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The City of Noyabrsk, owes its birth to the oil and gas fields around its territory. This settlement, since the founding of which has not passed fifty years. It occupies a convenient geographical position between the rivers Obi and Pura and is considered the southern gateway district. In the taiga zone with continental climate and is surrounded by numerous forests and lakes, the city is interesting not only as a place of work oil workers, but also as a place for recreation. In this well-developed infrastructure, a train station, airport and hotels.

Noyabrsk: city sights

Having a large number of higher educational institutions, museums and monuments, beautiful natural landscapes and in line with international requirements to the quality of life, the city attracts many investors.

Visitors are always welcome well-appointed hotels. Noyabrsk is famous for the quality of tourist services.

In Noyabrsk there is a children's Park with lots of rides and cinema, close to the Park are the Cathedral mosque and the Church of the Archangel Michael. From the Northern part of the city the road leads to the beautiful lake Noyabrsk

The Hotel «Russia»

One of these hotels with well-proven technology of the visitors is the hotel «Russia» (Noyabrsk, street of the Republic, 12). It is located in the city centre, a ten minute drive from the railway station and half an hour from the airport. Phone: 8 (349) 636-98-88.

All Noyabrsk hotels are ideal for corporate accommodation and for families. In the hotel «Russia» there is a beauty salon. Guests can visit restaurant and relax in the sauna and play Billiards. The hotel has forty-nine comfortable rooms for every taste - from economy to suites. All rooms have TV and wireless Internet. This is the hotel where you like to stay not only ordinary travelers but also star guests of the city. Among them are many well-known artists and entertainers.hotel Russia Noyabrsk


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Hotel Reviews

All visitors to leave good reviews on cabin crew, hotel rooms and quality of service. Many write that it is not the first time staying in this hotel and will gladly come again. Visitors like a welcome which is offered to guests. Perfect preparation of delicious dishes of European cuisine in the restaurant. The rooms are cleaned in the absence of visitors, no one bothers the guests. Bed linen and towels are changed frequently. Very easy to use dosage shampoo and soap. Negative reviews about the hotel there.

Hotel “Alaska”

Another gem of the city is the hotel “Alaska” (Noyabrsk). The rooms in this hotel-restaurant complex is designed in classic style and there are six categories.

Hotel Address: Noyabrsk, Sovetskaya St., 93. Phones: 8 (349) 642-42-22, 8 (349) 642-00-27, 8 (349) 642-11-33, 642-11-34.

The Atmosphere of luxury and tranquility, which is supported at the hotel, adjusts to rest. Finish floors are made in three colours: Burgundy, blue and green. At the hotel great attention is paid to safety. The whole building is under video surveillance. Access to rooms is via electronic keys. In all the rooms fire alarm. The hotel has the best restaurant in town. There is a fitness centre and a swimming pool. Their visit guests included in the price of the room. Noyabrsk will always remain in the memory of tourists, who lived in this hotel.hotel Alaska Noyabrsk

Visitors delighted

Reviews of visitors who stayed at this hotel the customer service is very good. Always polite staff. Calm. The rooms clean and tidy. Cleaning is done during the absence of the visitor in the room. The rooms have modern televisions and wireless Internet. The furniture and decor of the rooms is decorated in the same style. Bed linen in the room is changing not only in the days of replacing but also on demand. You can order Breakfast to the room.

The Hotel «Europe”

Located near the business centre of the hotel «Europe” (Noyabrsk) is the best place for conferences, business meetings and accommodation for guests on business trips.

The Hotel is located at the address: street Soviet, 12. The hotel: 8 (349) 642-41-41, 8 (349) 642-59-40, 8 (349) 642-61-21.

Number of rooms, consisting of fifty-one room for work and leisure. Each room is separated, equipped with modern appliances and wireless Internet. The hotel offers its clients a free transfer service to the railway stations and the airport. There is a possibility to rent a car. For guests staying a long time in the hotel, there are large discounts. The hotel has a restaurant which serves a varied menu for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a guarded Parking.the hotel Europa Noyabrsk

Ideal for business

Customers and visitors, the hotel is convenient to live for a long time and to schedule meetings with foreign business partners, as there is a great international connection is made and visa support for foreign guests. Convenient service of morning awakening by a certain time, and also enables the clock to avail of the Ironing room. Many were pleasantly surprised by the presence in the room mini-bar and tea set.

All praise the high quality service at quite affordable prices. Respond with gratitude and assistance in exploring local attractions, the organization of trips to the lake and in a conservation area.

Hotel “Caesar”

If you are interested in hotels that belong to the economy class, the first place among them is the hotel “Caesar” (Noyabrsk, Shevchenko St., 58). Phones: 8 (349) 636-71-11, 8 (349) 631-55-99, 8 (349) 631-50-80.

This is a small and very cosy hotel, located near the city centre. Set back from main roads it offers to its visitors a homelike atmosphere, peace and quiet. The hotel has twenty-seven cozy and comfortable rooms. Each of them is fully landscaped. There is a bathroom and a shower room. The rooms have TV, refrigerator and telephone. Throughout the hotel wireless Internet. For hotel guests a cafe, a Solarium and a massage room. Located on the premises of a Barber shop. Near the hotel there is a guarded Parking. Inside surveillance.hotel g Noyabrsk

The comfort of Home for a long time

According to the reviews the hotel people, it is a very comfortable place to stay during training sessions and long trips. Prices will suit even the most frugal of visitors. The rooms are clean, there is always hot water. The food at the buffet freshly prepared. If a person is planning a long stay in the room with the shares, then the staff gives not only a towel and bedding, but also a kettle with tea and Cutlery. The rooms are clean. The bed was made. Cleaning is done daily. Negative feedback was not.hotel Caesar Noyabrsk

Having Decided to visit the city, you need to book a hotel room. Noyabrsk in anticipation of the holidays is always ready to please the tourists a share, which essentially lowers the cost of housing. If the trip will take place on weekends or holidays, accommodation is better to book in advance.


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