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As the mushrooms grow after the rain, throughout the country there are new markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail and shopping centers. Some more versatile and by visiting them you can buy almost any product and take advantage of almost all of the existing services. Others much more modest. But they all needed. Today we will talk about the remarkable shopping center «waypark”, which is located at 71 kilometer of the Moscow ring road on the outer ring, between Volokolamskoye shosse and Svobody street. This Mall will not leave indifferent neither fans of shopping or entertainment, neither adults nor children. What gives us this complex?



To Purchase in the centre of the “waypark” if not all, almost all. The visitors are numerous salons, boutiques and chain stores, such as famous brand OSTIN. The network that carries men and women clothing ILKOTT also firm SELA, which is known for products from the same manufacturer. There is a fashion women's underwear "Dragonfly" of the branch of a trading company of Italian fashion MODA DONNA. The attention of buyers offered a stylish and modern men's clothes from the Russian manufacturer Royal Spirit and many others. Just at the Mall «waypark” there are more than 25 shops selling such products.

There are Also three specialized Shoe boutique and related products, two shop where you can purchase a variety of fitness equipment and sports accessories. There are outlets where you can buy exotic Souvenirs and gifts, baby products, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics and appliances. The choice more than the rich.


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waypark shopping center


And how many different types of services offered in the Mall «waypark”! Then the tire and also car service and sale of spare parts. There is a Studio where can professionally repair your clothes or to fit it on the figure. Several beauty salons and manicure studios. The separation of the various banks that exchange currency or provide other financial services. There is dry cleaning. Fans of healthy lifestyle can visit the fitness club, swimming pool, a section of martial arts. For motorists provides for the wash. If you need to purchase medication, it offers several pharmacies. Choose anything your heart desires!


But not only the shopping and the above services can be purchased by visiting the school ‘waypark”. Because the center is not only shopping, but also entertainment. Here is the real ski slope with a length of 160 meters and line jumps. Also has an ice skating rink "Washer". For lovers of Billiards, bowling, etc. opens doors entertaining complex "Kosmik". Children will enjoy the games and entertainment "Hop-frog", and Jungle Kids. If the younger generation wants to jump on the trampoline, “waypark” offers to attend trampoline club «Janvey”. But for animal lovers there is a petting zoo “well-fed donkey”, where children will have rabbits, raccoons, African long-eared hedgehogs, sheep, goats, porcupine, good-natured donkey and other cute animals.

Trampolines waypark

A Visit to this Mall will not leave anyone indifferent, everyone will be able to make necessary and useful purchase, and you will find something fun to do.

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