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"Pompeii" is one of the lesser-known masterpieces of Ivan Aivazovsky. A historic event, the tragedy of the ancient city, has inspired the painter to approach the story with new ideas.


Ivan Aivazovsky, or Hovhannes Aivazian was and remains one of the most famous marine painters of Russia. His seascapes are loved and appreciated throughout the world. Work has been exhibited in popular auctions Sotheby's and Christie's for millions of British pounds sterling.

Born in 1817, Ivan Konstantinovich lived for eighty three years and he died peacefully in his sleep.

Hovhannes was born in a merchant family of Armenian from Galicia. Famous artist later recalled that his father first moved away from their roots, and even tried his last name to pronounce in the Polish style. Ivan was proud of his educated parents, who knew several languages.

Since their birth, lived Aivazovsky in Feodosia. His talent for art was early noticed by the architect Jacob Koch. He began to teach Ivan a painting.

Pompeii picture

The Mayor of Sevastopol, seeing the future gift of the master, also took part in his development as an artist. Young talent, thanks to the efforts of the mayor, sent to study for free in Saint Petersburg. Like many other famous Russian artists Aivazovsky was a native of the Academy of arts. It largely influenced the preferences of the classic marine industry.


Artistic Academy in St. Petersburg helped shape the style of Aivazovsky, thanks to studies at Johann gross, Philippa Tanner, Alexandra Sauerweid.

Drawing “Calm”, Ivan Konstantinovich in 1837 receives a medal of gold and the right to go to Europe.

Pompeii the description of the picture

After that, Aivazovsky returned to the Crimea, home. There he writes seascapes, and also helps army in the battle against the enemy. One of his paintings of that period was bought by the Emperor Nicholas the First.


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On his return to Petersburg he was awarded a title of nobility. In addition, he acquires such renowned friends as Karl Brullov and the composer Mikhail Glinka.


With 1840 begins a pilgrimage Aivazovsky in Italy. On the way to the capital, Ivan and his friend Vasily Sternberg call in Venice. There, they met with another representative of the Russian elite to strut. Artist Aivazovsky, whose paintings have become well known in the Russian Empire, visited many Italian cities, visited Florence, Rome. For a long time remained in Sorrento.

Many months Aivazovsky was visiting his brother, who became a monk on the island of St. Lazarus. There he communicated with the English poet, Lord Byron.

The Work of “Chaos” bought him Pope Gregory the Sixteenth. Critics were kind to Aivazovsky, and the Paris art Academy even gave him a medal of merit.

Ayvazovsky Pompeii

In 1842, the great leaves Italy. After crossing Switzerland and the Rhine, went to Holland, and later in the UK. On the way back, visiting Paris, Spain and Portugal. Four years later, he again in Russia.

Aivazovsky, living in St. Petersburg, became honorary Professor of the Academy as this city and Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Florence and Amsterdam. He continued to paint marine paintings. On account of his more than 6,000 landscapes.

From 1845, he lived in Feodosia, where he founded his school, helped to create the gallery, initiated the construction of the railway. After death left unfinished a painting “the Explosion of the Turkish ship”.

Famous paintings

The Paintings by Aivazovsky was dearly loved by members of all classes of the Russian Empire and later Soviet Union. Almost every modern family home is stored at least one reproduction of Ivan Konstantinovich.

His name has become a sign of the highest quality among the marine painters. The most popular are the following artist's work:

  • “the Ninth wave”.
  • «Pushkin Farewell to the sea”, which he wrote together with Repin.
  • “rainbow”.
  • “a lunar night on the Bosphorus”.
  • Among the masterpieces that he wrote Aivazovsky, - "Pompeii".
  • “View of Constantinople and the Bosphorus”.
  • «Black sea”.

Pompeii picture who wrote

These paintings even appeared on postage stamps. They were copied, embroidered with cross-stitch embroidery.


Interestingly, many people confuse "Pompeii". Picture of who wrote it, I know not everything has nothing to do with the painting Briullov. His work is called “the Last days of Pompeii".

Wrote Karl Pavlovich in 1833. It depicts ancient people, fleeing from an erupting volcano. Have the residents of Pompeii, Bryullov be locked in the city. "Pompeii" of the description of the picture is very different, conveys an entirely different idea.

Landscape Aivazovsky was written in 1889, much later than its predecessor. It is likely that, as a friend Bryullov, the marine painter might be inspired by the same selected theme of the tragedy of the antique period.

History painting

The Most uncharacteristic work by Aivazovsky is considered "Pompeii". The painting was created in 1889. He took the story from history. What happened to the city, is still considered one of the largest natural disasters in the world. Pompeii, the once beautiful ancient settlement, located in the vicinity of Naples, near an active volcano. In 79 the eruption began, which claimed hundreds of lives. Description of a picture of Ayvazovsky helps to convey all of these events.

artist Aivazovsky paintings

If the father has shown in his painting how he could look like the city itself and the people within it, Aivazovsky focused on the sea.

"Pompeii". Picture of who wrote and what I wanted to say

As a marine painter, Ivan Konstantinovich focused on the transmission of the story outside the city. And so history tells us, as the end of the destruction of Pompeii. The picture is painted in very dark red colors, symbolizing all of human life, buried alive under a layer of lava.

The Central figure of the canvas stands the sea, on which float ships. In the distance you can see the city illuminated by the lava. The sky is dark from smoke.

Despite the horror of this event, Aivazovsky gives some hope for a brighter future, showing of the ship, full of escaped people.

Ivan Konstantinovich wanted to convey the despair of those who saw the destruction of Pompeii. The picture is not focused on the faces of dying people. However, on the whole tragedy and horror of the situation is as if a red-hot sea. On the canvas is dominated by red, black and yellow.

description of a picture of Ayvazovsky

The Central plan two large ship, which is fighting with sea waves. In the distance are seen several more hurrying to leave the place of death, which forever froze the inhabitants of the city depicted on the canvas "Pompeii".

If you look closely, up in smoke rings is an erupting volcano, which rained on the ancient temples and rivers of lava. Aivazovsky increased presence effect by adding at the whole picture many black dots settling on the water ash.

See picture

"Pompeii" is a picture painted with oil paint on regular canvas size 128 to 218 cm, kept at Rostov.

It is an integral part of the collection of the Rostov regional Museum of fine arts. There are visitors every day from 10.00 am to 18.00 PM. The Museum is closed only on Tuesdays. Address: Pushkin street, 115.

The Cost of an ordinary ticket without benefits will cost the visitor in 100. Children who do not go to school, you will have to pay 10 rubles. Students can pay the entrance ticket is 25 RUB. Students pay 50 rubles and pensioners was 60 RUB.

The Museum also has other paintings by Aivazovsky, such as “Sea” and “moonlight”. However, the gem of the collection - ‘Pompeii". Description of the painting gives a clear idea of just how terrible nature can be.


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