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Popular Turkish resorts remain incredibly popular among our countrymen. Among them, the famous Alanya. In our article we want to talk about one of the complexes of the resort called My Home Resort Hotel 5*.

About the hotel

My Home Resort Hotel 5* is located in Avsallar, near Alanya (22 km). The nearest airport in Antalya is located a hundred kilometers away, so the road to it will take time. The hotel complex is relatively new, since he had started work only in 2008. Its area is 14 thousand sq. m. the Last renovation work of the housing was conducted in 2012.resort my home

Featuring a beautiful and green area, which is good for watching. There are many ponds and recreation areas. The complex consists of a main five-storey building and two five-story buildings.

The Number of rooms

The room Fund of the My Home Resort Hotel 5* consists of 212 apartments, which include:

  1. Standards with area of 25 sq. m., consisting of one room and bathroom. Air-conditioned apartment with a balcony, a double bed, a safe, a Minibar, a TV and satellite channels. In the bathroom there cleaning products.
  2. Family apartments. The area of such rooms 45 sq. m., they consist of a bedroom, bathroom and living area. In an extra bed acts as a sofa.
  3. Accommodation for people with disabilities, their area is 25 sq m.
  4. Suite no balcony, with an area of 35 sq m. the Suite consists of a bedroom and a guest area.
  5. Suite with a balcony.
  6. Apartments with direct access to the pool. The area of such rooms 25 sq m.

All apartments have daily cleaning, change of towels and bed linen. In General, the number of rooms is not very diverse, as expected for an institution with five stars on the sign.


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My Home Resort Hotel 5* offers the concept of «all inclusive”. Main restaurant “my home” works at the buffet. The concept of the power of the included local alcohol and soft drinks. Turkish coffee, ice cream and fresh juices must be paid separately because they are not included in the system.

The hotel has also a Turkish restaurant a La carte. You can visit once for free by pre-registration. The hotel has a wonderful pastry shop, which pleases the delicious Turkish sweets, and six bars.


The Infrastructure of My Home Resort Hotel 5* standard for hotel facilities. The complex features indoor and outdoor pools. For business meetings there is a room for conferences and for special occasions Banquet home resort hotel Turkey 5

On the territory of the hotel there are several shops with all kinds of goods for tourists, few shops with Souvenirs. The service at My Home Resort Hotel 5* are also paid services, these include the ability to use the Laundry and dry cleaning services.

Sport and entertainment

Entertainment at the My Home Resort Hotel 5*, as in any Turkish hotel associated with the ability to play sports and work of the animators. The team offers activities during the day leisure activities. In the children's club and entertainment staff. In the evening the kids disco and adults, shows and night disco.

Campers will have the opportunity to play bocce, Darts, mini-football, basketball, Billiards and tennis, and attending aerobics classes. The hotel has a Jacuzzi, a massage salon, a Hammam, a beauty salon, sauna, fitness centre, hairdresser's.

Beach holidays

The Beach is My Home Resort Hotel 5* is located 130 metres from the hotel, the road to it takes less than five minutes. The coast has a sand finish, it is equipped with umbrellas and chairs. At the beach bar.

A Little about the resort

As we mentioned, the hotel My Home Resort Hotel (Avsallar) 5* is located in Avsallar. Lively resort village away from Antalya 140 km, which is not very convenient for tourists who have to overcome such a distance after the flight. However, local hotels are still popular, because here the Mediterranean coast is covered with beautiful sand, sometimes found a small pebble. In the village built many good hotels, among them many institutions are four-star and five-star level. The main feature of the famous resort is the beautiful nature. The lush vegetation helps to better tolerate the summer home resort hotel Alanya 5

But in Alanya attracts tourists not only beautiful nature, but also an active night life. The hotel also attracts people who want to relax, use the Spa facilities for Wellness. The resort has plenty of places that offer a wide range of Thalasso and Spa treatments.

It is Worth noting that Sochi is the warmest place on the coast of Antalya. This is due to the fact that this Cove protects the beach from winds, there's even time to ripen the sweet little Royal bananas.

The village has many shops and boutiques, so shopping here will find something. But the most colorful place, of course, is the market, it is possible to purchase the Oriental Souvenirs. Flows through Avsallar Alara river, on the banks of which is the beautiful Palace Alaran, dated to the 13th century. Building once served as a shelter for travelers, and now in the background love to do photo rest. The local guides offer tourists rafting on the river, but this is only possible from March to April because in this period the water flow is very powerful.

Reviews about My Home Resort Hotel 5*

Continuing the review of the hotel, you should pay attention to the reviews of tourists who visited it this season. It is the opinion of the tourists gives us the opportunity to find their way in how good or bad a hotel. It is no secret that representatives of travel agencies does not always tell the true state of Affairs by omission of the home resort hotel 5 entertainment

As for My Home Resort Hotel 5* reviews, it is very contradictory and ambiguous, which gives reason to talk about them in more detail.

The Hotel and the village of Avsallar is located at a sufficiently large distance from the airport, so choosing it as a place to stay, be prepared for the fact that the transfer to the destination will take about two hours. My Home Resort Hotel 5* (Alanya) is located in a very picturesque place. The spacious grounds are very beautiful and well maintained. It is evident that the gardeners regularly caring for plants and flowers, everywhere is very clean. In General, the area of thought, all objects located, there are alleys, which is pleasant to walk in the evening. And places for exotic photo for memory you can find here plenty.

The room Fund of the My Home Resort Hotel 5* (Alanya) is not too diverse, there are only a few categories of accommodation. However, according to tourists who have visited the hotel in 2017, the rooms in which they lived, is very good. It is noticeable that housing after a good repair. The apartment beautiful interior, executed in pastel colors. Nice furniture and new plumbing is in good condition, which is very pleasing, as there is an opportunity of a comfortable stay away from domestic problems. Air conditioning in the rooms are working properly.

But what there is a problem in all apartments, so it is with the Internet. The hotel is positioned free Wi-Fi as an integral part of the service offer. But in fact the item is missing. The fact that the quality of wireless Internet is that use it is just not possible. The same situation is observed in the entire complex. Many vacationers are trying to use the Internet in the lobby, but even there it does not work. In General, this situation with Wi-Fi for a modern five star hotel is unacceptable. Because all the tourists want to contact relatives or to get in touch with business, but such a possibility at home resort hotel 5 service

The disadvantages of room stock can be attributed to poor soundproofing between apartments. In the morning you are not gonna sleep because I can hear the cries of the kids running around the hotel.

The rest to the number of complaints from tourists there. The room has a mini bar. It is renewed only drinking water for a given one bottle of 1.5 liters. But if you leave a tip for the maid, you join the reserves have two bottles. In General, drinking water is no problem, since it can take and by the front Desk. The room has a safe but for the use they need to pay three dollars a day.

In the bathrooms there are gel, soap, bathing cap and shampoos. Stocks of detergents staff is updated regularly without reminders. But of bathrobes and Slippers no. Maids cleaned regularly, claims to their work among tourists not. Towels and bedding changed every day. It should be noted that all linen in the hotel new and clean, without stains and scuffs.

Accommodation in ...

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