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Every year on the Greek island of Rhodes attracts thousands of tourists from various countries. Quite a large percentage of holidaymakers here is our compatriots. Travellers Rhodes attracts the beautiful nature and beautiful beaches and developed tourist infrastructure. If you decide to spend your holidays and looking for budget but comfortable hotel, then take a look at Matoula Beach 3*.

matoula beach

Description and photos

This hotel is located in the resort village of Ialyssos on the largest Greek island - Rhodes. Distance from beach is 200 metres away and the airport-6 kilometers. The capital of the island-city of Rhodes is reachable by bus within a quarter of an hour. This hotel complex consists of one three-storey with a lift of the body, including 68 standard and family rooms. All apartments Matoula Beach 3* (Rhodes) feature air conditioning, TV, mini-bar, spacious balcony and a private bathroom. On the territory there is a swimming pool, sun terrace, bar, restaurant. Also guests can partially use the infrastructure of the neighbouring hotel called "blue Bay".

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The Cost of living in this hotel, quite corresponds to its category and conditions of accommodation. So, a seven-day stay here in the height of summer will cost from 500 euros for a double room, from 630 euros for a family room (two adults + two children) and 750 euros for a quadruple room.

Travel reviews: Matoula Beach (Rhodes, Greece)

As most modern travellers in the process of selection of the hotel are oriented for the most part not on the official description and comments about it from people who have already had a chance to stay in it, we decided to save you time and to give generalized impressions of our compatriots who spent their summer vacation in the hotel of Rhodes under the name “Matula beach”. Looking ahead, we note that the majority of tourists, their choice was completely satisfied. In their opinion, this hotel not only corresponds to its three star level, but exceeds it. But figure this all out in detail.


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matoula beach hotel Rhodes 3

Impressions of Russians about the hotel and its room Fund

According to our compatriots, Matoula Beach – is a comfortable and well-equipped three star hotel. Its main body consists of three floors. However, it has an Elevator. This is very convenient because will not have to carry ladders heavy suitcases and travel bags. In addition, the service will definitely appeal to travelers staying on vacation with a small child. As they will not need to raise the stairs the stroller.

As for the rooms, they are our countrymen have found a large, comfortable and clean. Guests also enjoyed the spacious balcony. Because in summer there are mosquitoes, experienced travelers recommend bring funds for the fight against these pesky insects. But back to the rooms. According to the tourists, they come with very high quality furniture and appliances. Here everything is working properly. Air conditioning is available completely free of charge (some other hotels in Greece this is a paid service). The bathroom has a Hairdryer. In most of the rooms have showers, but some units and a full bath. Safes in the rooms there. Leave valuable things in storage you can in the safe at reception. In General, according to many travelers, the rooms at the hotel not only meets its three star status, but it is “pulling”.

matoula beach hotel reviews

Most of the guests were quite and the quality of cleaning in the rooms Matoula Beach Hotel. Reviews about the maids down to the fact that they spend cleaning every day. Towels are also updated every two days and bed linen-1 time per week. By the way, according to the tourists, and towels and bed linen are excellent quality. All white and no spots.

Comments of travelers on the territory of the hotel and its location

“Matula beach” is in a fairly quiet resort village. So, according to our compatriots, there are shops, taverns, supermarkets, retail shops, tour Desk, car rental and scooters, and more. However, if you are accustomed to daily loud parties, then this place might be a little disappointed.

A Big plus, according to many tourists is the hotels proximity to the airport. So even if you get to the hotel by bus, on the way you will spend no more than a quarter of an hour. Especially this fact will be appreciated by people travelling with young children. Also just 20 minutes by bus to reach the Old town of Rhodes. Therefore, seasoned travelers recommend that everyone at least once to visit him.

matoula beach hotel 3 reviews

As for the site, then, according to the Russian tourists, it is a small but very well kept and green. There are a lot of pine and eucalyptus trees, filling the air with a wonderful aroma. Near the hotel there is a supermarket with a good selection of goods and products. Just 50 meters away is the hotel "blue Bay". If you paid «all inclusive», we can use its infrastructure.

Matoula Beach Hotel 3*:. about nutrition

For dining, the hotel “Matula beach” serves Breakfast only. They are, according to our compatriots is not very diverse, but there is always a select. In short, this is a standard European Breakfast. Lunch and dinner guests, who paid full Board can go to the restaurant the next hotel "blue Bay". There they can enjoy a drink. According to tourists, the food here is delicious, however in high season the restaurant is too crowded. The menu always includes meat, fish, lots of fresh fruit and delicious sweets. Here you can enjoy delicious Greek and the usual European dishes. In addition, for a fee, you can have lunch and dinner in the hotel's café “Matula beach”. According to the hotel cook is very good, and the prices for meals very reasonable.

Opinion of tourists about the staff

According to our compatriots, all employees Matoula Beach Hotel 3* (Rhodes, Greece) are very friendly, affable and pleasant in dealing with people. They always try to quickly settle any issues that arise. Besides, a big plus was the fact that the employees of the reception speak not only English but also fluent in the Russian language. So no problems with communication among our countrymen here will not arise.

feedback matoula beach Rhodes

Comments of tourists on entertainment and beach holiday

As for entertainment, the hotel Matoula Beach, almost all guests note the presence of the pool. He is medium in size and regularly cleaned. However, some water in it seemed too chlorinated. Near the pool are comfortable sun loungers on the nice green lawn. The hotel is small, the sunbeds there's plenty for everyone. For a surcharge, guests can play Billiards. Also near the hotel there is a Park that will appeal to children and adults.

At the neighboring hotel called "blue Bay" there are both daytime and evening animation, designed for vacationers of different ages. The hotel also offers a “Matula beach” if you want her to go. Also every 30 minutes from the entrance to the hotel serving a combination, which on the beach will take you to the neighbouring village under the fiery Greek Church.

The Beach is no more than a five minute walk from the Matoula Beach. It is a pebble. When entering the water there is a wide strip of gravel of large and medium size. Many go to sea barefoot, but for children it is recommended to purchase special shoes. Sun loungers and parasols on the local beach are available for a surcharge.


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