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  Our country – generous and hospitable-ready to welcome guests from all corners of the globe throughout the year, and everyone will find something that is not in his homeland, and, perhaps, anywhere in the world. Travel around the country and the hotels will impress the most discerning and experienced travelers, offering them all new and new sides of our vast country. A country of contrasts – the so-called Russia abroad, and we cannot say that it is not.

  Only in our country, there are a variety of opportunities for a wonderful stay – beach (black sea, Caspian and Azov sea coast), mountain-excursion (Ural, Altai, Caucasus), Spa and aesthetic (the Caucasian Mineral waters, Baikal, Karelia). The one who will be in Russia at least a few days, definitely want to return here more than once. Foreigners for whom this holiday is exotic, always leave positive feedback about the hotel, however, as all spent here on vacation. Popular journey to the Eastern part of our country, where you can relax, arranging snowmobile safaris and skiing, and participating in exciting jeep tours or fishing on the lake – one of the finest places in the world.

  Many hotels located in this region invites tourists to spend in its comfortable rooms a magical stay, but guests from abroad often prefer the hotel «Baikal Business Center». Located in the beautiful and ecologically clean area of Irkutsk, this hotel offers its guests 59 rooms of different categories, and for businessmen - luxury room for business meetings, negotiations, conferences and presentations. As practice shows, business negotiations, held in conditions of incredible beauty and purity of the environment, are very successful and have long-term continue. If you come to Baikal with the aim of holding regular family vacations – the most you should be remembered a beauty salon and a beauty salon, a modern gym and sauna as well as a lively nightlife, in restaurants, coffee shops and comfortable bars – the best that can offer the hotels of Russia.


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  In recent years among foreign tourists are very popular trips to the Caucasian Mineral Waters – Wellness and health resort, located in a unique location between the Caspian and Black seas. Here is how most high-class hotels, with quality service and comfortable accommodation, and there are low cost options & ndash; boarding houses and private hotels, which, however, the level of service in no way inferior to more elite «colleagues». Experienced travelers advise to pay attention to some similar hotels of Russia, in particular, on the hotel complex «Russian», who occupied a large territory with great views of the greater part of this region – traditionally Russian grass steppes, majestic pine and deciduous forests, delicate Alpine meadows and darkly beautiful landscape of the Caucasus mountains. The hotel has 178 rooms, spacious and comfortable, equipped with everything necessary to the modern man – TV, telephone, access to the Internet. In addition, guests get an opportunity to spend in a local meeting room business negotiations and relax in one of the many restaurants. For example, in the restaurant «Russian» representing foreign specialities of traditional Russian cuisine as well as dishes of European and Caucasian, or in a cafe bar called "Varadero", which is made in the Cuban style, which allows not only to watch the incendiary dances, but also to smoke a genuine Cuban cigar. Many tourists travelling in Russia enjoy visiting the lobby bar, always offering their visitors hot and cold meals and a variety of alcoholic drinks (alcoholic and soft).

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