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In the twenty-first century, lots of modern States is committed to peaceful coexistence with other countries. In other words, people are tired of wars. This trend began to gain momentum after the Second world war. This conflict has made it clear that the next major clash could endanger not only the foundations of the world, but the existence of humanity as a whole. Therefore, today many armies are used exclusively for protection against any external aggressors. However, local conflicts still occur in certain parts of the world. This negative factor can not escape. To prevent full-scale war, some States are investing big money in defense of their country. This helps to create the latest technology that can be used in the military field. It is worth noting that some of the most developed and effective today are the Turkish Armed forces. They have a fairly interesting history, which causes many of the traditions of the formation, existing in its activities to this day. While the Turkish army is well equipped and divided into components of the structure, which help it to effectively implement all key tasks.Turkish army

History of the Turkish armed forces - early-period

The Turkish Army traces its history back to the XIV century ad. It should be noted that the armed forces of this period belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The name of the state was named after the first ruler, Osman I, who conquered several small countries that had necessitated the creation of the monarchic (Imperial) rule. By this time the Turkish army had in its composition of several separate units, which are quite effectively used in the implementation of combat missions. What had in its composition of the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire?


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  1. Army of serdula - supporting force. As a rule, it was created by provincial rulers to protect their possessions. In it consisted of infantry and cavalry.
  2. A Professional state army was the army of Kapikule. In the composition of the formation had a lot of units. Main infantry, artillery, Navy and cavalry. Funding the troops kapikulu was carried out from the state Treasury.
  3. Auxiliary forces of the Ottoman army became the army of toprakli, as well as detachments of soldiers, the dial of the provinces, imposed tribute.

Turkish army

The Influence of European culture marked the beginning of a large number of reforms in the army. Already in the XIX century the formation of a fully reorganizatsiya. This process was carried out using European specialists in the military field. The head of the army became the vizier. Thus was eliminated the janissary corps. The basis of the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire in the period was the regular cavalry, infantry and artillery. There were irregular troops, in fact, a reserve.

Late period development of the Ottoman army

By the end of XIX and beginning of XX century, Turkey was at the peak of its development, both militarily and economically. In the work of the army began to use planes and universal firearms. With regard to the fleet, the ships, as a rule, the Turkish army ordered in Europe. But due to the difficult political situation within the state in the twentieth century, the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire cease to exist, because it disappears eponymous state. Instead there is a Turkish Republic that exists to this day.Turkish army against the Russian comparison

Sun Turkey: modernity

In the twenty-first century armed forces represent a set of various arms of the state. They are intended to protect the country from external aggression, maintain its territorial integrity. Command of the Armed forces of Turkey produced by the Ministry of internal Affairs and Ministry of defense. It should be noted that of great importance are the land troops, which will be discussed next. They are the second power in NATO. With regard to internal coordination, it is implemented by the General staff. The commander of the Turkish army concurrently is the head of the represented organ. The General staff, in turn, are subordinated to the commanders of the respective branches of the military.

The Number of the Turkish army

According to the numbers presented in the paper formation is one of the largest in the world. The Turkish army is composed of 410 thousand people of the personnel. This figure includes military personnel related to all sorts of troops. In addition, the composition of the Armed forces of the Turkish Republic consists of about 185 thousand people of reservists. Thus, in the case of a full-scale war, the government can collect quite a strong fighting machine, which perfectly cope with its task.the number of the Turkish army

The building

The Strength of the Turkish army depends on many factors, one of which is the structure of the Armed forces. This feature affects the efficiency and operational use of the armed forces of Turkey in the event of an unexpected attack or other negative aspects. It should be noted that the army is organized in the classical manner, i.e. the widely accepted model. In the composition composed of the following troops:

  • Sukhoputny;
  • Voenno-Morskie;
  • Vozdushnye.

As we know, this type of armed forces can be seen in almost all modern States. Because such kind of system allows to use the army effectively both in combat and in peacetime.

What are the Turkish land forces?

The Turkish army, which compared with other aircraft and the analysis of combat readiness for today are made often enough, is famous for its land forces. This is not surprising because the branch has a long and interesting history, which was already mentioned earlier in the article. It should be noted that this structural element of the aircraft is a formation which consists mostly of infantry and mechanized units. To date, the number of the Turkish army, namely the army, is around 391 thousand personnel. The formation is used to defeat enemy forces on land. In addition, some special units of the land forces carried out reconnaissance and sabotage activities behind enemy lines. It should be noted that the relative ethnic homogeneity affects the strength, which is owned by the Turkish army. Kurds serving in the national army, given the difficult situation in which they are not experiencing any harassment. Turkish army comparison


It Should be noted that the formation of ground Turkey, in turn, are subdivided into smaller groups. It follows that we can talk about the structure of the land forces of the Armed forces of the country. To date, this item comprises the following divisions:

  • Army aviation;
  • Infantry,
  • Artillery,
  • Special forces, or the “commando”.

Also important are tank units. After all, in the Armed forces of Turkey have a large number of similar military vehicles.Turkish army Kurds

Armament of the land forces

It Should be noted that the armament of the Turkish army is at a high level compared to the other States of Europe and the Middle East. As mentioned earlier, the army is equipped with a large number of tanks. Typically, this is «Leopards» the German manufacturer or the us military machine. Also in service of Turkey is approximately 4625 thousand units of infantry fighting vehicles. The number of artillery guns is 6110 thousand units. If we talk about personal security soldiers, it is provided by sufficiently high-quality and practical weapons. As a rule, the soldiers use pistols, machine guns NK MP5, sniper rifles SVD, T-12, heavy machine guns Browning, etc.

Turkish naval forces

As with other elements of the Armed forces, the Navy is a fairly significant part, which assigned very specific functions. First of all, it should be noted that at the present stage of development of the naval forces needed the Turkish Republic like never before. First, the state has access to the seas, allowing you to engage in international trade in large volumes. Secondly, the geopolitical situation in the world today is extremely unstable. Therefore, naval forces – this is the first bulwark in the path of those or other detractors. It should be noted that the fleet of Turkey was formed in 1525. In those days, the Ottoman Navy was truly invincible unit in combat conditions on the water. With the help of the fleet of the Empire for centuries, captured and kept in fear of the necessary areas.

As for the present, the fleet has not lost its power. On the contrary, the Navy is developing quite dynamically. The composition of the Turkish Navy include:

  • Direct fleet;<...

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