What is self-management? Federal law N 131-FZ "On General principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation"


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Local government in the Russian Federation is guaranteed by the Constitution and the Federal law № 131. An opportunity to organize the landscaping in public areas is truly democratic phenomenon. However, not everyone knows what a government and what it is based. In this article will be reviewed by the relevant Federal law, which contains all of the major provisions that relate to the presented phenomenon.

What is self-management in the regions?

According to article 1 of the Law 131-FZ, the government on places is the Russian constitutional system, and also recognized, guaranteed and implemented in all areas of the state. What is this system? The law says the form of the people their own power, but only within statutory limits. The interests of the population must be taken into account in the instances of self-government, and then start to implement.

Self-government bodies shall be elected by the Russian population, and therefore are endowed with some powers. The authority shall enter elected officials, elected by direct and equal vote.

The Right of citizens to self-government

Federal law "On General principles of organization of local self-government" establishes rules under which all Russian citizens have the right to exercise self-government in the field through participation in elections, referendums and other forms of expression. Citizens have such right regardless of their language, position, religious beliefs, etc. Under article 55 of the Constitution, this right is limited only if it is contrary to the morals, health or life of the population.what is self-management


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What is the legal basis of local self-government? Here we should mention the Constitution, namely the head 8, and FCL and FL. Change of principles of formation and implementation of the local government is allowed only by making appropriate amendments to the listed legal sources.

About the principles of local self-government

In Chapter 2 of the Federal law "On General principles of organization of local self-government" lays down the main principles and conditions on which to base appropriate authorities. Thus, article 10 contain provisions concerning the territory of the municipality. According to the law, local government bodies can be formed only in the urban and rural settlements and in the districts of the city and districts of the municipality. Furthermore, article 11 specifies the boundaries of municipalities, and in article 12 the conditions under which these borders can be divided.law 131

In the following provisions of law referred to the principle of constant modernization and transformation of municipal entities. The state should periodically encourage and give financial help to the bodies of self-government. Article 13 refers to the possible abolition of the considered instances in separate regions. The elimination must be a specific purpose - for example, reorganization, transfer of authority, etc.

Here is also worth noting other "classical" principles. It's the law, consistency with the objectives of humanity, social orientation, etc.

Granting authorities

The municipal Authorities according to article 19 of the act, have a number of specific powers with which they charged the state. How exactly the considered instances can be endowed with the appropriate functions? The answer to this question is the Constitution, which refers to the formation of the corresponding free bodies. Therefore, and powers of the local government authorities may be different depending on what is written in regional the Federal law. The bodies of local self-government in the Russian Federation should not depart from the rules prescribed in the law № 131-FZ.FZ on General principles of organization of local self-government

But what exactly needs to contain a regional law which provides for empowering local government institutions? The law specifies:

  • For information on the municipal entity;
  • To the list of responsibilities and rights of bodies of local self-government;
  • The method of calculation of standards for the volume of financial receipts, etc.

A Little more detail it should tell you on what authority have the government bodies in most regions of Russia.

Local government

The List of powers, enshrined in articles 14-15, will provide an answer to the question of what is self-management. Here are the functions of the courts highlights the act:

  • Formation, cancellation or modification of local tax revenue;
  • Generation and analysis of draft regional budget, the implementation behind it strict scrutiny;
  • Possession, disposal and use of property, which is located at the settlement of ownership;
  • Organization within the established boundaries of water, electricity, gas, etc.;
  • Creation of conditions for the provision of quality public transport services;
  • The behavior of works on the prevention of terrorism;
  • Organization of cultural leisure for the population;
  • The adoption and provision of fire safety measures;
  • The development of the local traditional artistic creativity;
  • Provision of public recreation, etc.municipal government

And yet, what is self-management? According to enshrined in the law reports, is a body which implements the functions of the political, social, cultural and economic nature.

Local governments

What is local government system of any region? In article 34 of the act refers to the representative body, the regional Executive branch of government in the local administration, control and audit court and other government bodies.  state organs and organs of local self-governmentThus, the system may enter a state municipal court. Do I have it? According to article 131 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, no. So, the basic law provides for the possibility of each region to form their own structure of local government authority - subject to the specified in the municipal Charter data. While state agencies and local governments can work closely together.

About the responsibilities of the bodies

Instance of local self-government, as well as any other authorities have a certain degree of responsibility - as before the state and before all the people. According to article 70 of the act, local government authorities can even change its structure due to the committed in the course of its work, violations. bodies of local self-government in the Russian FederationThis Happens very simply: the population of the relevant municipality recalls one of the officers, and instead puts others. All of this is happening, of course, by way of referendum or election.


Article in other languages:

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ZH: https://tostpost.com/zh/the-law/351-n131-fz.html

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