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It is Very important that the reader see the books reflected his own thoughts. It characterizes the works of Mary Metlitsky. But besides these works to help the public understand their own “I”, her work still, and light and ironic.

Love from childhood

Mary was born and lives in Moscow. The parents of the writer belonged to the intelligentsia and participated in the movement of the sixties. Therefore, a child growing up in a creative atmosphere. The house was always full of books. Instilled a love of literature, the child's grandmother and mother. It should be noted that Mary herself surely have already read four. When the little girl was not enough new books, she hurried to the library.

Maria MetlitskayaSympathy for the word has not passed in vain. The works, written by Maria Metlitskaya, nice to stand out among others. They have simple but expressive and rich language. Respect for the books accompanies the author throughout his life. Even today, a favorite hobby women – to read a good story.

First poems Maria wrote at school. But future profession was far from literature. Word master was studying medicine and for some time worked as a doctor. However, the woman never left work. In 2003 he published his first collection of poems. But the present popularity of the author Maria Metlitskaya received through their stories.

A Second chance at happiness

The First marriage of the women was unsuccessful. For a man with whom she lived under the same roof, I hope it was risky. So talented writer has tried to build happiness with another man. With this choice the writer has lived for 20 years in a civil marriage. The official registration of marriage coincided with the celebration of the release of the first book. Her companion, whom she had already met the silver anniversary, is worthy of respect. He became her solid shoulder, friends who will never betray.


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It Should be noted that the theme of loyalty Maria Metlitskaya very often raises in his writings. About the betrayal and its consequences, says “youth”. The work of a man who left his wife and sick child. He plans to start life with a new page, but fortune is a very capricious lady, and she would not forgive meanness.

books Mary Metlitsky

Launch job

Once readers learn the story of how the author began her career as a writer, you begin to believe in destiny. Only the woman's son grew up and moved away from the family. In fact, the main mission of her life - raising a child, came to an end. Another impetus to write was the personal drama. Maria Metlitskaya some time was ill.

The Woman tried to take a variety of courses and classes, but none of the cases could not satisfy her creative nature. One day she decided to write a story. When the work was finished, read the work of her husband. He praised and encouraged his wife to continue.

He Wrote his first story a woman from the hand, since even I had no idea how to work the computer. Only on 52-m to year of life she has mastered this technique.

Next, the writer was visiting all possible book fairs and offered to drive their work to editors. But once publishers heard that the author writes in story form, refused materials. The other ignored the work of Mary because of lack of experience.

Another step to fame

However, the compositions written by Maria Metlitskaya, saw the light.

The Genre in which the writer writes the story. She has for decades remained true to this brief form of prose. She has always loved to read Anton Chekhov and O. Henry. She likes small stories, at least the fact that they don't need to spend a lot of time. But the deeper the writer dove into the world of literature, more often thought that I should start working on a major novel.

Work in this genre is "And the ball will come back”. The book has been very hard for her, said Maria Metlitskaya. Biography and personal experience of the writer is partially reflected in the image of the character Taani. The story tells about four friends and acquaintances from school. Soon they have a prom. Girls full of hopes and expectations. But the tragedy changes their attitude to life and to each other. However, ahead of heroines still have a lot of UPS and downs.

Now the book took the eponymous series. Directed by Valery Devyatilov, and the main roles are played by the best actress of the country.

Maria Metlitskaya biography


To his work, the author is very critical. From the bibliography it allocates the work “Our little life”. The work is part of a series of “other window”. Indeed, each story describes the simple, ordinary people, the greatness and the tragedy which in their actions. Despite the fact that the story is fiction, the reader, flipping through a book Mary Metlitsky, in every way he sees himself. This story the master least of all claims.

On the Contrary, the public like “the Diary mother-in-law”. The writer herself had not high hopes on that robot. But a simple and ironic story has captured the hearts of the audience. The story tells about the mother who devoted her life to her beloved son. But the boy grew up, and begins an independent life. In fact, the child, the heroine takes not only time, but also another woman. Now the main character needs to get used to the role of mother-in-law. The beloved son becomes a rival and claims to be the main man in his life. This situation is energetic and restless mother copes in their own way.

Anyone who has read this story, seen in the actions of mother-in-law and sister-in-law their actions in such circumstances.

the works of Mary Metlitsky


Positive about the work Metlitsky comments Victoria Tokareva. This writer has long been creating talented books. Often critics argue that the style in which Mary writes, in part similar to the manner of her colleagues.

Each character, no matter positive or negative, she loves equally. The main images are very detailed. This allows the audience to completely immerse in the world of books. Often, her works leave space for mystery. And on the final page the author gives the hero a choice: to stay put or to move toward goodness and light.

Books Mary Metlitsky born from my own experience. The author notes that although almost all situations and fictional characters, most of her works are based on what she saw herself.

author Maria Metlitskaya

Getting more audience this writer. Not only women, but men admire her prose. Today the works are very popular. Now a master of words considering writing a new epic romance.


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