regulations intended for commercial organizations, were not issued. Certification is required only for employees of the organizations designated in the laws of the spheres, le...

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Every person who buys a car needs to do its registration in the traffic police. It is necessary when purchasing new or used cars, as well as no matter whether the seller of natural persons or legal entities. Check the vehicle is in the traffic police...

Clothing is changed 2 times a week. If the case of emergency, immediately. In the case of getting a uniform of any biological materials must be disinfected.

Personal protection from electric shock

If your intention is to repair or change the wiring in an apartment, you should protect yourself. First put on a hat. Then diabeticescoe gloves. They should be rubber and thick. Next step: the selection tool, which has insulated handles. Of course, we should not forget about shoes with thick soles and the rubber Mat on which to stand while working.

Remember that you must completely eliminate Comterespiratory ProtectionThe act with the current. His guide can serve almost any surface.

The means of respiratory protection

Our lungs need special protection, because we always breathe regardless of the quality of the air in the environment. Therefore, our breathing must be protected. Flu epidemic - a masked ball, at least a gauze bandage. Classes in a dusty environment or where there are strong odors - necessary a respirator. Fire and chemical works apply masks. Yes, respiratory protection is of paramount importance.

Also in southern countries in protection and includes mosquito netting.

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