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Almost in any state of law, there are Executive bodies to implement the punishment prescribed in the court order. In the Russian Federation performed the functions of the criminal-Executive inspection. Specialized body also controls conditionally released persons and persons who have served their term in prison.

Legal basis

The Main goal of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia is to prevent the Commission of crimes. To this end, the state specialized authorities (criminal-Executive inspection). They perform punishment against the convicted persons, except in their exclusion from society. criminal Executive inspectionsThe Legislation in the penitentiary sphere is designed to perform certain tasks:

  • Regulation of law, conditions for the execution of sentences;
  • Determine how to correct convicted persons;
  • Protect the rights, interests and freedoms of persons serving the punishment they deserve;
  • The provision of care to prisoners in their social adaptation.

The Above goals and objectives spelled out in the Penal code (abbreviated PEC) of the Russian Federation. This is the main document in the areas of criminal enforcement of the legislation.

The Bodies executing punishment

In the 30-ies of the last century institutions that have fulfilled the penalties provided for convicted persons without isolating them from society, was included in the system of the USSR. The activities of the criminal-Executive inspections (abbreviated as UII) until 1999, were also determined and controlled by the Ministry of interior. Such institutions are Autonomous structural subdivisions; they worked as police officers. In early 1999 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation penitentiary system was transferred to the justice Ministry of Russia. This reform was justified by Russia's desire to become an equal member of the international community. Today the criminal-Executive Inspectorate of Russia – establishment of the polyfunctional type, combining the functions of execution of punishments and resorting to criminal law measures. Its activities are aimed at prevention of possible offences in the future.


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criminal Executive inspection

The Penal system: structure

The UIS Russia has traditionally involved agencies, correctional institutions, which carried out a criminal sentence set for the convicted persons. But along with them were functioning, and other services, which are responsible for the execution of criminal measures not related to deprivation of liberty. Existing legislation to determine structural parts of the criminal-Executive system of the Russian Federation. It includes:

  • Companies that execute punishment;
  • Territorial purposes;
  • Federal authorities in the enforcement of sentences.activities of criminal Executive inspections

According to the decision of the Russian government, the penal system may have additional components: detention centers, medical, engineering, educational and other institutions. In the legislative acts of the Russian Federation stipulates service designed to carry out criminal punishment. This includes criminal-Executive inspection, which produces punishment without isolation of convicted persons from society.

UII Moscow

In the Russian capital and its areas of management of Federal service of execution of punishments. When they are the departments of the UII. Address criminal-Executive inspection of management of Federal service of execution of punishments across Moscow 127473, ulitsa Seleznevskaya, 24–26, p. 3. Telephone: 748–94–81 (code 499).

Tasks UII

  • Performance penalties prescribed in the establishing of obligatory works, deprivation of the possibility to occupy certain positions, to carry out specific activities.
  • Control on probation and parole who are in court deferred the serving of the sentence.
  • Prevention of offences by persons delivered to UII on the account.

Criminal-Executive inspection has some peculiarities. This service is designed to carry out punishment without isolation of individuals from society, to control previously convicted people and prevent the Commission of the offense in the future. At the same time employees of UII shall act strictly in accordance with the regulations, orders, instructions of the Ministry of justice, the Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia (FSIN reduction).

activities of criminal Executive inspections

Working Principle

The criminal-Executive inspection – the FPS-specific region. It monitored the activities of the bodies executing penalty. The inspection staff UII are confronted daily with the growing problem – an increasing number of drinkers. More and more people commit crimes while in the strongest alcoholic intoxication. And sober don't even understand how they could decide on such a thing. Therefore, the main task of the employees of UII – to carry out systematic monitoring of such persons, in particular, to assess their mental state. Inspection specialists recognized that these people need to be able to find a common language, not to demonstrate his power over them. In addition, employees of UII supervise convicted persons who are released from compulsory punishment. The main task of the government in this case is to help people, who committed crime in their social adaptation.


address criminal enforcement inspection

The Criminal-Executive inspection – the official body entrusted with the responsibilities of oversight of convicted persons released from punishment. With this aim they conducted the educational work planned by the Executive committees. They are organized by place of work, study or residence of the exempt entity under the control of the Supervisory Commission. Educational processes are carried out by public organizations (often the workforce). Convicted released from punishment for serious crimes are controlled by representatives of the criminal-Executive inspection, which monitors them in the preventive purposes. UII also monitor conditionally-released early over the term of their sentence. This procedure is carried out at the place of residence of convicted persons.

Preventive supervision

The Russian PECs obliges the competent authorities to carry out preventive supervision for released offenders who have served a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty. This procedure produces criminal-Executive inspection for the prevention of future crime on the part of such persons and to provide them with necessary preventive support. While preventive supervision is carried out without degradation of previously convicted persons. the Legislation establishes a certain order to complete this procedure:

  • The decision of the court on the implementation of the preventive supervision is sent to the Department of UII in the place of residence of persons who served a term in prison.
  • Employees of the Inspectorate warn freed of the responsibility for failure to comply with the requirements established in respect of his preventive supervision and the consequences of evasion from this procedure.
  • If pidnahlyadnyy not present at the appointed time in a selected place of residence UII declares him wanted.

Employees of criminal-Executive inspection in a compulsory order to perform the systematic control of persons who are subject to preventive supervision.

criminal Executive Inspectorate Moscow

Tools of supervision and control

Every day criminal-Executive inspection begins with the control of convicts (released) . In their work, the staff UII use of electronic means of supervision and control. These include technical means used by the state bodies in exercising control under house arrest; in the cases of the implementation of the penalty of deprivation of liberty. Monitoring in an electronic form controlled entities involves the use of the following equipment:

  • Stationary control device (SCD);
  • Mobile control device (MCD);
  • E-band – EB.

SKU are used for continuous monitoring the presence in a defined territory to certain entities. the Device also sends signals, if the controlled attempts to get rid of the electronic bracelet. Mku – it is an electronic device that must be worn together with EB. It allows you to track the whereabouts of convicted in the satellite system GPS or GLONASS.

Day criminal-Executive inspection

Effective use of punishments which are alternative to deprivation of liberty in relation to persons who have committed crimes of medium severity, helping to protect society from the offender and reduce the level of public criminalization. For effective control of staff UII use audiovisual, electronic, technical means of monitoring prisoners. In practice introduced a program...

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