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The City of Belgorod is located in the Central black earth region of Russia, near the border with Ukraine. From Moscow it is separated by almost 700 miles.


sights of BelgorodThe decree of Tsar Feodor Ioannovich, the city was founded as a border fortress in September 1596. Although mention of the settlement on this place date back to a much earlier period-the tenth century.

1658 through Belgorod hosted the 800-kilometre defensive line, which was called Belgorod traits - she was protecting Muscovy from enemies – the Crimean Tatars. After the accession of Ukraine (beginning of the XVIII century) and construction of Ukrainian defensive line, the value of the Belgorod for the defense of the country decreased. Finally it disappeared after the conquest of the Crimea, he was even excluded from the existing fortresses. This occurred in 1785.

During the great Patriotic war the city had to endure the occupation. He was considered one of the key settlements of Kursk. Belgorod was liberated at the same time with the Eagle. It happened on 5 August 1943. Moscow welcomed the release of cities of the first victory salute. So now Belgorod is called the city of the first salute, and the first military glory.

After the first Belgorod was awarded this honorary title. He was awarded the order of Patriotic war of 1 degree.

The Town today. Sights of Belgorod

sights of BelgorodAs they say now, Belgorod, having good infrastructure is an economic, scientific, cultural and spiritual center. In fact it is a relatively small city with a population of about half a million people. It is compactly situated on the Seversky Donets river, which is a right tributary of the don. Its territory is divided into Eastern and Western counties. To the city adjacent to the suburbs-areas with individual development.


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Belgorod can not be called original or original, because during the war it was in ruins. And yet there are a lot of monuments, historic structures and buildings, which make up the attractions of Belgorod. Uspensko-Nikolaevskoe and Transfiguration cathedrals, “Selivanova”, “the Tree of friendship”, Museum-diorama “Fire arc”, the singing fountains... These and many other architectural sights of Belgorod deserve to be told more.

Temples and cathedrals it rich

Seventeen temples and churches were built here at different times. The oldest - not only in Belgorod, but in the whole region - is the assumption-the Nikolaev Cathedral. Its construction was completed in the early XVIII century. Tsar Peter I granted 100 rubles for its construction. And written by the Emperor himself, the note was kept in the altar for over 200 years. Other Russian emperors also bestowed for the Cathedral of “the gospel in expensive salaries», to the same old, “in the seventeenth century to write». This ancient monument of architecture was distinguished by magnificence, beautiful wall paintings, gilded gold-leaf iconostasis.

sights of Belgorod photoDated to the same century is another ancient temple of Belgorod-Smolensk Cathedral. It was built on the spot where was the people of the miraculous icon of the Smolensk mother of God. First there was built a wooden Church, and then – stone.

A hundred years the city was built Transfiguration Cathedral to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. There are five hundred years the miraculous icon of Nicholas Martial, the relics of Saint Joasaph and the icon of the Mother of God “Sign”. These artifacts attract many pilgrims.

Attractions of the city of Belgorod – having also in Russia the most popular Church of St. Matrona of Moscow Nikolo-Iosafovsky and Holy cross churches and many others, including new churches.

The center – walking

Sights of Belgorod diverse and numerous, but their greatest number is located in the Central part of the city. To start with they must be from the Avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and then you can walk the streets Popova and Vatutin. On this territory there are about 80 % of the most important objects of tourism.

The town's Main square is called the Cathedral. However, instead of cathedrals there is a traditional monument, a memorial with an everlasting eternal fire, and the sculpture of the actor M. S. Shchepkin at the eponymous drama theatre.

The role of the temple can be attributed to the building of the regional administration as the dominant here. The architecture of the square is designed in the Stalinist modernism. Movement on the square is blocked - it is a pedestrian zone. Near the regional administration is located luxurious hotel «Belgorod”.

Cathedral squareCathedral square – a place where there are two of the most beautiful thoroughfares of the city: Svyato-Troitskiy Boulevard and Civic Avenue. The Boulevard is not only Central but also the oldest street of Belgorod. Once it was built two-story houses, some of them have survived to this day.

The street you can go to the building of the University. Nearby is the Trinity Cathedral, and in front of him - a monument to the patron of the city Saint Ioasaf. By the way, at the University, even though he is not far from the temple, has its own Church, which was built on the banks of the river Veselka.

If you go from the Cathedral square to the other side on the Civil prospectus, we can see an interesting building, original architecture. Here is the Smolensk Cathedral.

Walk through the city center will lead us to the museums. It so happened that almost all Belgorod museums are located close to the Cathedral square, still close to each other, within the same quarter. So...

Explore the Museum

Art Museum Belgorod features chic interiors and interesting design. In his collection is not the world's masterpieces, but those who love art, visiting not regret.

The Beginning of the Museum's collection put a gift in the amount of 243 paintings, obtained from the widow of a native city of the artist M. N. Dobronravova. A number of the exhibition of works by this time had already gathered in the Belgorod branch of Union of artists of Russia. So the decision was made about the opening of the Museum. At that time, the collection of paintings numbered about 400 exhibits. There were works by A. Laktionov, Yuri Pimenov, Sergei Gerasimov, P. Ossovsky and other artists. In 2004-2008, the Museum continued to purchase paintings by masters of fine arts in Russia XX century.

art MuseumOn the ground floor of the building there is an art shop where you can buy paintings, graphics, crafts and printed materials.

On the banks of the river Veselka hall of the Museum-diorama “Fire arc”. It is dedicated to a large tank battle at Prokhorovka, which took place in July 1943. The building, made in the form of an arc, the main area is a large canvas, the length of which is 67 metres, and height-15 meters. It tells the story of the Grand tank battle. The Museum has a large collection of objects brought from the battlefields. About dioramas of the exhibition of military equipment that was used during the great Patriotic war.

One of the oldest cultural institutions of the city and region is considered to be a historical Museum where you can learn about the history of the Belgorod region. Previously, he was at the Transfiguration Cathedral.

“Selivanova” is a building that belongs to the monuments of architecture of XVIII century. Now it is the Belgorod literary Museum. Printed publications, including books and separate publications presented here include not only the period of the XVIII century, but the present.

Set up a meeting at the sundial

In the center, where the street of the 50th anniversary of the Belgorod region and the people's Boulevard, has solar watch huge size. They became a favorite meeting place for residents. Show them genuine interest and tourists.

The Composition is with a height of 11 meters, made of granite and bronze. It was created by sculptor Taras Kostenko, is well known among the residents of the city. The opening of the sculpture was timed to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belgorod. At the same time in the city, new fountains and a streets.sundial

The Time on the sundial you can determine with an error of only 10 minutes. And not only in clear weather. In a dark or gloomy time of day, in hours, works a special program that controls the light. By the way, a night on the dial light up the stars, and well visible the brightest constellations hemisphere and the milky Way.

The sundial is kept in great condition. Their performance at anybody doesn't raise doubts, because the authorities ensure that residents and visitors attracted to such sights of Belgorod. Photo of a sundial in memory of the visit of the city – what could be better?

Parks – its beauty


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