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The magnificent beauty of Georgia, you can talk forever – this ancient proud country fascinates and attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. But to feel the local atmosphere, to explore all the sights and customs, a single tourist trips will not be enough. A week-long visit to the country from curious tourists always ends with a detailed plan the next vacation.

To be independent from flight programs to the airline, to save time, to provide yourself the freedom of exploring fascinating places and see much more than is included in a travel package, we invite you to learn more about travel to Georgia by car from Georgia by car from Moscow

Travel Documents

To avoid possible difficulties when crossing the border, you must prepare thoroughly in the first place to find out what documents are required. The trip from Moscow to Georgia by car will require a minimum of securities:

  1. Passport, valid for at least six months.
  2. Title.
  3. The one who goes on the machine, you will need notarized authorization from the owner to drive the car with the agreed right to cross the border. Must be an English translation.
  4. A driver's license issued in Russia.

There are No insurance policies to travel is not required, but it is very important to check your passport for the presence of marks about crossing of border of Abkhazia. The government of Georgia considers the intersection of the Russian-Abkhazian border illegal, and fining tourists with similar stamps. Thus, if you have already visited Abkhazia, the road to Georgia by car from Moscow closed before you get a new passport.Moscow Georgia by car


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Russian citizens wishing to travel through Georgia for no longer than 90 days, applies visa-free regime. If the trip to Georgia by car from Moscow is scheduled for a longer period will need to apply for a visa at the checkpoint. You will need:

  • To Present a passport.
  • Fill the application form in English and sign it.
  • Pay a state fee in the prescribed amount. From September 2014 the fee for visa is $50.
  • For children of any age also need a visa and payment of the fees in full, regardless of whether they are traveling with your passport or is inscribed in the passport of the parent.

If there are no problems with the right documents and filling out forms visa put in the passport, and the journey by car from Moscow to Georgia, you can continue.

Travel Itinerary

At this time, to enter the territory of Georgia smooth functions only one border crossing point-Upper Lars. Therefore, there can be deviations from the only sure route Moscow – Georgia. Drive to Tbilisi is 1961 km, it is possible to drive in about 31 hours excluding border inspection and time to rest. To cover that distance without stopping is unrealistic, especially if the driver is for travelers only one. Fortunately, on the way you can find a great number of hotels and roadside cafes where you can relax, gain strength and eat Georgian cuisine.

Conventionally, the way to Tbilisi can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Travel on the highway M-4 «don» from Rostov-on-don to Pavlovskaya stanitsa in Krasnodar Krai. This section will be about 1,200 km.
  • Next on the Federal highway M-29 “Caucasus” the road goes through Vladikavkaz to the Russian border and is 600 km.
  • The Last breakthrough – from the border crossing point of Upper Lars to the capital of Georgia on the Georgian Military road. The views here are stunning, and the road will take the remaining 200km.

For the Russian border is within a few kilometers of completely neutral to anyone not belonging to the territory. Beautiful scenery and complete silence will allow you to feel full freedom and to enjoy the anticipation of something new and unknown.Moscow Georgia drive

Tips tourists about the route

Travel to Georgia by car from Moscow – a fairly common phenomenon and the essential experience of previous travelers allows to identify very useful tips:

  • Route M-4 regularly undergoes repairs, which can be formed many kilometers of traffic jams. This should be prepared in advance – to study the situation and to envisage possible ways of detour.
  • In Order to get to the border leaving Russia, tourists are advised to spend the night somewhere in Rostov. Good and cheap hotel is in Armavir, Kropotkin and Tikhoretsk.
  • Highway M-29 better to go to night – will come across less slow Trucks and local residents, which will significantly reduce the time on the road.
  • On the border with Georgia checkpoint Upper Lars and Dariali often change while working because of the threat of mudslides, so the mode needs to be clarified in advance to avoid the closed border.
  • In Georgia, gasoline costs almost twice more expensive, than in Russia, therefore, advised to fill up the tank before traveling abroad. Good filling is in Rostov, Armavir, Pyatigorsk. The last gas will meet in Vladikavkaz. To carry petrol in cans across the border is prohibited.
  • In Pyatigorsk on the weekends is the Grand Bazaar, the track can form a large tube. The exit can be found using a Cool or Georgievsk.
  • At the entrance to Georgia's first settlement is the village of Kazbegi at the foot of mount Kazbek – about 20 km from the border. There are many cheap hotels, you can sleep, eat, stroll through the enchanting places and the next morning to go further.

how long from Moscow to Georgia by car

Border crossing

The Algorithm for crossing the border upon departure from Russia as follows:

  1. After passing under the gate, located on the border, travellers waiting for border control. It includes inspection of the vehicle with the use of mirrors.
  2. Then, all travelling on the route Moscow – Georgia by car are required to go through passport control and put a stamp on the border.
  3. The Final step is the inspection of Luggage by customs, during which you need to upload all the stuff from the car to check. If the customs will have any suspicions regarding Luggage, it is not impossible to check vehicle using x-ray equipment.

The execution of all the inspections usually takes about 2 hours, but practice shows that the customs officials belong to the travelling on the route Moscow – Georgia car loyally. A thorough inspection with the unloading of Luggage, with the use of mirrors and x-ray devices is extremely rare. Usually on the border cost questions about the contents of the trunk and visual inspection of the cabin.

Crossing the border with Georgia is much easier and it lasts about 20 minutes. Customs officers stop the car and offer passengers go through passport control at the customs house. At this time, the driver takes control, not leaving the car – all required at the border the documents he passes the window of the checkpoint. After checking the driver's documents photographed, and put in the passport stamped on the border. Then the visual inspection of the interior and transported items.

The Attempts of foreign citizens to enter the territory of Georgia without passing control checks are illegal and punishable by fines, as well as the trip to Georgia by car from Moscow through Abkhazia. For the first violation, the fee is 500 GEL the national currency. The next illegal invasion, the fine is doubled.

A Similar offence with aggravating circumstances, the fair, the government punishes by deprivation of liberty for a term up to 5 years in accordance with article 344 of the Criminal code of Georgia.a trip from Moscow to Georgia by car

Border checkpoint in Georgia

In addition to the checkpoint «Dariali” through which passes the road from Moscow to Georgia (by car), on the border with Georgia there are other CAT. Officially opened for adoption by travelers following checkpoints:

  • From Georgia to Turkey. Here passes the European route E-70 (CAT “Sarpi”) between Batumi and the Turkish town of Hopa, and route E-691 (CAT "shaft") leading out of the city in southwest Georgia Vale in the village of Posof on the border of Turkey.
  • Georgian-Azerbaijani border. You can get here by motorway “Tbilisi-Rustavi-Ganja-Baku" CAT "Red bridge”. Also here is the checkpoint «Vakhtangisi” and “Zadna” located on the highway from Baku to Telavi.
  • Georgian-Armenian border. At the Georgian border from Armenia there are 4 checkpoints: the checkpoint “film” on the highway of Akhalkalak-Gumr...

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