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The Modern pace of life requires a huge effort from any inhabitant of a large city, especially when it comes to such a megapolis as Moscow. That is why places of recreation must meet a number of conditions, such as comfort, sustainability, accessibility, comprehensiveness, combination of price and quality, rest and recuperation.

All of these is the Park «Atlas» hotel (Domodedovo), which is conveniently located for the airport and at the same time is in the area of accessibility for business and private trips.


In Moscow, on Kashirskoye highway, the Park «Atlas» (hotel). Domodedovo, a famous international airport, is 15 kilometres away. So the hotel is convenient for guests of the city. Is more than a hotel and more than the Park. This is a complex for recreation and organization of mass and corporate events. Park Atlas

It is a variant of a country hotel, where the prices are much more attractive and lower than in the capital, and conditions – more comfortable and offer a great variety to choose from.


For a comfortable stay the hotel offers different accommodation options:

  • Standard room. This category of rooms is equipped by all necessary: double bed, wardrobes, bedside table, Desk. The availability of wireless Internet connection allows you to stay abreast of developments. Bathroom equipped with quality fixtures, for the convenience – a set of toiletries.
  • Studio. Rooms ‘Attic" (19 rooms) is located on the upper floors of the houses. They comfortably accommodate two people. Offers a beautiful panoramic view of the hotel Park. Additionally, the rooms feature a sofa, a coffee table, a bathroom fitted with a bidet, a shower cabin, Hairdryer. A total of 50 rooms. The same number of rooms in the categories of studios "TWIN" of the “DBL”.

Atlas Park hotel Domodedovo


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  • Comfort. These rooms are more spacious, additionally there is a soft furniture, a bathroom amenities set includes bathrobes, Slippers. All the hotel Park «Atlas» offers three rooms: “Junior”, “Comfort satin” and “Mirror”. Each of them has its own characteristics and suitable for demanding customers.
  • Suite. Eight superior rooms in this category with an area of 46 square meters, also comes with soft lighting and relaxation. Four two-room suites with balconies and three one bedroom with balcony. One room with original names, such as “Country”, “Duet”, “Greek”, a feature which is a unique themed design and a set of additional services.
  • Cottages. Structure of eco-friendly material – Altai pine, perfectly suitable for family and corporate leisure groups of up to seven people. Each cottage has its own grounds with a barbecue area and a gazebo.

holiday house Atlas Park hotel


Restaurants «East bar” and “Atlas” offer various food concepts. The restaurant «Atlas» you can taste dishes of European and Russian cuisine, wide selection of alcoholic beverages. In the morning and in the afternoon working on the system “buffet". In the evenings the dishes on the a la cart system with advanced order of dishes.

The restaurant «East bar” will satisfy lovers of Oriental dishes. Entourage allows you to discover the cultural traditions of the East – all the variety in one place, and it is also Park-hotel «Atlas». The suburbs and decorated fabulous Palace. There's a cafe on-site “Koliba”. Here on the banks of the river Rozhayka, will comfortably be able to accommodate guests for the celebration of certain solemn events.

Cafe "Venice" in accordance with its naming, will give pleasure to the lovers of Italian cuisine. Up to 150 people can meet on the wedding party and the anniversary.

Enterprise centres

Seven halls of different sizes, ranging from forty to two hundred square meters, the hotel offers Park «Atlas» for conferences, seminars and training practices. The largest hall of “Moscow” accommodates up to 150 people.

All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, daytime and evening lighting. For conferences and trainings they are equipped with modern demonstration equipment. Rooms, equipment that is easy transformirovalsya the needs of the visitors, meet the high demands of customers in terms of technical and functional compliance.


Country property with lots of entertainment and ways of improvement is the suburban house of rest «Atlas». hotel Atlas Park-hotelThe Park hotel has enormous resources for the range of recreation options. This is the hall of bowling, Billiards, paintball, football, basketball, etc.

On the territory of the complex there are steam room, Finnish, Turkish sauna. Each of them offers its own specific services and rehabilitation. This is a Turkish Hammam, and hot tub, and traditional Russian steam room with a broom.

Your equestrian club hotel “Atlas” opens up the opportunity to riding lessons, stall rentals, sleigh rides. And a Falcon yard allows you to organize the hunt, spectacular show and variety of vacation experiences.

Adventure Park gives you the opportunity to hold team games. Coupled with the game of paintball is a good option for active rest and entertainment.

Hotel-Park «Atlas» offers a comprehensive program of recovery:

  • Recovery and weight loss. They include special dietary meals, counseling and nursing specialists, massage, cosmetology, SPA-center.
  • The Program «Green ticket". Offers a diagnosis of the condition of the body, the advice of nutritionists, thalassotherapy, a balanced diet and active vacation.
  • Nordic walking. Allows you to increase the muscle tone at the expense of exploring a specific procedure for fresh air.


Sporting events provide the opportunity to effect not only from the immediate exercise of different sports, but also to show themselves as fans. This helps to enhance team spirit, family relations, strengthening of ties and psychological compatibility.

It takes into account the interests of different categories of guests. To services having a rest the hotel Park «Atlas» offers volleyball and basketball courts, a football field with bleachers for more than three hundred visitors, two courts.


For a good family time is not only important to be together, but for every member of the family was resting in his pleasure.

For younger guests there is a mini club, where professional animators will diversify the rest of the children and make it informative and interesting.

Relax in the fresh air for the kids can be organized on the playgrounds, and special sports “Junior”. Everything is done with concern for the young guests, which corresponds to the full concept of leisure pursued by “Atlas” (the Park hotel). Reviews Visitors confirm that the children appreciated their care and asks in the magical land of “fairy tale” again. The so called Playground for children from two to seven years.

new year of the Atlas Park-hotel

Hotel-Park «Atlas» developed specialized programs for children and adolescents: “Young naturalist”, “Crazy stick”, “dance floor”, “Teatralna Studio» and many other development activities it is not surprising that the kids can choose stay in hotel Park “Atlas” and again want to return here.

Event guests

The Organization of weddings, anniversary celebrations, trade dates, unforgettable New year – “Atlas” (the Park hotel) has everything to make these days are special page in the history.

Atlas Park-hotel reviews

If the decision to hold the celebrations in the hotel is accepted, then customers are in for a pleasant bonuses and gifts, for example:

  • Accommodation in the room category of “Suite”.
  • Compliment to your morning coffee with the dessert.
  • Discounts on certain services.

Reviews about the rest in the hotel

According to the guests who visited the complex in the suburbs, everything here meets the highest standards:

  • Conveniently goes outdoors and the location (29 km from the Moscow ring road).
  • Availability of Wellness programs.
  • Possibility for a complete leisure of different ages (adults and children).
  • Variety of recreational opportunities.
  • High standard of service.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety.
  • Balance of price and quality of accommodation services and recreation.

Park hotel satin suburbsThe Hotel «Atlas Park-Hotel” is a complex the likes of which is hard to find in the suburbs. This is one of the favorite holiday options for residents and visitors alike. It meets human needs in sustainability, culture and quality.

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