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What could attract tourists to a small and quiet German town of Trier? It turns out that sites this the oldest city in Germany quite a lot. Interesting to have that Trier was one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire and the first Emperor Christian Constantine has left traces of his reign. Interesting fact of belonging to the city first France and then Prussia. All this and other interesting facts of history can be found by selecting one of the tours through Germany in Trier.

The Foundation of the city of Trier

The City was founded in the XVI century BC near the Celtic sanctuaries of the Emperor Augustus, or rather, it was a settlement, whose name is August, Treverorum. Further, the Trier transformed into a trade center, and then in the Imperial residence, called in those years, North of Rome. During your stay in the city of Constantine, Trier became the capital of the Roman Empire. This is the second century of our era. It was at this time the Romans built the gates of the Port of Nira, which is a symbol of Trier in Germany and extant. Several centuries led the contest in Trier with Rome. On one of the town houses there is an inscription, stating that to Rome, Trier stood 1300 years.

tours in Trier Germany


In the fourth century Trier again briefly became the capital of the Roman state. This happens when the Emperor Valentinians. During his reign, built a bridge across the river Moselle. Bridge-viaduct – unique engineering landmark, preserved for centuries, is currently operational. Were able to build in those days! All the pillars of basalt. Stood century to the present day. No natural disasters, no time, not destroyed the bridge. Only war will change all for the sake of victory. So, in 1689, French troops blew up the bridge, destroying the prop, so were replaced by two of them, the second and seventh.


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From the twelfth century begins the history of the Trier Archdiocese. The city at this time is called Sankta Treveris. During this period, the architecture is complemented by the monuments of antiquity. In the XVIII century the Trier under the dominion of France, and in 1815 – Prussia.

Sights of Trier

In Germany, In different cities, a lot of monuments from different centuries, but as much as is in Trier, I think probably not.

The Business card of Trier – Port of Nira, or the Black gate, located in the center of the city. During the reign of the Roman Empire they were part of the fortifications of the city. The gate is built of light Sandstone, but under the influence of moisture, soot and rain with wind building has a dark color. Therefore, the gate is called black. In different centuries the Port of Nira were used for different purposes. The second floor was once the Church for the commoners. On the floor above, that is "closer to heaven", was a monastic Church. Currently, it is a convenient platform for viewing the city. Located on the lower photo - Trier (Germany).

Trier Germany photo

No less interesting is the ancient Imperial baths, which are not used according to their purpose, and turned it into the room for the Teutonic guard, to the castle of the Frankish Duke, the Bastion of the city wall.

Main relic of Trier Cathedral

The attractions listed as world heritage by UNESCO, is Trier Cathedral – one of the oldest and best preserved, the largest Church of Germany in Trier. Initially the Cathedral was built as a repository of the main relics-the Tunic of the Lord. Queen Helena brought it from Jerusalem to Trier, buying this relic from the family that several generations kept lifetime the robe of Christ. More than three centuries the Lord's Tunic was buried in the altar of the East choir of the Cathedral. In 1512 it was first retrieved from storage and displayed for worship. From this time began a pilgrimage to him. Storage conditions affected the structure of the Holy garments.

Trier Germany attractions

After the restoration of the Cathedral Shrine placed in the ark with a special glass sarcophagus, in which is hidden two inserted into each other, – silver and gold. Armored glass covering the Tunic of Jesus Christ. The ark sealed with the seal of the Bishop of Trier. Only he has the right to open the sarcophagus. By the way, this is done once a year, when Heaton visiting specialists-restorers. Not only this Shrine is kept as a relic in the Cathedral of St. Peter in Trier (Germany). Such relics as the reliquary with the head of Saint Helena, the relics of Saints Joachim and Anna, part of the chain which had bound the Apostle Peter, are in the Cathedral. Still a lot of relics, which is the Christian Holy places, has been brought by the Empress Helena from the excavations in the Holy land of Jerusalem. Here is also the burial site of the bishops of Trier.

The Pilgrimage to Heaton

Every few years Heaton goes to worship. This is done on Good Friday. The last time the Tunic was put up for worship in 2012, from 13 April to 13 may. This was announced in advance. The worship was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the tradition of worship of this Shrine. For a month the German city of Trier became a pilgrimage center. Here brought together the Christians of different nationalities and faiths. People came to worship the common Shrine. And they, as well as on pilgrimage to the shroud of Turin, I felt a sense of unity and joy.

Germany Trier

The Church of Notre-Dame and the Bishop's Palace

Near the Cathedral is the oldest Gothic Church in Germany in Trier – the Church of the blessed mother. Its construction was a long, mostly due to lack of funds, at 1230 1260, he Completed the construction in the tradition of classic German Gothic. The architecture of the building is such that the gaze is directed upwards, to the top of the structure of the Church, for arches with nervure and tracery Windows. After the war, in 1951, Tyrian mother Church received from the Pope the title of «Basilica minore”. In the square, opposite the Cathedral and the Church of Notre Dame, is a two-storey Bishop's Palace and several buildings similar to the residence of the archbishops, aristocrats.

Trier, Germany

Information for tourists and pilgrims

You can still see in Trier, after he visited all the shrines of the city? There are also several museums. So, Landesmuseum houses a large collection of the times of the Roman Empire. In Simeonstiftung held various thematic exhibitions. Di&malmö;zesanmuseum showcases religious art.

It Should be noted that popular among tourists for sightseeing tours. Guides in costumes of certain periods lead people along the routes of these historical periods. You can take a bus tour with audio guide. There in the city a very fun train that runs from the Porta nigra. Along the route there are stops at major attractions and places. The duration of the trip – 35 minutes.

Restaurants with all sorts of local and international cuisine. A lot of them especially in the summer on the banks of the Moselle, near the city pier. Summer weather in Germany in Trier is warm. The river is a colorful, it is possible to arrange evening-night get-togethers.


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