Moscow attractions for children. Where to go in Moscow with children?


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Planning to spend the school holidays in the capital of Russia, to make sightseeing and entertainment program first and foremost, with the interests of the children, and then to select a place for adults.

Leisure in Moscow with children can be done differently. To gain knowledge is to go on a sightseeing trip to the Museum, to the exhibition. Lovers of outdoor activities it is best to spend time on the rides, skating rinks, rolledrom. It is possible to arrange Hiking on city streets, parks and gardens. Some inventive parents are able to arrange entertainment for their children, even from a trip to the city with tram or metro.

Moscow sights

To prepare for the trip in advance. All the sights of Moscow for the child you need to make into one list for consideration by the members of the family. Selecting the most interesting, should collect information about them.

Where the story of a child in Moscow?

After the family will be determined with the selection of the program, it is very important to make the correct route. If the journey through the city will spend by using public transport, then you need to gather as much information about how much time it would take to trip, on any stops should go, which way to go. Knowing which way to move, travelers will save yourself from confusion, unnecessary travel and loss of precious time.

Camping will require special training. In an unfamiliar city can be easily confused and in search of the right rotation to drive the extra miles. First is to route the path using the Internet card and then compare it with the Atlas of highways of Moscow. Good assistant in journey quality electronic Navigator.


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If the family expects to stay in town for a few days, the first days it is better to spend on the sights of Moscow for a follow-on program for adults.

children's museums MoscowWhen visiting museums, exhibitions, vernissages, you should definitely use the services of information support. An experienced guide will help make visiting the center of culture more systematic and meaningful. Feeding fascinating information about what he saw, the guide is capable of opening to the child new and amazing world of exhibits. And then the sights of Moscow for the child will be a memorable event.

Those who don't like collective visits, you can use the convenient service called the audio guide. Visitors get the temporary use of a CD player, which travel through the Museum alone. Audio through headphones interesting talks about surrounding objects, and directs the movement of the tripper in the right direction. Unfortunately, questions like this guide is unable to answer.

The duration of the tour usually takes no more than one and a half hours and is far from covering the entire collection of exhibits. If time allows, it is possible to spend the whole day there. A must-read for historical background, see a documentary.

To choose the most successful route is a fascinating journey, is invited to consider the list, which presents the main sights of Moscow for the child and other family members.

Moscow Kremlin

Moscow KremlinArriving in the Russian capital for the first time, be sure to show children the Kremlin and Red square. These two objects being historical and cultural symbols of Russia, known all over the world. Here are the most famous Moscow attractions for children and their parents. The Moscow Kremlin today – one of the world's largest museums. Its territory is the residence of the Russian President, so the place should be defined as the political center of the country.

Walking on red square you can see St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum. In the Kremlin are the assumption, Archangel and Annunciation cathedrals, the faceted chamber. Inspection of architectural monuments can be combined with walks through the Cathedral square and Alexandrovsky garden.

Zoological Museum. Lomonosov

You Can go with the child in Moscow in the Museum of Zoology, of course, if he is keen on wildlife. The fascinating Zoological Museum and admire the unique exhibits on the inhabitants of the sea and ocean depths.

where the story of a child in Moscow

Impress with a magnificent collection of insects, reptiles and rare birds. In addition to exciting excursions you can also watch interesting and educational films about animals.

The ice Museum

Visit exhibiting ice sculptures will impress not only children but also adults. Unusual crystal maze filled with many transparent sculptures of fairy-tale characters and cartoon characters. Illumination of colored lights multiplies the effect of what he saw.

Around the Museum is a beautiful Park where you can walk, feed the squirrels and to visit the ice café. The uniqueness of this institution is that all the food here is served in an ice bowl. To relax you can sit on the bench and just look at the local scenery.

The Museum of cosmonautics at VDNKH

An Unusual Museum, located in one of the huge pavilions, the story of the mysterious and enigmatic world of the cosmos. Here you can see models of rockets and artificial Earth satellites.

things to do in Moscow for kids

Entice the younger guests the stories of the guide about brave dogs Belka and Strelka, of the flight of first man in space. Your eyes will see the children a space suit and will be able to know what to eat in zero gravity the astronauts.

Butterfly House

Another pavilion is a cozy house inhabited by beautiful creatures. Amazes visitors is the fact that the numerous butterflies flying freely in a vast space, planted with many tropical plants.

the butterfly house in Moscow with children

While in the pavilion arises inevitably a real sense of being in a tropical forest. This is achieved by having a certain humidity, optimum temperature and myriad exotic insects fluttering around.


The Moscow zoo will be a real treat for the whole family. It is the oldest Park of animals in Russia. On the vast territory is a real animal world, consisting of eight thousand Pets. They are all ready to surprise and delight visitors.

leisure in Moscow with children

At certain times guests are allowed to participate in feeding animals, which can not fail to please young visitors. For lovers of marine animals in the Dolphinarium, located on the territory of the zoo regularly hosts performances. Water tricks and pirouettes handsome dolphins arouse in the audience an explosion of emotions and a storm of enthusiasm.

Moscow for children where to go


Planetarium – is the best gift that can make Moscow for children, where you can go with your parents and friends. In this place you can see real miracles. The big star hall offers a demonstration of the stars on a huge screen. In the room, called sky Park, collected all sorts of time meters. Here you can see a variety of sundials and calendars. Lunarium will cause the greatest children's emotions, because it allowed to touch the exhibits, try on the image of the astronaut. In the Urania Museum presents a variety of different measuring instruments: globes, telescopes, and projectors.

Studio "Soyuzmultfilm”

Of Course, the visit to Moscow would be incomplete if children do not show the famous factory of animated films.

Moscow attractions for children photo

The Excursion will acquaint with the most famous children's characters-crocodile Gena and his friend Cheburashka. Here I will tell and show you how to draw animated characters, made puppets and decorations. Younger guests will be offered to participate in a master class on animation.

go with the child in Moscow

Each participant under the guidance of professional animators will be able to portray the hero of his future cartoons. At the end participants will demonstrate the most famous cartoons.


Now you know what is Moscow attractions for children, a photo of which you see in the article. As you have seen, capital of Russia offers a great variety of entertainment for children. Adults can only choose the most appropriate to give their children a real holiday.


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