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The Name of Jackie Chan are not only familiar to lovers of cinema, but also fans of martial arts and music lovers. A multi-talented person has hundreds of fan clubs around the globe, his contribution to the art world is truly priceless. But his personal life to publicize the action star is not committed. But still something is known about it.children of Jackie Chan

Personal life of Jackie Chan

Jackie was born in China in 1954. His family was poor. Dad was a kitchen worker, and my mother cleaned the homes of wealthy people. In early childhood he began to attend classes in Beijing Opera, which gave him a good base to start learning kung fu. In ten years he tried to act in small roles and extras movies and then went to work of a stuntman on the set. And so, gradually, step by step, Jackie made her career flourished. He is now not only a famous actor of fighters and comedies, but and Director, and singer. His filmography includes more than a hundred roles, and discographies — twenty albums and hundreds of songs. In addition, he is also a generous benefactor.

In the early 80s Jackie married Asian actress Lin Feng Jiao. It turned out that their only son and heir was born right after the wedding day. For the sake of the Lin family left her career and became Chan dependable, encouragement and support. She was always shunned media attention and fans of Jackie, tried to be his perfect wife and supported throughout. But that did not stop Jackie to change her. Hearing this, Lin behaved very well, and the wrong actor managed to beg for forgiveness. For a long time for the public remained a mystery, do you have children at Jackie Chan and if so, how many? It turned out that there, a son born in marriage, and an illegitimate daughter.children of Jackie Chan photo


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Jackie Chan Wife and children — the topic, always interested in his fans. As soon as his son Jaycee Chan grew older, he stopped hiding it from paparazzi. Chinese people quite often have two names, three — different dialects of their language and European version. Jaycee Chan — it's a European name, and at birth the boy was named Fang zu Ming.

To Be children of Jackie Chan, photos of which are constantly flashed on the posters and covers, is not easy. It felt it, in my experience both of his offspring. But the boy inherited his father's talent and appetite for music and acting. After studying at the school, Jaycee went to College in the U.S. state of Virginia. However, the process of obtaining knowledge did not arouse his enthusiasm, and the College Chan left. After moving to Los Angeles, he began to study at the courses of acting, vocal, classical guitar, and also attended dance school. Then JC decided to build a career in America, and in Hong Kong and went there. His first recorded solo album helped him achieve fame and success, rather the opposite. The young man turned to criticism. The same thing happened with several film credits.

Despite all the setbacks, Chan Jr. did not despair, and keep trying to emerge from the shadows of his famous father. Some success on this way was shooting the film “Young”, released in 2007. But then something went wrong again, failure followed failure. Did not help even a part to Jackie in the projects. And all this has led to the fact that in 2014 Jaycee jailed on charges of use and possession of drugs. After serving the prescribed time, he came out, apologized to parents and fans and solemnly promised never to touch illegal substances. How true were his words, only time will tell.Jackie Chan wife and kids


Thanks to the birth of a girl named Etta Wu broke out pretty bad scandal, and Jackie Chan got a couple of gray hairs. Daughter gave birth to an aspiring actress and beauty Queen Asia of the early 90s Elaine Woo. Jackie is strongly opposed to giving birth to an illegitimate child, anticipating trouble. But Elaine refused to abortion, and in the fall of 1999 in the seventh month of pregnancy Etta was born.

Chan begged the forgiveness of his wife, simultaneously apologizing to the public. The forgiveness he begged, but to recognize the daughter refused. Ex-girlfriend took the baby and went to live in Shanghai, where coped with the role of a single mother. However, apparently for Etta this family situation was not in vain. From large resentment in 2015, she publicly renounced his father, saying that he was nothing to her, just a man and nothing more. And in the spring of 2017, the girl was taken to the hospital after a failed attempt to commit suicide. Brought together is this difficult situation Chan, daughter or not, remains a mystery.Jackie Chan family children

Family Jackie Chan: children and relationship with them

There is a version that the famous actor, fighter and comedian never wanted children, and to marry is also not eager. But life decided otherwise, and he became a father twice. In both cases, the relationship of Jackie Chan with the children of the poor. Son Jaycee he is not spoiled with attention, with all the time career. He admitted that it would be hard with him. There is no understanding, different goals and values in life. When Jaycee was in prison, Jackie has publicly refused to seek leniency. However, after the son had served his time and repented, the relationship between father and son seems to have gone smoothly. But the illegitimate daughter of Chan not only communicates, but refuses to admit it. The girl grows up, her teenage years and she is very sensitive to such neglect.


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