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Alexei Gusan-poet from Russia, whose poems to date are a success. The poet has been recognized by readers for its rhyme, the lines and the sincerity which make his poems.

Alexei Gusan: the biography of the poet

The poet was Born 3 July 1984 in Russia, in the Leningrad region, in a small provincial town near St. Petersburg.

poet Alexei Gusan

After Graduating from high school, the future poet Alexei Gushan entered the State University named after Alexander Pushkin in Saint-Petersburg. After graduating from the faculty of sociology and history, Alex didn't stop there. Enrolling in the Institute for culture and economy, an aspiring poet Alexei Gushan received a second higher education, specializing in tourism and hotel management.

Leading an active lifestyle, he also graduated from courses at the heart of the Patriarch, who specializiruetsya on a spiritual children's and youth development.

Important events

Despite the fact that the poet was born in a Christian family, baptism it took only 2001. Baptized by the poet Alexei Gusana in Saint-Petersburg, Church of the Holy Apostles.

Alex Gushan biography

2008 has changed a lot in the life of the poet.

The changes Started in the work. Also in 2008, Alex Gushan moved to the Moscow region, Malakhovka village. It was after his move he married, and soon the couple had a child and son.

Since 2008, the poet began to change the images in his works. Verses by Alexei Gusana were treated to the philosophical and spiritual topics.

Getting creative

The First step in a career for a poet Alexei Gusana is joining the ranks of the musical-literary club, which is located in the hometown of Alex.

poems of Alexei gusana

From that moment begins an active literary career of the poet.

In 2011, the poet began to enter the ranks of the regular contributors are published on the website ‘Poems.ru».

For 2012, there was a group in the social network "Vkontakte», created by fans of the works of Alexei Gusana.

The following year, Gushan entered the ranks of the literary community “Inspiration”.

In 2014, Alex became a member of the Union of writers.

In 2015, Gushan became a member of the First Congress of writers.

In November 2015, published his first collection of poems by Alexei Gusana, which was called “Land of silence”. It was printed in the city of Kolomna, the publishing house «Silver words”.


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In 2016 and the second collection of the poet, at this time, approved even by the representatives of the Orthodox Church. The collection has been named “enjoy life”.

Awards of Alexei

During his career, Gushan has been repeatedly awarded. Without a doubt, the poet will show his talent more than once.

In 2013, Alex became a laureate of the contest literature “My Orthodox Russia”.

Two years in a row Gushan was the winner, taking part in the festival “the Soul cannot remain silent. These victories are guided by the 2013-14 year.

In 2013 has again become the laureate of the literary festival “a Psalm of silver”.

In the same year Alex became the main winner of the contest "Balaam".

In 2014, Alexei Gusan was awarded to the more serious awards. The first award was the certificate, which the poet received for contribution to the development of the author's work.

In the same year Alex was awarded the medal named after Ivan Bunin. The medal he received for what he has always adhered to the traditions of the Russian classics in his work.

In 2014, Alex received an international prize. Becoming the winner, he showed his talent in the competition of Patriotic poetry “I cannot imagine myself without a country”.

 literary living poet Alexei gusana

In 2015, Alex was not just a winner, and the winner of the festival «Slavic lyre", which was held at the international level.

In the same year, Gushan received another international award, taking part in a competition called "the Soul needs only the birthplace of the sky”.

Also in 2015, the poet Alexei Gusan took part in the competition «North Star”, becoming its laureate.

In the same year, Alex Gushan became a laureate of the Moscow region for their creative achievements in the field of poetry.

In 2016, Alexey won the competition devoted to the work of Twardowski.

In the same year, Gushan received a special jury prize, taking part in the festival dedicated to Igor Tsarev, held at the international level.

A Few words about Alexei Husane

Everyone knew that this poet has really achieved a lot. Today literary poet Alexei Gusana filled with many really good reading the poems. But this is only the beginning. Because so many awards Alex Gushan received only for the last 6 years. Ahead of the poet are still many new developments that will both delight and disappoint.

Alex put a lot of effort in order to reach the international level. And may he not as well known, but his work was truly appreciated and acknowledged in literary circles. The literary activity of Alexey Gusana was an example of how people can succeed because of one talent that he has. The road to acceptance has been difficult for Gusana, but it has achieved what I really wanted in my life. And in fact his merits in the workscan't leave anyone indifferent.

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