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Norwegian fjords – it is the soul of Norway. At least, so say the experts. Perhaps it is, in any case, they are the main attraction of this beautiful country.

the Norwegian fjords

World famous

A Few years ago in one of the most popular magazines – “national Geographic channel, Traveler" - an article was published in which the Norwegian fjords was named the landmark, which is best preserved among all the other natural and cultural monuments included in the UNESCO list. Like the title – a very big honor. A us newspaper called "Chicago tribune" brought the fjords in the list of 21 wonders of the world. And, frankly, many people wish to visit the Norwegian fjords. Tours in this country, most travelers buys it in order to see this attraction. It really is a unique phenomenon – the valleys that have filled with water due to the retreat of the glaciers.

cruise of the Norwegian fjords

List of fjords and their features

The Norwegian fjords many – there are several dozen, and they are all special in their own way. Geirangerfjord, for example, is the most picturesque and, consequently, most visited. Neration is the most narrow of all, the Sognefjord stretches along the whole of Norway, the Lysefjord Preikestolen stands on the mountain, and the Hardangerfjord is famous for its spectacular orchards. This is just a small list of interesting facts about these places. But take, for example, of the Oslo fjord. It is from a geographical point of view - do not believe the fjord. It is a Bay that stretches for 102 miles. But it's not just vast expanses of smooth water surface. About 1000 small Islands can be seen on its surface, and each of them is interesting in its own way. To any can be reached by boat, by the way, most of the tourists do. And the other place, the Lysefjord, is interesting by its complex landscape. Due to this feature, we have managed to build only two small village. And Varanger fjord would be interesting to fans of the rich underwater world and clean air.


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Expression elements

Perhaps the most incredible that only can be seen in these places are the mountains and water. After all, the Norwegian fjords appeared due to the impact of the huge glacier, which in ancient times covered Northern Europe. If I stare at it's magnificence, it is possible to appreciate the incredible power of nature. Also, travelers crossing the Norwegian fjords, a view on merchant ships and fishing boats. To many this is not enough, and so they decide to look at these colossal works of natural art from the height of bird flight. By the way, these places are almost not changed since the time when the boats of the Norwegian Vikings went out Hiking. That the fjords have retained their original beauty, only fuels the interest of scientists and tourists to these attractions.

the Norwegian fjords from St. Petersburg


Few people know that the world's highest waterfalls are located in Norway. Such beauty that you can see here, hardly get to see in any other place. Where a person was – on the banks of the fjord or somewhere in the depths of the Norwegian space - almost always next to you can hear the noise of falling water. This hum will not go unnoticed, and if you approach the sounds, then we can see the water flying at unbelievable heights. This is a fantastic spectacle. The most famous waterfalls are those which carry the following names – the Groom, the Bridal Veil and Seven sisters. These titles fit well on the ear and fast memory, but each of them has its own history. For example, the Seven sisters represent 7 flowing down the mountain slopes of the jets. Waterfall Groom – supposedly a frozen warrior, who was unable to choose from the seven brides one. But the third one just looks like a veil. No less amazing picture of snow-capped mountains which even in summer, shining with its whiteness. And if suddenly in the midst of the bathing season will want to go skiing, it will be quite real. Even on the hottest day this desire was possible.

the Norwegian fjords when to go

The Scale of the Norwegian splendours

The Words fail to convey how these natural monuments is astounding in its beauty and scale. The Hardangerfjord, for example, juts out into the shore to 113 kilometers! Thus it is divided into several small bays. Norford him some inferior – its length is about 106 kilometers. The Lysefjord is not so long – only 42 km, But the depth does not work – it reaches 422 meters! However, if you talk about these indicators, attention should note the Trondheimsfjord. Its deepest point reaches 617метров. Besides, the Bay has several large Islands, and the largest are Tetra (1.5 kilometers) and ITERA (28 km). Sognefjord-one of the oldest. He began to form more than 2.5 million years ago. And its maximum deepening is of the order of 2850 meters!

Journey to fairytale

All this inspires tourists to see the Norwegian fjords. When to go to these places, which season to choose? Of course, the most comfortable time is the summer season. It lasts from may to September – for this time period in Norway welcomes around two million people. At this time there is not cold, the climate is favorable, because you can admire the fjords – pure pleasure, just the same as walking in their spaces. Besides, coming here in the summer, can still be bought. The swimming season opens around July – then the water is heated to about 18 degrees, but tempered people, nothing prevents you to enjoy beach pleasures from late spring. Cruise "Norwegian fjords”, by the way, is just as popular as a trip to the sea. Tourists, inspired by the beauty seen in the pictures, seeking in his journey to capture the attention of all the local attractions. It is most convenient to go to see the Norwegian fjords from St. Petersburg – this is the most popular and purchased tours.

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