What Russia was in the middle of the nineteenth century? Summary "the notes of a hunter"


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I'll Start my story about the illustrious Master of the Word, borned of the Russian Land, with one remarkable episode. The case, which he himself with a warmth and gratitude more than once recalled. Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev at a small railway station was approached by two young artisans and inquired about whether it was true before them is the author of “Notes of the hunter”. Having heard the affirmative answer, they both bowed to him in the zone, saying it was him – a nod from the Russian people (in the mid - to-late eighteenth century to know brief contents of the “Notes of the hunter" was a sign of good taste). Believe me, dear readers, that it was not an impulsive act young people. It was a profound demonstration of the personal role of the writer in the abolition of serfdom.summary of notes of a hunter

Let's turn to a description of the book. At the beginning note: this master level to write poetry in prose - could only two people: Gogol and Turgenev. Disclosing summaries of “Notes of the hunter" should begin with a poetic and subtle Turgenev's short story “the Polecat and Kalinych”. Its main idea – caste friendship of two people-the landowner and serf, possible, perhaps, only in Russia. Calm, measured logic of the landowner Polecat is harmoniously complemented by the emotion of Kalinich.

The protagonist of Turgenev, fastening together the song “Notes…», – in love with his homeland, enlightened landowner of Orel province. On behalf of the traveler in mother earth and sets out the Committee “moment”. Stories content has many faces: the hunter will overhear the conversations of boys, who brought horses at night (“Bezhin meadow”), tenderly tells of the poignant folk song ("Singers"), to share intimately - enlightened about the person can be called the conscience of the native land, about God's wanderer Kasane with Beautiful Swords.a brief summary of the story of Zapiski okhotnika


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The tale of Antony Pogorelsky

The tale of Antony Pogorelsky "Black hen or Underground inhabitants": a review of the contents, main characters

The Tale called “Black hen or Underground residents” was written by a Russian writer Anton Pogorelsky in 1829. But the work has not lost its relevance today. The tale will be of interest to many students, and for some, can serve as a veri...

Turgenev created so artistic and perfect, and so beautiful, real images of peasants, burghers, commoners, fall in love in them the attentive reader, however, “moment” are truthful and lyrical book about the Russian people of the mid-nineteenth century. Landlordism was then the main form of farming. However, modern Ivan Sergeevich landlords were his temperament and the power of charisma is already far not the Catherine nobles (“Crimson water”). Formulating summaries “the notes of a hunter”, we can say that serfdom in the nineteenth century, exhausted. Was not really of the sweep, domestic landlords to control their slaves was a practice of nagging and punishment.

The Serfs, in turn, powerless. They can be easily hurt, make miserable, they cannot adequately manage themselves and their life. Not surprisingly, the deformed society, which turned people into slaves, serfs were deprived of many social activities. The hopeless life of laborers were often inclined to drunkenness, lies, laziness. Turgenev Zapiski okhotnika contentOften managing the entire household was on the shoulders of women, while the men drank. And when life became unbearable, broke out the blunt and brutal bloody riots. Original title "Knock!” gave the writer one of his works. The idea of a risk of escalation of violence in society is a brief summary of the story. “moment” as would be ideologically summarized later allegorical tale of "Mumu": mighty dumb people blindly obey narrow-minded, petty lady.

Turgenev's cycle of short stories (eventually published in 1852) has played a prominent role in the liberation of the peasantry. Explain that last thought (because we are already familiar with summaries of “Notes of the hunter”). Being a profound lyricist, Ivan Sergeevich, of course, was conscious of his debt to society. Although Turgenev was not a fan of sharp, hard vocabulary, denouncing the petty landlords, tyrants, but still cruelty, narrow-mindedness, the moral bankruptcy of the landlords Zverkova, Shegunova, Inochkina displayed them to the full. He used a more powerful weapon-wrenching, soul taker the truth. The above cycle of stories, as evidenced by the Chronicles, made a deep impression on more than once read his the Russian Emperor Alexander II. As you know, the people with gratitude called the king, the abolition of serfdom, the Liberator.

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