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Lake Alakol, whose name is from the language of the Kazakhs is translated as “bright lake" is a unique water resource of Kazakhstan. By size it ranks second among all inland waters of this country. Throughout the day, the water of Alakol lake several times changed its color. In the morning the lake is pleasing to the eye a delicate turquoise, but at the end of the day is dominated by azure hues. To change the color palette is influenced by weather conditions.

lake Alakol

Geographic data

Most travelers know exactly where the lake Alakol near China, to cross the border of two regions-East Kazakhstan and Almaty. The reservoir covers an area of 2,700 km2 And lies at an altitude of 347 meters above sea level. The depth of the lake is 50 meters, and length-102 km. The width is 54 kilometers. The water of Alakol warms up to 24-26 degrees, and tastes like sea - salt is the same.

The Reservoir has undeniable medicinal properties because its waters contain all of the elements of the periodic table. The only exception is iodine - it in the waves of Alakol is not observed. Doctors recommend rest on the lake for those who suffer from skin diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal system, disorders of the nervous system. And, of course, you can strengthen the General condition of the body.

Alakol lake map

Other healing properties of the lake

Lake Alakol, in addition to the above, and still has a number of useful properties. Ancient legends tell that the pond has miraculous powers, which relieves fatigue and irritation, removes pain in the joints, brings peace and good spirits. Their medicinal waters of Alakol famous even in the distant past. Today his fame continues to spread around the world. The great conqueror Genghis Khan with Tumen stayed in the area, to heal the wounds received in battle. After a few centuries came there the astronauts, that the waters of Alakol cleanse them from radiation. Underground springs feed the lake and have a beneficial effect on the human body.


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Men benefit from treatment with the waters of Alakol than women. However, despite sex differences, it is possible to get rid of psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis, diseases of the respiratory apparatus, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica.

Alakol lake photo

How to get to your destination

The Alakol lake can be reached in different ways. One of them – the movement through the air. So, you must first fly to a city called Families, and from it by bus or by car should drive to Semey shore. If you want to get to Almaty the coast, you'll have to go here from or Taldykorgan from Almaty, by purchasing tickets to the village of Koktuma. People who don't like to fly, and can use rail. In this case, the train will take you to Shimei, and there is a need to take a taxi or take the bus, and after a brief pozdki Alakol lake will open their arms wide.

Historical background

The First person who examined the Alakol lake (photo of the natural object represented in the article), was G. Karelin – the famous traveler and naturalist. In 1840 he visited the Balkhash-Alakol depression is situated at the foothills of Dzhungarskiy Alatau. After a short amount of time, the interest in this area has shown L. Shrenk – not least the famous traveler. He was the first who undertook the measurement of the area of natural reservoir. Academician noted that it is equal to 1700 km2. In 1862, these findings were refuted by A. Golubev. His research showed that water surface area increased, and the length of the reservoir was 70 km and the width is – 40.

In 1931, these figures increased even more: up to 75 and 48 kilometers respectively, the depth was four feet. These measurements were made by B. Terletsky. Exactly 20 years to the study of the water body was done by V. Kurdyukov. His data was as follows: the depth of the lake is 90 km, its width-50 km and depth – 34 m. For the last few years, the area of Alakol lakes has increased even more.

Kazakhstan lake Alakol

Some facts

Some sources claim that in ancient times, the lake Alakol wore an entirely different title - nor-nor. With the Mongolian, it means “Lake Bridges”. Probably a long time ago the land, which was separated by the chain of lakes, something reminiscent of the bridges.

From the very least, not any flows out of the river. But a fall in small streams: Amanti, Urdzhar, Tasty, Zhamanotkol, Hatina and Emel. Many of them dry up in the summer. The rest of the streams remain “alive” due to the fact that, descending from the Jungar Alatau, go into the underground depths, and there continue to flow. And in Alakol they get already a powerful river.


lake Alakol recreation Aigerim

Kazakhstan lake Alakol in particular – is a place which has all conditions for comfortable stay of tourists. In this area there is a huge variety of guest houses and tourist bases. But the greatest success, holiday house, “towers”. It is in the part of the lake, which is located from the Eastern-Kazakhstan region (Urzhar district). It's quite a large territory with a total area of six hectares. Here is the necessary infrastructure and hotel rooms to any taste and budget.

For those visitors who want to save money, the casino offers standard rooms economy class, and people are not accustomed to saving, you can stay in one of the wooden houses.

That offers travelers the Lake Alakol? Recreation ("Sha" in particular) have paid Parking (if you come by own vehicle), playgrounds (in the case of traveling with children), entertainment complex with billiard, shooting range and tennis. To enhance the holidays of its customers, the Directorate every day organizes live music and dancing, concerts with participation of stars of local music, KVN competitions. In one word, “towers” – the place worthy of a visit.

where is the lake Alakol

Sights of the lake

The Alakol lake (the map mentioned just above) which has one unique attraction. We are talking about the reservoir Zhalanashkol. This integrated system. He waves as the waters of Alakol lake, known for its therapeutic qualities. And if «bright lake" more heals men's ills, Zhalanashkol capable of greater help to women. Local healing mud to heal from infertility, helping to restore emotional balance, to solve many of the female disorders and contribute to the acquisition of psychological stability. The healing features of both water bodies studied in the best way. Also, scientists are well aware about the diseases that help to get rid of the mentioned sources. In some holiday homes, located in the area, tourists can ask for a list showing all the ailments, a cure which you can use these miraculous waters of the lakes.

Some More recreation

Lake Alakol is also unique in that it is only on the planet a reservoir where there is a beach of black color. The coast consists of well-rounded gravel and pebbles. Weather on lake Alakol due to the favorable relaxation: in the summer the water is warmed to 20-25 degrees Celsius. And in its composition it resembles the Dead sea and the Black sea. In addition to recreation “towers” on the lake are such wonderful complexes as “Zhalyn’, ‘Pelican”, “Road”, “Barlyk Arasan” and other establishments.

weather at lake Alakol

“Barlyk Arasan”

We would like to tell you a bit about this place. It's probably the only complex on Alakol lake, where they treat dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract, pleurisy, atopic dermatitis, chronic pancreatitis and gastritis, seborrheic eczema and other similar diseases.

The Resort is located in the southern part of the Semipalatinsk region, in Barlykskiy valley. The lake of Alakol is located 20 kilometers from the base. This is the only holiday home on the coast. Important role in the treatment process is played by such natural factors as clean air, picturesque landscape, Prairie grasses, swimming in bitter lake Alakol. The walks will strengthen your immune system, charge tourists a positive energy and provide an opportunity to get real pleasure from seeing.

Visit these unique places and to witness what is a truly beautiful area!


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