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Today, more and more demand “burning” tour. Why? What is their advantage over normal rounds? What is “tours” at all? what's hot tours

Before holidays

So you finally decided: this vacation will be spent behind the walls of his home. No matter where you wanted to go — abroad or, for example, the nearest resort. Question one: will there be enough funds for decent employment rest days? And is it possible to save so as not to limit yourself in everything? It turns out that there is such a possibility.

Searching options

Most people prefer the old-fashioned “wild” rest. To some extent, the goal really justify the means. You can save, for example, the housing choose to stay in tents or in the food cooking on the fire of those products that you pre-stocked. But not a lot of difficulties for the modern man? Maybe better to choose confidence, peace of mind and modern good? That is what reasonable people. The easiest way to book in advance the ticket in a travel Agency you trust. You will only have to pay that amount, and on the road, accommodation, food and even entertainment professionals. But what if this amount is too big? tours from Moscow

You can Save on last minute tours. It — one of the best options. What is tours? They are not planned by tour operators in advance and appear depending on the situation on the market. For example, if the season ends and vouchers not sold, then the price will definitely start to fall. Reduces the cost of the tour operator. This happens if customers suddenly abandoned the redeemed tour, or if the Charter is paid, and the vouchers are not sold out. Sometimes the tour operators put up the price, which is below the real cost. This is done only in order to reduce losses. So, what is it tours, we understand. Brewing question: what are the risks of a poor service?


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Fair of concerns

The Fear of beginners, not colliding with previously burning permits, of course. But afraid to buy them not worth it. “Burning” – does not mean “bad quality”. All the conditions that had been proposed earlier, will remain without any changes. Most importantly — apply to serious Agency who already have a good reputation. The only thing you will have to sacrifice, so it's time to collect the documents (although it can do for you agents, but, of course, for an additional amount). It may, however, happen, and so that the charges and the way to the airport you will have only a couple of hours. Minus, you know, that ticket appears suddenly. But you have a real opportunity to make substantial savings. This time we take a closer look.

Cheaper, but not worse

tours in TurkeySavings, as you know, is different. At times it may be considerable - for example, 40% of the total cost from the usual tour. Sometimes the difference can be quite small — 10-20 euros... Also, of course, good. Especially if it is a “burning” tours from Moscow, and you live in another city. Thus, you pay the road to the place of departure.

Great tours can be purchased in the high season (mid summer, “velvet” season, Christmas holidays). To predict when there will be a cheap trip, is almost impossible. Tours in Turkey can appear in the winter, and deals on trips to Thailand — in the spring, in the least popular season. The problem, as you know, that discount vouchers appear almost before the departure, so order them in advance is quite difficult. It may happen that you planned to go to Spain, you are offered Egypt. Tours — always a surprise. However, there is a solution here. In order to get a start in the right direction, you can contact a few agencies in advance. Rest assured: if you see the live tour, they will contact you.Egypt tours


In the meantime, you can walk around the sites of local tour operators and review the proposals for the season. Examine rates, to calculate the amount that will be required to rest. Do not forget that in every country there are tours. For tours, cruises, and various Islands, skiing is virtually no discounts. But it is really to relax on the beach somewhere in Egypt, Thailand, UAE and other countries, popular among Russian tourists. Here's the rest on the last minute is very real. It is important that, when purchasing a tour, you get all the same benefits that have been made to normal trip: transportation, comfortable hotels and service, but much cheaper. A popular option to purchase such vouchers — this is when the thirst for rest appeared suddenly, and soon to travel freely. Then this tour will be, as they say, “cheap, and angry”.last minute

What is normally offered by Russian tour operators?

The Most popular holiday in the countries of eternal summer. It could be Turkey, Egypt, and Cuba, and the Seychelles, the Dominican Republic and the Maldives, and Sri Lanka, Greece and Cyprus. These areas are usually the most popular. This means that in these countries the trips planned by tour operators in the greatest number, and therefore last-minute trips back to buy more real. Demand and cruises allowing you to visit during one trip several countries at once, for only one round (for example, in the Mediterranean sea). Everything is simple, we only need to make the right choice.

Egypt (tours here - not uncommon) will give you a truly memorable experience the famous pyramids and temples, will allow you to plunge into the great Nile. Its magnificence and wealth will conquer the Red sea. You can expect a lot of impressions for a reasonable amount.

Journey to Thailand will allow you to admire the amazing scenery and relax with really lovely beaches, but also will introduce you to Buddhist culture, Thai cuisine and a special kind of massage. Especially attractive winter trip — getting out of the cold winter, you will plunge into a warm summer, like a fairy tale.

Relax in the UAE will appeal to those who like a high level of service. You will come into contact with the ancient culture will be able to visit the best SPA-resorts to improve their health. This is the choice for those who love the country of bright contrasts.

The Offers are always there. Most importantly — to decide and make a choice, which, incidentally, will definitely be in your favor, because now you know what tours.


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