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People who really loves to travel the world, know about the international tourism organization Four Seasons, and that its hotels located in almost every big city, get from the guests only positive feedback. This canadian company focuses on the customer who can afford luxury, which is why each room – this is a really comfortable apartment in which all the attention to detail, including designer accessories for decoration.

So the news that the company opened two hotels in Russia (in St. Petersburg and the capital Moscow) perceived potential guests is very positive, and since its opening, the hotel never felt a lack of customers.

Four Seasons Hotel (Moscow) is considered one of the most beautiful and presentable not only in the country but also around the world. Why did he deserve such favor with tourists to himself, now we know.

Just it is impossible not to admire!

The First thing is a delight when you see this hotel-is its location. He is very comfortably located in the heart of the capital, guests have the unique opportunity to see from the huge Windows of their rooms Red square, the beautiful St. Basil Cathedral and even the Duma and the Kremlin. “Four Seasons Moscow” is located in the building of the hotel «Moscow», which truly can be called world famous.


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four seasons Moscow

The Hotel looks very presentable and even majestic, because in the same building atmospheric blend of notes of art Nouveau with classic notes of these buildings, so no surprise he just can't.

Hotel, from which you can start exploring the capital

Four Seasons (Moscow) belongs to the category of those hotels that especially will appeal to tourists visiting the capital for the first time. It is from here you will be able to visit all the sights that should be highlighted in bold in your Notepad, if you have never been in Moscow. Here literally at hand even before the Alexander garden, the Bolshoi and, of course, the Maly theater, and even GUM is actually a few steps away. Here is another reason why guests of the city is left about this hotel are admiring responses. No matter what anyone said, and that is the location for business people plays a significant role.

More about rooms

Just imagine: besides the great location, the hotel «Four Seasons Moscow” it surprises for its visitors and a number of luxurious rooms. 180 suites and a charming apartments are waiting for you, you only pre-book you are interested in the room.

four seasons Moscow photo

How to speak to visitors when they first come here, do not get the feeling that you're in a hotel – so comfortable and cozy all done. It is also surprising to many is the fact that, despite the fact that the hotel prices are quite reasonable, even the cheapest room has quite big area – almost fifty squares. If to speak about the Deluxe room, here in your location will provide as many as 520 square meters square, where every corner is furnished with taste and boundless love.

The Most beautiful rooms, which are not inferior to the apartment in the most expensive hotels in the world

This hotel is especially proud of a few “special” numbers that, if possible, you should at least watch the visitors. So the Deluxe room Pozharsky Royal Suite has an area that exceeds 500 square meters. Not less than a delightful Suite, which is conveniently located on the seventh floor, so the terrace offers unforgettable and breathtaking views of Manezhnaya square and Alexandrovsky garden fairy. Also, if financially able, pay special attention to a stunning Suite Minin Presidential Suite. Its area is nearly 500 square feet, but its interior will not leave indifferent anybody who has ever visited the Four Seasons hotel (Moscow). Photos of this apartment, of course, you can find on the resources of tour operators, but live they are perceived quite differently.

Features that set Four Seasons Moscow compared to other hotels of the same class

In every room at the “Four Seasons Moscow” (photo from visitors to prove it) - stained glass window that is from floor to ceiling. This flavor is very popular with the guests, because the feeling of full filling the rooms with sunlight is magnificent and very magical. The furniture in each room, regardless of its price, quality, is “personal” coffee machine, modern TVs large expansion, convenient desks. It's not just wifi, and even a separate iPad in the room, which is very easy to order any available service, whether it be lunch or dinner in the room, or even booking a particular procedure in the Spa at a specific time. Bathrooms with marble trim, they are equipped with a shower cabin and modern bath (you choose what you prefer).

Provides everything that can be necessary for business meetings

Capital & ndash; it is primarily a city which hosts major business meetings (very often – the world level). So that the high-class business centers today quite popular, and the Four Seasons hotel Moscow is considered one of the best places for such events. Why it is preferred by international diplomats?four seasons hotel Moscow restaurants

All in one place to provide business services at the highest level

The Business center at the Four Seasons Moscow is ready to provide you their services at any time of the day. There are five modern halls for conferences, as well as a couple of ball rooms, so you can not only comfortably here to host a delegation of five hundred people, but to hold talks at the highest level.

It So happened that in “Four Seasons Moscow” hall Tchaikovsky became the most popular venue for such events. Its area is 530 square meters. In addition the room features a foyer and elegant balcony which offers an unforgettable landscape – the Manege and Red square and the Kremlin. The hall has several entrances, to ensure guests maximum comfort and have not created a queue and stampede. So, guests can climb the stairs which are decorated with real marble, the Elevator and even through a completely separate entrance from the yard - here's how to prepared for private parties or other private events, the hotel «Four Seasons Moscow». Hall Tchaikovsky, probably the most successful place for meeting the world level.

Restaurants that can claim the title of best in the capital city

The Hotel «Four Seasons Moscow” hall Tchaikovsky positioned as the best in the capital for carrying out business meetings. While there are also restaurants that deserve your attention, if you just want to relax.four seasons hotel Moscow hall Tchaikovsky

So, according to the reviews themselves visitors, Quadrum restaurant with the finest Italian kitchen is not for nothing so popular. If we talk about the menu, the most admired of their pasta, fish and meat dishes and a rich selection of wines. So if you have not been to Italy but want to experience the local flavour, visit Four Seasons hotel (Moscow).

Restaurants and bars in any hotel should be with the most varied cuisines, so in parallel with Quadrum guests are welcome at Moskovsky Bar and Silk Lounge. In Moskovsky Bar you will be able to surprise a range of unique cocktails as well as delicious and unique drinks, whose recipes came to us from all corners of the planet. Silk Lounge will suit those who need a quiet atmosphere and wishes, for example, have a flavored exclusive of tea, sitting by the fireplace. Also don't forget about the Amnis café where you will enjoy not only unique drinks, but very tasty and healthy lunch.

Sports centres there is also!

As already mentioned, you can relax in one of the best Spa-centers of the capital. In addition, visitors is a lot of positive emotions modern swimming pool, which is quite impossible really, because it is reserved almost 3000 square metres space on the fifth floor of the building. Want a massage or special treatments for skin rejuvenation of the face – no problem! Of course, there is a modern fitness room, luxury beauty, in which you can make not only your hairstyle or manicure masters, whose names are well known throughout the capital.

About the smallest customers think

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow is a place that is not afraid to come with the purpose of addressing business issues, even with children. For small customers is available here for recreation. If necessary, they can be a nanny, they must be interested in special educational games, interesting books. Modern balanced menu for children you will provide, immediately upon demand. Need personal hygiene? Just call and you all will bring!the four...</div>  

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