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Peter I on the right Bank of the Yauza river settled Matrosskaya settlement. This fact gave the name to the street, lying parallel to the river. And since when Catherine II lived there the old men, the house began to be called sailor. The residents tried to preserve the peace of the elderly and past the almshouses was passing quietly. So the name of the street added another word. And now she became known as sailor's Silence. Later there appeared a prison, popularly known as ‘sailor's Silence".

Of the history

Prison, “sailor's Silence" traces its history to 1775. Then, by decree of Catherine II on the spot where today is located the detention facility, under the protectorate of the society of Charity opened a house for «Pederzoli”. As usual in Russian prisons, later in 1850, this building was consecrated by the Orthodox Church "of All who sorrow’, and in the twentieth century there appeared the bell tower.

To House ‘Pederzoli” in its original condition lasted relatively long. Already by 1870, it was renamed the Moscow jail correctional. The new institution was designed for 150 women and 300 men. The purpose of prison was declared: “to give into the hands of this rabble known craft”. Rabble, in turn considered prisoners – petty criminals, thieves, swindlers.ulitsa Matrosskaya Tishina

Gradually the square of the correctional institution was expanded. In 1912, architect A. B. Alberti had designed and built a new prison building. But by 1917, the institution went bankrupt.

In 1918, the jail again suffered a kind of reformation. The institution, on the basis of an existing correctional facility, the Central punitive Department NKJU was created Reformatory. It was a kind of correctional facility with medical and pedagogical bias. Engaged in it training, reeducation and training to the everyday work of young persons aged 17 to 21 years. However, functioned as a Reformatory for a short time. Within 11 months, in 1919, he ceased to exist.


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According to archival data, the history of the prison "sailor's Silence" began at the end of 1946. In place of the current isolator was Kozhevnicheskaya colony. Since 1945 the children's colony began to transform, on its base was founded the Prison No. 14 in the Department of internal Affairs across Moscow region.


As of 1947, on the grounds of the facility were two of a sensitive site, the first and second housings, respectively. Prison ‘sailor's Silence" at the same time could take more than 2,000 prisoners. In addition, on the territory of the institution there were also outbuildings:

  • ­ a boiler house which continues to function today;
  • ­ constructed from timber residential building barrack type, intended for employees;
  • ­ housing administration;
  • ­ a barracks for staff.

To explore the prisoners were equipped with special areas on the territory of the backyard. The exercise yard had the appearance of a circle, the perimeter is enclosed by a wooden fence. The guards on the towers and outside was carried out by servicemen of internal troops of Moscow from Bogorodskoye division.

Later, in 1949, was built the third building to house detainees. He had the status of a special prison that had its own entrance (from the psychiatric hospital № 3), as well as their officers and private security. Mainly it served a penalty pending Tribunal, Nazi criminals and convicts working in the Special technical Bureau of the Ministry of interior (inventors, designers, engineers). In such people the prison was called “cowboy firms”. Detailing life in one of those “friend” ably described in his book “the first circle" Solzhenitsyn Isaakievich.

prison Matrosskaya Tishina

Since the beginning of 1950, within two years, the administrative building of the prison was converted. The first and second sensitive sites have been supplemented with the 4th and 5th floors and walking courtyards. Hitherto the convicts exercise walk in these yards located on the roofs of buildings.

At the beginning of 50-ies of the last century administrative solutions to divide these institutions in urban and regional, resulted in the need to expand Prison No. 14. In this regard, it was renamed in Prison No. 1, better known among the people as a prison "sailor's Silence".

After the death of L. P. Beria, 1953 in case No. 3 was serving a sentence of juvenile offenders. The prison service was engaged in teaching adolescents (the convicts have had the opportunity to obtain secondary education), employment – young prisoners working in the workshops at the prison, made envelopes, Christmas toys and other consumer goods. The money earned could be spent on their needs, purchasing in a stall available products. Children's prison lasted until 1997. After the decision was made to conduct reconstruction and renovation of the third building. In 1999 he became the tuberculosis ward in a prison hospital.

The prison hospital was located in a renovated and reconstructed buildings of the former housing Fund of the employees of the prison. The institution serves not only “Sailor's Silence", but all detention centers of Moscow. The hospital has approximately 706 of beds (beds).Moscow Matrosskaya Tishina

The Last decade on the territory of ‘sailor's Silence" constantly under various construction and repair works:

  • ­in 1997 commissioned the easting (with modern equipment);
  • ­1987 – a TSC;
  • ­in the beginning of 90s renovated third building;
  • ­in the mid-2000s, a major overhaul of the first building of the prison
  • ­in accordance with sanitary standards, equipped with camera for convicted and remand prisoners;
  • ­yards for walking are covered with a roof;
  • ­now being renovated and the second building of the prison.

According to the penitentiary service, being constantly the necessary work to maintain the buildings of the institution in proper condition. Today the prison is the ‘sailor's Silence" consists of 7 buildings.

Matrosskaya Tishina address

The Investigative isolator No. 1 of the Federal penal service

The official date of the creation of SIZO No. 1 believe 1 September 1985. By order of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs was created the detention facility No. 1 on the basis of the seventh in the detention wing of the prison. People have long snake this institution was nicknamed the “sailor's Silence". Address: Moscow, ulitsa Matrosskaya Tishina, house 18. Located in the Eastern administrative district of the capital. Total area companies - 41 438 sq. m.

Initially, the limit of the prisoners, which could include jail, did not exceed 200 people. The jail was intended to isolate for the period of investigation and trial of persons in respect of which it was necessary the adoption of strict measures of supervision.

Matrosskaya Tishina addressIn 2001, focusing on international norms regarding the amount of space per remand prisoners, was a restriction in filling the prisons.

But, unfortunately, in fact, the standards are not met. According to official data, SIZO No. 1 designed for 2013 people, but the real content exceeds this figure by 21.3 % and is 2441.

Today, after a chain of renaming all the years of its existence, the institution of the prison service is renamed into Federal state institution "Investigative isolator No. 1 of the FSIN of Russia” (abbreviated name of fku SIZO-1 of FSIN of Russia).

In Addition to the jail 1, Moscow has seven detention facilities. Among them, at least well-known “prison” and “can”.

Famous inmates

Not surprisingly, the location of one of the most famous prisons of Russia was Moscow. “sailor's Silence" - a strict regime object. For the entire period of its operation, officially known only three cases of successful escape.

  • ­ June 5, 1995 - participant of one of the gang V. A. Solonik;
  • ­ 2 may 2004 - escape citizen S. Ershova, who was arrested during the day;
  • ­ may 7, 2013, in collusion with an employee of the jail, ran a thief and a murderer O. Topalov he was also later arrested.Moscow SIZO 1

The List of known prisoners who had to serve time in “sailor's Silence" is large enough. Among them - Soviet political figures G. I. Yanaev and Yazov D. T., businessmen P. L. Lebedev and M. B. Khodorkovsky, Mavrodi S. P., and many others.


Today, the prison is the ‘sailor's Silence" conditionally open to the media and various public organizations. Periodically, they hold a kind of tour, designed to show the life and conditions of prisoners.

Of Course...

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