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7 km from Kemer is a comfortable and Sunny city of Kiris (Turkey). It is a quiet secluded place where you can comfortably relax under the warm rays of the Turkish sun. “Lost” the Mediterranean surrounded by the Taurus mountains, which majestically descend a lush pine forest. Clean sandy beaches, flowers and fruit trees fill the air of the town a unique flavor.

Geographical position

Kiris TurkeyThe Village of Kiris (Turkey) is not a resort, but rather one of the city of Kemer. It is 50 km from the airport of Antalya (South-West). Distance from Kiris to Kemer is 7 km from the Resort village surrounded by mountains and river Aqua, where you can see another charming town-Camyuva. Coast Kiris is characterized by geographical isolation: on the one hand it closed the rocky mountains, and on the other – river Aqua, reminiscent of a slithering snake. On the back side of the village is the track "Antalya-Kemer". From the top of the Taurus mountains bordering the resort town, offering magnificent views of Istanbul. Relief Kiris diverse: clear sea and Golden sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees, pomegranate trees, citrus trees and steep cliffs.

History of settlement

Many people do not know where the town of Kiris (Turkey). The map clearly shows that the village is located between Kemer and Camyuva. A small resort town has its own history. Previously, there was a fishing village of the same name - Kiris. Turkey in the first Millennium BC was subjected to numerous attacks by enemy States. In the beginning there lived sprinkle with salt and Termini, which subsequently drove the Lycians. They founded a new country called Lycia, which included about 70 cities. In the VI century BC it was conquered by the Persians. In the IV century BC, the state came under the rule of Alexander the great, and in the first century became part of the Roman Empire. In the eleventh century, Lycia was conquered by the Turks.Kiris Turkey map District, which is now the hotel at that time was called Old Village. This name was chosen for a reason. It is associated with the geographical location of the settlement: there was a lot of bogs and mountain villages. Among the local population there is a legend that in ancient times there lived a monster named Chimera, which cause suffering to the inhabitants of the Old Village. Over time, the settlement grew into a fishing village, and later – in a small resort town with its cosy hotels.


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Climate conditions

The village is dominated by good weather. Kiris (Turkey) is cut off from the surrounding mountains, which gives it mild weather conditions. It has a Mediterranean climate. Sunny and warm weather lasts about 300 days a year; winter begins the rainy season. To swim in the sea travelers for eight months. In the height of summer the water warms up to +30 °C. the Swimming season begins from late March and lasts until October. hotels Kiris Turkey


Couples with children, do not hesitate to travel to Kiris. Turkey is famous for its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. In the resort village of Kiris, they are particularly picturesque and cozy. The beaches here have a smooth entry into the sea, which is especially safe and comfortable for little travelers. Beautiful cliffs, spreading crowns of the pine trees complement the seascape. Coast in Kiris has a decent width, that allows to avoid there are crowds of people even in the height of the season. Near the village is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kemer-Phaselis, as well as the picturesque Paradise Bay.


Sea and mountain attractions Turkey is famous for. Kiris, a photo of which is not often glimpsed in the travel magazine, not inferior to the beauty of most major Turkish resorts. The main attraction of the town is mount Olympos (Tahtali). At the top of its slope one can observe periodic fire outbreak caused by the seepage of natural gas to the surface of the earth. You can get there by cable car and enjoy the stunning view of the panorama. In the center of the resort village, you can see Villa Park, which includes a series of luxury villas. Not every tourist can afford the vacation in this exotic house. But the situation there is truly picturesque: the amazing beauty of plants, palm trees, lagoon and swimming pools. All of this is under reliable protection. Near Kiris are several other landmarks.Turkey Kiris photo

  • Paradise Cove, or the Bay of fireflies. This place is famous of the magnificent rocky landscape. In the dark time of day you can observe on the water a soft, radiant glow that creates a marine micro-organisms.
  • “Moonlight” — amusement Park and recreation, located near Kemer. There is a beautiful sandy beach, picturesque walking area, amusement Park, Dolphinarium, petting zoo and other entertainment. To get here from the Kiris is possible by any transport.
  • Ulupinar: a real Paradise for fishing lovers and delicious food. The locals here have been breeding river trout and sell it to restaurants. Cafe Ulupinar – a popular place for gourmets. To try local delicacies, people come here from other regions of Turkey. In Ulupinar you can go fishing and catch “gold” the fish.the village of Kiris Turkey


Kiris (Turkey) – a small resort town, so enjoy shopping here fully hard. For these purposes, in the town of one street a mile long. There are small shops and hotels. Tourists gladly purchase in Kirish Souvenirs, Oriental sweets, spices, textiles and jewelry. The quality of the sold things are different. This is mainly cheap goods that are designed for tourists with average income. In stores Kiris, as in any city of Turkey, you can haggle. To pay for goods by cash and cashless (credit card). But the last option is not like every local seller. On the streets of the village there is an ATM. For large purchases tourists go to Kemer or Antalya, where there are large shopping centers.

weather Kiris Turkey


The resort village is dominated by five-star hotels. Kiris (Turkey) is famous for its beautiful hotel complexes of high class. Many hotels occupy a large area and resemble the real parks. All hotels in Kiris with surrounding gardens perfectly maintained. Beachfront hotel complex has a very impressive cost. The hotels located on the road that divides the village into 2 parts, are more attractive and affordable prices. The level they are no worse than hotels situated on the beachfront. The most of the hotel complex works on system ALL INCLUSIVE. In the evening there are organized entertainment and animation programs.

Kiris Turkey reviews


Everyone who has visited the resort town, I want to go back there again. Beautiful nature, privacy, a quiet environment, a high level of service – this is not a complete list of what characterizes the village of Kiris (Turkey). Tourists are the best advertisement. All the advantages and disadvantages of the resort town, you can learn from people who have visited there. Almost every tourist notes that in Kirish the mountains magnificent beauty and clean beautiful sea. In hotels the food is excellent, so the village is ideal for families with children. As for entertainment, there are not as many as in the big resorts. The hotel is more suited for a relaxing holiday. Fans of incendiary parties better to go in Kemer. But in the village also has a couple of small discos. Tourists say that in Kirish many pharmacies where you can find a wide range of medical and cosmetic products. There is also a shop ACER OPTIK where newcomers acquire branded optics. In Kirish running a lot of travel companies. There you can enjoy a variety of tours. Tour program Kiris extensive and fascinating.


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