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Where is Vancouver island? In the West of Canada. Coordinates: 49°36′32″ North latitude, 125°38′52″ West longitude. This region is part of the province of British Columbia. The island – one of the most popular places among tourists all over the world. Many travelers want to go there. Indeed, according to all the Islands on Earth Vancouver is in third place in the popularity rating. Such tourists love to him is not accidental. Indeed, in these areas a very mild climate. In winter there is virtually frost. In summer the average temperature is 20 °C. Due to this happy coincidence, for Vancouver all year round to play Golf. Such across Canada anywhere else could not be implemented.Vancouver island

A Little history

Vancouver Island, a photo of which is given in the article is part of a province called British Columbia joined Canada in 1871. At the end of the XVIII century on the island at the same time filled with the expedition from the British and the Spanish. In the end this led to a logical disagreement. Each side pulled the blanket over himself. Two of the discoverer, George Vancouver and Juan Cuadra, wanted to give the land its name. By the time the relationship between the parties is already strained to the limit. The Spanish built a fortified settlement and attacked British ships. In the end, it was decided to hold the peace talks in order to avoid increasing the number of victims. Unfortunately, meeting almost no to no avail. But at the end of the earth has a kind of called – “Vancouver Island and the Quadra”.


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As time Went on, and influence of the Spaniards in those places became less significant. In the end, in the next century, Vancouver island was given its present name. Interestingly, during the conflict of the parties to the Spaniard, not interested in dividing the land, was able to go around this part of the land on the sea.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the island was owned by Britain, there appeared a colony. Its capital was the city of Victoria. But in the late twentieth century, losing its importance, the colony became part of British Columbia.Vancouver island, Canada


Vancouver Island, an area of almost 32 thousand square km, bordering the Pacific ocean. The entire West coast is under the influence of its waters. In many respects the island's climate is influenced by currents and air masses to this area. East side sushi is washed by the Strait of Georgia. But in the South - the waters of another area. This is the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It divides Washington state and Vancouver island, Johnstone Strait and connects with the Pacific ocean.

Once upon a time Vancouver was inhabited only by Indians, lived in small villages. Now it is home to about 800 thousand people. The largest settlement is the most beautiful city of Victoria.

Eastern and Western part of the island

The Tourist who decides to come to Vancouver island (Canada), you will discover a terrific lots of amazing natural attractions along the West coast. It is very different from the East. At least the fact that the East is much more densely populated area. While in the West it is possible to observe unspoilt nature. Civilization almost completely ends there. It is on the West coast is a large national Park the Pacific rim. Shore, rugged fjords, has become the final destination for many cargo ships. They crashed on the rocks trying to get to the ports.where is Vancouver island

National Park

The national Park is now partially equipped to facilitate the passage on tourist paths. For example, the most popular Hiking trail began to appear on the stairs, and even suspension bridges, giving you the opportunity to quickly move from one side of the gorge to the other. Through innovations trail you can go faster. The trip takes a group of tourists about a week. The route is called the West Cost Trail. To get there, people are recorded for a couple of years. This game is not a cakewalk. From those who dare set foot on the path, requires a lot of experience Hiking in different categories and excellent physical preparation. But the views that will surround travellers, is worth all the effort. Around is the ancient forest, beaches and many marine animals.Vancouver island photo

Deals for tourists

For those who do not like this type of extreme sports, you may arrive in that region for 2 or 3 days, staying at the hotel on the ocean. For visitors to the coast excursions on pleasure boats. With them visitors can observe a colony of humpback whales or orcas. Through this area is the migration route for marine mammals. Special feel the sun running down the sky in an endless expanse of water. And somewhere, thousands of miles, are the Islands of Japan, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin.Vancouver island and Johnstone Strait

Economic Development on the island

The Economy of Vancouver mainly rests on the extraction of natural resources. Basically, it is, of course, logging. All of Canada is famous for its vast forests. Vancouver island - not the exception to this rule. There is still preserved those ancient forests which were still in the original British Columbia. They remained in the impenetrable parts of the island. On Vancouver grows the highest sicinska spruce in Canada, reaching a height of 95 meters. She related her trees were able to grow to such heights due to the surprisingly favorable climate.

In Addition to forest products, Vancouver island delivers fish in many regions of the country. On special fish farms stocked with salmon. Different marine species are caught in the open ocean. After that, the catch is exposed to processing. Sell these products all over the country.

As has been said, popular on the island and tourism. A large enough part of the budget of Vancouver gets from those who come there to surf and relax.Vancouver island area

Briefly about the capital – the city of Victoria

Wide enough contribution to the island, makes the capital of British Columbia, city Victoria. There is a well developed industry high technology pharmaceuticals and microelectronics. Also, scientists of the city have excelled in the field of Oceanography. But despite all this, a huge value for Victoria is tourism. Every year the city attracts about 4 million people.

Victoria is interesting for tourists because it is considered the most British city. On its streets there are red double-Decker buses that have become a symbol of London. The architecture of the centre – just exactly the style of old England. The city's magnificent waterfront, which is always decorated with flowers. In the Central square at five o'clock even serve famous traditional English tea.

Now Victoria is home to about 80 thousand people. His British heart he required so many elderly British, who from year to year have flocked to this city. Perhaps they were attracted by the climate in these areas. Due to its location it is the warmest city in Canada. In General, in the capital region is home to around 350 thousand people, while on the island – 760 thousand.

To Summarize

Vancouver Island in General and Victoria in particular will surprise and delight the adventurer or anyone who is just looking for a good place to stay. The experience of many generations shows that these places are very good and in order to safely and spend time after retirement.


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