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Holidays – this is the time that I want to spend a most comfortable and convenient. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to afford a holiday abroad in expensive hotels package “all inclusive”. However, do not despair: a great solution is a trip to Russia. Now, more and more people prefer this holiday: with a rich history and many historical monuments, Russia has become an ideal place for vacation.

There are many holiday spots that provide the most comfortable conditions for a good holiday. One of them is “Castle of the sea”. Golovinka where the hotel was – is the perfect place for your holidays: rich nature and excellent weather conditions, the area of one of the most famous cities for vacation to Sochi.

castle by the sea Golovinka reviews

Description of the complex

Colourful views, fresh air, great service – that has “Castle of the sea”. Hotel in Golovinka is the best among its competitors. A huge area of the castle, stretching from the Windows, professionally equipped for a very comfortable stay. The territory is decorated with various ornamental ponds, paths, beautiful stones, unusual flowers and plants. The flora watch real professionals: the garden and its grounds are always in excellent condition. As for the views, tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and a wonderful garden.

“Castle of the sea” hotel in Golovinka, which is very good, provides the perfect setting for a family holiday. Regular on-site organised activities to participate in which each member of the family. In addition, the hotel offers its own guide who will conduct the most interesting excursions in the surrounding area.


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So, guest house “Castle of the sea" (Golovinka), testimonials of satisfied visitors who replenished more often, has on its territory several residential complexes, restaurants, children's playgrounds and swimming pools with sunbathing area. Inside the hotel there are promotions and special offers, and also organized many concerts and other events.

castle by the sea hotel in Golovinka

Climate, ecology of the area

Since Golovinka – is one of the areas of the city of Sochi, to focus on the weather is based on projections for the area.

The Sochi Climate is humid subtropical. Due to the unique location of the Caucasus mountain range, the city does not penetrate a strong and cold wind, and the Black sea saturates the area with warmth.

So, due to the high temperatures in the city you can find a variety of exotic and unusual plants. Unfortunately, the environment here is not so good: due to the many buildings for the Olympics she deteriorates more and more, which can be seen in statistics for monitoring the cleanliness of the city. Every year increasingly more territory for the construction of buildings of this kind. On the one hand, the city is transformed and acquires a new, unique look, but on the other, the dangerous effects to the environment in which people live.

A Little different is the case with the district Lazarevskoye (Sochi). “Castle of the sea”, which reviews are almost always positive, is one of the cleanest areas of the city.

castle by the sea Golovinka reviews 2016


Accommodation in the hotel deserves special attention. The castle is several buildings housing type. Their cost depends on the level of housing, square rooms. Thus, visitors have the choice between the following numbers:

  • One.
  • Double.
  • Apartment.

Do Not forget, that in turn one room can contain a different number of beds, which also affects the final price.

“Castle of the sea” – hotel in Golovinka, representing tourists only housing increased comfort. Each room tourist will be able to use a bathroom, TV, refrigerator. As for the rooms of the apartment type, they you'll and a small kitchen.

guest house castle by the sea Golovinka reviews


  • Close to the sea. The hotel is located close to the sea: the road to the water will not exceed one minute walk, because the distance is 226 meters.
  • Increased comfort. Each room contains all the amenities for a comfortable stay. You can choose the level of housing, its area and additional amenities.
  • Good service. The hotel has only the best staff, able to answer any question the visitor. They will always help if you encounter any problems.
  • Beautiful nature. Rich views of the castle can inspire any: due to favourable temperature conditions of surroundings grows many exotic plants and flowers. Mountains covered with lush greenery visible from the Windows of any building. Various natural rivers and streams dilute the usual form, making it a touch of freshness and novelty.
  • The Availability of Parking. In that case, if you are traveling by car, a great option for spending the night will be “Castle of the sea" (Golovinka). Hotel reviews in most cases is good, because it provides a variety of additional services, one of which is the possibility of placing your car in the local Parking lot.
  • Services. For a surcharge you can enjoy a huge range of services provided by the hotel: your leisure time will never be boring! In addition, additional included meals: you can choose the number of meals per day and type of food – regular or buffet. However, when you purchase a number tourists are offered some free services: Wi-Fi, a gym, a Billiards room, pools and baths. In addition, visitors can attend group yoga classes. In that case, if your child is having a birthday, our entertainers will be able to arrange for him a small party.

castle by the sea hotel in Golovinka reviews


I Decided to stay in a hotel “Castle of the sea" (Golovinka)? Reviews 2016, describing some of its shortcomings, will help to form a real vision of the problem:

  • Cost. Sochi – the city is not the cheapest, so tourists takes a lot of money to purchase a variety of Souvenirs and memorabilia from the area. In addition, the hotel access many services only available at a surcharge. One of the biggest cons it is a paid feed.
  • A Large number of people on the beach. Golovinka – one of the most favorable areas of the city, indicating a high attendance of local beach. Unfortunately, this place is quite difficult to find.

Golovinka, Sochi castle by the sea reviews


With its convenient location, the excellent option is the “Castle of the sea" (Golovinka). Reviews about the hotel on this score is always positive, because it is in close proximity to many other interesting cultural points. So, 200 meters is a few temples, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. In that case, if you want to visit the city centre and to walk along its outskirts, you should use public transport. The bus stop is a 10-minute walk from the hotel and the train station – 5 minutes.


The Price depends on the chosen type of housing package added services and room rates.

The Minimum cost of the room – 3 500 per day. Maximum – 13 000 R. do Not forget that even the most budget option included amenities like bathroom, television, refrigerator, Wi-Fi.

Don't forget about the power supply: connect it is possible for the sum from 300 to 700 rubles per day. In that case, if you want to save money, it is recommended to visit the local shops and buy some food for a few days: you'll spend a lot less money.

When checking in you will be asked to make a single Deposit of 5000 rubles. During check out you will be refunded.

As you can see, just a wonderful option for accommodation would be “Castle of the sea" (Golovinka). Reviews 2015-2016 show that the services and quality of service, in General, fully justifies its price. In addition, in Sochi, accommodation in this hotel is a budget. There are of course some negative aspects (of which we have mentioned above), but they are smoothed out by the positive.

castle by the sea Golovinka reviews 2015

Free services

However, the way to save money is still there: when you buy a room for a few days to the normal service package are added that previously it was possible to buy only for the money.

So, the visitor the choice to visit for Breakfast, lunch and dinner (no buffet). In the leisure o...

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