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Italy, like many European countries, despite the rapid pace of development, until recently, could not boast of having an entertainment complex with water attractions. There was a lot of projects on construction of similar pavilions. However, almost all of them were not destined to find expression in real life. Despite the lack of experience and the need for a fairly large financial investment on the territory of Moldova with time, erected the complex under the open sky.

Water Park in Chisinau: address and description

Park in Chisinau

The Founders Mihai ONU and his friend from the British Kingdom decided to start a new project and become the pioneers in this recreation area. So, the construction of the complex began in the spring of 2012. “Aqua magic” – the best choice for a memorable vacation in hot summer. All lovers of water fun and rides will definitely need to get here. Just 10 km from chişinău is this water Park in the village of Ialoveni district Sociteni.

The Entire complex covers a total area of 25 thousand sq. m. Capacity water Park is about 3 thousand people, as the area is optimally zoned vacation where everyone will find their favourite entertainment. Complex «Aqua magic” is ready to accept both individual clients and groups of tourists. Here you will also find entertainment like children.


the Chisinau Park

The Visitors, who arrived in Chisinau water Park, you can spend unforgettable time and get a lot of positive emotions due to the proposed water rides. Them in the complex has 23. Among them, there are slides for every taste: purses, small and large hill, various pipes and more. More gentle slopes intended for visitors who don't need the adrenaline rush the rest of the day. Next to them are extreme slides and the cycles, after which emotions just going wild. A charge of adrenaline sparkling and refreshing vigor after riding the rides provided to all who visit the Park. Gorki is calculated as individual slopes, and in the company of several people.


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In Addition to the extreme and the gentle hills water Park in Chisinau offers visitors 7 different pools, where everyone has the opportunity to swim and how to relax. Water is the optimum temperature, which will be enough to refresh in the summer heat, but to be in it comfortably. The pools for adults are very large, their size is 60x23.

Other activities

Kids water Park in Chisinau, a photo of which you can see in our article, offers an interesting Playground located in the water. Here you can down a hill, catching the spray of the fountain or just splashing around with friends. Fans of beach volleyball can play in the specially designated area. It is convenient to organize the competition between the companies.

Where to eat?

Park in Chisinau the prices

After an active day you can upgrade your strength and satisfy your hunger in the pizza or fast food, for gourmets and food lovers with a taste in a cozy atmosphere the restaurant provides. Behind the bar at the pool you can enjoy refreshing cocktails and drinks. There is a splendid view of the whole area.

Vacation Spots

You Can just soak up the sun, acquiring a bronze tan. Relax offers two spacious terraces, arranged on the sun loungers under the awning and umbrellas. All conditions are created to allow visitors to escape the heat in the cool shade. After an active holiday you want to freshen up and take a shower. This includes locker rooms. Next to them are the showers.

Arriving by car, do not worry for his safety, after all, a water Park in Chisinau provides services to a guarded Parking lot. Playground is designed for 140 cars.


Park in Chisinau photo

The ticket price includes a ride on all slides and attractions, use of deck chair and umbrella to the end of your stay in the Park. The property strongly recommends to not bring food and drinks, especially alcohol. You are allowed to take water, fruit and baby food in a water Park in Chisinau. Rates at a range from 200 lei per person. Visitors will appreciate the discounts offered on tickets after 17.00. At this time the cost is reduced by 50 %.


“Aqua magic” can be reached using the free route which is hourly. Closest city – Bender.

For more information and to pre-booking a group visit to the water Park in Chisinau to call. Contact phone number: 373-7-999-58-85.

Another Park

Park in Chisinau address

In the spring of next year it is planned the construction of a new complex of water attractions closed type, located in the shopping center «Metropolis Mall”. The estimated area of the water Park is about 5 thousand sq. m. As part of a shopping center and entertainment complex will have convenient infrastructure. The water Park will be available sauna, adult and children water slides and various pools. In addition, the zoning of the premises for active rest and more quiet places. According to preliminary data, the water Park in Chisinau will be able to take more than 3 thousand visitors a day.


Now you know what there will be exciting water activities in Chisinau. We hope that the information presented in the article was useful for you.


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