Olhuveli Beach & SPA Resort 4* (Maldives): rooms description, services, reviews


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Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* is the only hotel in all the island has Olovely. Therefore the hotel is difficult to call. Rather, it is a resort complex that stretches the length of more than 800 meters. Incidentally, he has a pretty decent location, as to malé international airport, now take just 45 minutes by boat. This is the first fact about this complex is noteworthy. But everything else it should tell you in more detail.

olhuveli beach spa resort 4


Its presence clearly indicates the name of the hotel. Local spa – it's a real Paradise for people who most of all appreciate the care. Here are some features worth noting first:

  • In the spa-center Ayurvedic therapies are practiced.
  • A beauty salon where you can do anything, since hardware pedicure and finishing with a haircut.
  • There are medical pavilions, where sessions to strengthen your health.
  • There are treatment rooms for couples and spa services for two.
  • There is a steam room, Jacuzzi, sauna, hydrotherapy pools, tropical showers, outdoor flower baths.
  • Offers the following types of massage: Swedish, Hawaiian (Lomi-Lomi), Balinese, shiatsu, aromatherapy, Thai and hot stones.
  • You Can try the original scrubs based on coffee beans, seaweed and coconut.

And that's not even half of what is available at the Wellness centre at Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4*. However, with a full Spa menu everyone will be able to see individually.


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tour to the Maldives for two price


Not to mention attention. On-site restaurants, Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* five:

1. Sunset Restaurant. The main institution. Open daily for Breakfast and dinner. Primary specialization – both local and international cuisine. Signature dish – juicy king prawns with spices in a wine sauce.

2. Lagoon Restaurant. Is located on the beach, so dress code is not respected. Perfect place for lunch or dinner. The place is open from 12:00 to 22:30. Specialization – Mediterranean cuisine.

3. The Four Spices. The restaurant is on a pier directly over the water. It serves Breakfast (7:30-10:00) and dinner (19:00-21:00), serving a buffet. It is also possible to order a La carte. The restaurant serves Japanese, Indian, Thai and Maldivian cuisine.

4. Island Pizza. This restaurant, “highlight” which is a huge selection of pizza, located near the swimming pool. But he's not specializiruetsya on the Italian dishes. On the contrary, you can taste Mediterranean, Asian, Western and seafood delicacies. Or even order fast food – something like a sandwich or hamburger. In General, the ideal restaurant for a snack. Open from 11:30 to 18:00.

5. The Plankton Grill. Seafood restaurant with an open kitchen. It will be appreciated by lovers of seafood, because it has everything – from sea bass and crabs, ending with lobster and lobster. Open from 19:00 to 22:00.

Well, the food at the Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* at the highest level - this conclusion is only based on descriptions. By the way, in the last restaurant listed operates a formal dress code, is also required prior table reservation.

 olhuveli beach spa resort 4 Maldives


They were at the Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* less than restaurants, but the attention they also deserve. So those are the places:

  • Sunrise Bar. Bar located in a busy location – near the main pool. Offers a huge selection of drinks.
  • Dhoni Bar. This place is located right on the beach. Guests can relax on the comfortable sun loungers and enjoying a cocktail, admire the Indian ocean and colorful sunsets. The bar also serves snacks and a selection of Western and Oriental cuisine. It is open from 12:00 to 22:30.
  • Lagoon Bar. The school with the most inviting atmosphere to relax. Instead of tables – wide comfortable swing on the pier. Bar, by the way, all night and until morning.

I would also like to note that Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* (Maldives) customized can arrange a romantic dinner for two in the privacy under the open sky. For the organization of such events need to contact.

Exclusive services

If you tell about the service at the Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4*, not to mention attention the fact that here regularly organize the wedding. The hotel is staffed by professional coordinators who are able to arrange the newlyweds story, memorable for a lifetime.

There is already a ready-made wedding packages, which includes: - thematic photoshoots, preparing a festive table, cake and champagne, typical Maldivian dress for bride, spa treatments specially for the newlyweds, special room decoration, romantic Breakfast and dinner for two, a holiday party after the ceremony, etc.

If you want something unusual and special, you should Express your wishes. The coordinators will take into account all the details and arrange a ceremony, which the couple will remember the rest of your life.

 olhuveli beach spa resort 4 reviews


The Main attraction at the Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4* is diving. Everyone knows that in the waters that surround the Maldivian archipelago, with thousands of species of amazing creatures. Is this not a good reason to go diving while here on vacation?

I Get to see giant Moray eels, stone fish, octopus, lionfish, reef sharks, turtles and many other amazing inhabitants of the underwater world. The hotel has a professional diving center, so everyone has the opportunity to try to dive with equipment in the Indian ocean, under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Interested in something more active? Then you can enjoy water sports! Canoeing or catamaran sailing, to water skiing, to try air/water surfing or go on a boat tour to the uninhabited islets. In General, here is what to do – vivid experience provided by each.

 olhuveli beach spa resort 4 rooms description

Deluxe apartment

You can Now go to the room Olhuveli Beach &SPA Resort 4*. The most inexpensive option – Deluxe is 50 square meters, can accommodate two adult guests. Located near the beach.

Deluxe is a room with a balcony overlooking an amazing view of the ocean. Installed inside a huge 2-bed, CD/DVD player, plasma TV, internal telephone, safe Deposit box, working and living area, fan and air conditioning, dressing room, mini bar, Wi-Fi, a kettle and even Ironing facilities. Of course, a bathroom with shower and toilet in the room is also available.

What about the cost? Many decide to immediately buy a tour to the Maldives for two – the price in this case, it appears immediately given accommodation, flights, transfers etc. But in this case, it will not be able to figure out how much is just the accommodation. Well, it is worth to fix it. If you book independently, then the Deluxe will cost approximately 10-12 thousand rubles per night (Breakfast included). I want to enjoy all inclusive? Then the daily price will rise to 30 000 RUB.

Villa “Grand beach”

This is a more expensive option. The Villa has a living area of 55 sq m, on the beach, and Deluxe. Of the features – there is a separate living room and high ceilings. In the photo above, incidentally, shows a portion of the property.

It is Designed for accommodation of four adults, although you can check-in any quantity. But the more-the better. Daily cost of stay given all inclusive for four will be about 60-65 thousand rubles.

By the Way, you should clarify one important caveat. Is really profitable to buy the tour to the Maldives for two. The price will be paid, and no additional cost is required to make. But if you plan your trip and to reserve an apartment, you will need to pay a tax of 23.2% (almost ¼ of the amount advanced!) and state fee $ 6 per person per day.

olhuveli beach spa resort 4 service

Other accommodation options

In addition to these apartments, there are still a few categories. Things to know about them, in a nutshell:

  • Villa on the beach - 84 sq. m. Is an apartment overlooking the private beach and lagoon. There is a private veranda with sun loungers and a private courtyard with outdoor bathtub, rain shower and gazebo. Daily price – 40-43 thousand rubles for two with service «all inclusive”.
  • Villa “Deluxe” above the water is 63 sqm and Has a private sun terrace and patio. The cost is the same.
  • Water Villa with Jacuzzi. 81 sq. m. Located over OK...

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