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Movies, TV channel “Disney" (list below) love both adults and children. Channel audience is mostly teenagers, so the company removes most of the series, focusing on their tastes. However, the story is not trivial and quite interesting.

TV Series “Disney’

The List opens one of the most known projects - "Hannah Montana”, which tells about a teenager Miley Stewart, who lives a very busy life. The day she most that neither is an ordinary schoolgirl, and in the evening – popular singer.

disney TV series list

About the double life of girl knows only her family and closest friends. Miley is sometimes very difficult to balance on the edge. Because of this, sometimes there is a lot of misunderstandings and confusing situations.


Equally popular TV series, running in the rating level with the “Hannah Montana”.

TV shows disney channel list

The center of attention life of Violetta – of a teenager from a wealthy family. After the death of his mother, Opera diva, on tour father forbade the girl to do music. Violetta in my own house feels like a real prisoner: she has no friends, no loved ones. However, the situation changed after moving to Buenos Aires. Violetta secretly enters the school of music “Studio 21”, and her life makes a sharp turn. New friends, love and rivals are not forced to wait.

“Dog dot com”

Family view you can select the following TV series “Disney’. List of sitcoms headed by a popular story about a dog named Stan.

cartoons TV shows disney list

The Hard life of Tyler James and Avery Jennings. They are half brother and sister and are constantly in a state of cold war. That though as-that to make friends of children, the head of the family brings home a dog. But he has no idea what is in store. Because Stan is not a simple dog, and talking! Besides, he has a hobby: he has his own blog, which will post their notes about people. Avery and Tyler will have to forget about hostility, to keep a secret pet.


LP - a woman or a man, and is it important?

LP - a woman or a man, and is it important?

Those who have ever bothered to become acquainted with the works of the magic of the singer LP, was irrevocably in love with her amazing charisma, emancipation and fascinating game now popular on the ukulele tool. Her real fans have stopped to wonder...

The Song

The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador". Meanings and images

The Song "Gibraltar-Labrador" Vyacheslav Butusov became known to the General public in 1997. She became part of the sound track of the famous film by Alexei Balabanov, "Brother 2". Today it listens to the second generation of fans of Russian rock. In...

Ewan McGregor: filmography, biography actor

Ewan McGregor: filmography, biography actor

Audiences love films with participation of actors of the ordinary. So in the eyes of many was Ewan McGregor. His filmography includes more than sixty works, with diverse and multifaceted. Evan with equal success, delves into the images of rich and po...

“Wizards of Waverly place”

The Series “Disney" (list demonstrates) like to carry the viewer into a magical world.

movies TV shows disney channel list

At first glance, the Russo family is unremarkable: mom, dad and three kids-teenagers. But this is only apparent visibility. Children of the couple Russo is not quite normal, even quite unusual: they are real wizards. Which in addition to regular school hours need to chew more and granite magic science. Justin magic comes easily, he is hard at work. Alex due to mismanagement of the use of magic always gets into trouble, and max – the youngest – just do not want to teach any more.

Darkens the life of the family, only one thing: only one of the children will be able to keep their abilities.

“Liv and Maddie"

Stories about teenagers still relevant. Series channel “Disney’ the list of such stories is regularly replenished.

disney TV series list

They are twins, but completely different. Liv wants to conquer Olympus star and makes his career all the best. Maddie's not interested in fame and success, she wants to tie his future with basketball, which plays perfectly. After filming the movie, Liv gets home, and now the girls have to learn to get along with each other.

Cartoons: TV series “Disney" (list)

Studio “Disney’ famous for its wonderful cartoons, subdued not one heart. In addition to feature films, the company produces TV shows, allowing you to spend time with their favorite characters longer.

“the Guardian lion”

The Series “Disney" (list confirms this) it is hard to imagine without exciting adventures of king Leo and his family. This story takes viewers into the world of the lion Simba and tells about the adventures of his youngest son – cute lion Kiona.

TV shows disney channel list

While older sister Chiara is preparing to become the future Queen and mastering all you need for this, her younger brother surrenders to the blissful nichegonedelanya or mischief. But one day, when opposition to the hyenas at Kiona opens a gift – a mighty roar. A belch means that the cub ready to become a defender of the pride and must collect their own custody. Lviv is the best KION takes a group of his friends, and now the gang have to protect the Kingdom.

“Gravity falls”

12-year-old twins Mabel and Dipper pines had great plans for the summer. However, they do not become a reality – the parents sent the kids to spend the summer with great uncle Sam in a small town in Oregon. Gravity falls was not as terrible as they imagine seeing, and the kids began to slowly settle. However, the first impression was deceptive.

cartoons TV shows disney list

One day, Dipper finds in the forest someone's diary and read it, the children understand that they are in a very strange place. At first it seemed cool and fun, but over time they begin to notice various amazing things. Meet ghosts, zombies or trees with legs they have does not seem something supernatural. However, this is not the main secrets of Gravity falls…

“Lady Bug and Super cat”

What are some interesting TV shows channel “Disney’? The list was completed another wonderful animated story.

movies TV shows disney channel list

Paris in mortal danger: the city flooded the dark butterfly, able to turn any man into a supervillain. To protect residents come heroes who in ordinary life - simple students. However, Marinette and Adrien are not even aware about the real personalities of each other, despite the fact that the girl was in love with Hadrian, and that, like the mysterious formidable lady Bug. Will the guys confront dangerous adversaries and understand their complicated feelings?


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