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As is known, the Russian viticulture and winemaking, was born in the Crimea. It happened in the late 19th century thanks to the efforts of the famous Russian patron of the lion of Golitsyn. In 1894 the Massandra was founded the first wine cellar.


The Plant Massandra wines - domestic company, which did not affect the historical vicissitudes and even war. The plant now looks like the opening day.

Crimean Massandra is a place with a unique microclimate. It's warm and humid just as far as necessary to the vine. And the wine material need low temperature resistant. To do this, in the rocks laid a huge wine cellar. Galleries knocked out manually. They are now striking size: 150 m long and 5 m in height. The work was undertaken is enormous: in the cellar for more than a century, even in the heat of about +15 C.

the Massandra wine-tasting hall

Massandra today

Modern production delicious Muscat – open for tourists, the world-famous company.

The Most visited part of the Federal state unitary enterprise "Massandra" - the tasting room. Here with a glass of delicious wine guides tell of the difficult history of the plant and the cellar, grape bushes brought from abroad and carefully planted down in the valleys, on the first fault and the samples of laudatory speeches of the Emperor and that less than five years, as the wines of the Crimea has pressed many European manufacturers, including French.

Popular Crimean tour

Tourists from many countries of the world attracts the Crimean urban village Massandra. Excursion to the famous plant leaves no one indifferent. It begins from the yard of the plant. It has two buildings: the old factory and new. Then the tour moves to the Museum of winemaking. In its halls holds a unique exposure. It allows you to trace the history of the plant and the production of wine from deep antiquity to the present time. Much of the exposition is devoted to the construction of the wine cellar."Massandra" tour

In the basement of the factory buildings there are galleries for noble ageing of wine and wine tasting. It consists of four rooms. The first 72 guest decorated in the Greek style. Second for 35 people is called Madeira. The third room is Sherry, and the fourth – VIP (can only take 20 guests). Always happily greets its guests FGUP "Massandra".

The Tasting room, decorated in Greek style, takes to the era of Ancient Greece. On the walls there are frescoes depicting the Greeks, enjoying wine and music.

Maderno hall – deck of a medieval ship, which was carrying barrels of Madeira to the island of Java across the Atlantic. There they ripen on the hot sand under the scorching sun, making the palate appear spicy notes.

Tasting room, "Massandra" in Alupka

The Late 19th century - mid-20th is the period of the wine in Massandra. The tasting room today anyone can visit. There are many photographs of the Crimea and of the vineyards of Massandra, also on the walls you can see clusters of grapes. It is a tribute to the hard work planting the first vines, imported from Europe.

Tour programs

Developed several tourist routes around the plant "Massandra". The small tour lasts 45-50 minutes. Guests get acquainted with the exposition, then move in the average basement. There visiting the shop where wines are aged. The big tour lasts almost an hour. It begins as a Small tour, and ends with a visit to the Royal cellars. Guests show pride Massandra gallery collection wines.

There are guided tours, composed for individual orders, over the obligatory tasting of nine vintages. On trial are offered the best samples of port wines and dry wines to Muscat.

In the production Association "Massandra" the tasting room is open on a regular schedule. VIP tours are available only in the tasting complex and specified in advance.

The Tasting after the tour starts from "Saperavi". This red dry wine served as an aperitif. Then the men treat the "Sherry". After four years of noble aging it leaves on the tongue with notes of roasted nuts and grated almonds. The female half of the guests are served with "Madeira". Because of the taste of vanilla sugar and dried fruits this wine was once used as a perfume.

Alupka, Dvortsovoe highway

Then, guests are treated to the red port "Massandra"certified Pinot-Gris "Massandra" and other signature wines.

The Legendary cellars of count Vorontsov

Tasting the famous Massandra drinks not only in Yalta. For more than 30 years opened a modern tasting room "Massandra" in Alupka. it is located in the former cellars for storing wine, founded by count Vorontsov.

Here is a sample offered samples of ten signature drinks: dry wines, fortified wines (the famous port wines of the Crimea), wine and brandy-type liqueur and dessert wine.

In the tasting room in addition to a guide that tells many interesting facts about the production and the drinks, it is always a taster with lots of experience. He will tell you how to hold a glass and take the first drink, learned to appreciate the taste and aftertaste of wine. The tasting room is located in Alupka, the Palace of highway 26.

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