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All wondered - what's the connection? Elizabeth Dominic, Lucy Gino, born the fifth of August in 1941 in Paris into a wealthy family from an ancient aristocratic family. And Gerard, rude, a bully, raised by streets and the police stations. He was not looking for easy ways and even when entering the teacher training school to Cochet chose the most difficult piece, with his pronunciation and stuttering... But maybe it helped him.

Elizabeth Depardieu

It is a sophisticated aristocrat with great dignity, accustomed to the artists and writers of the Parisian Bohemia, and he is expressive, rustic, incredibly charming, bristling with charisma Gerard. Enchanted beauty Elizabeth, he did not even dare to hope that she will look in his direction, and she poured out to him love for 26 years.

She and Gerard

They met in the process of obtaining the acting profession together while studying theater arts at the teacher Jean-Laurent Cochet. There is between Betty and Gerard flashed passion.

The Couple married in 1970, have continued side by side to study and work. The career of Gerard rushed up, the wife became his best friend, Secretary, adviser and Muse, and a homemaker. Elisabeth Depardieu as a wise wife provided her husband with a reliable rear.

Marriage is a good thing..?

In marriage, it often happens - one person loves, the second is not stopping him. No, no, loved it. Gerard was sitting on her love and did not seem able to appreciate the love of his Elizabeth, as she laid at his feet all that she had.

He, in turn, did not miss a single skirt, volochs for all the ladies, gets in his way.

Twenty-six years they were together. She, Elizabeth Depardieu, wrote songs, cried, loved, endured, and Gerard, his antics, drinking and passion for women (but not respect for them at all).

Elisabeth Depardieu movies

Tact and consistency - that's what distinguishes a man of noble origin from ordinary commoners. Elisabeth Depardieu is imbibed with mother's milk, that patience and love - essential virtues.


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Elizabeth Gerard is older than eight years. She bore him a son Guillaume with a tragic fate, starring in 2005's "the Damned kings" and daughter Julie appeared in "the count of Monte Cristo" in 1998. Julie had had an uneasy relationship with his father it is always sharply criticized his way of life.

Elizabeth Depardieu

Barbara and other

God knows what was going on in the soul of Elizabeth. "Barbara and Gerard... What keeps them together? Don't understand...!"

So thought the actress Elisabeth Depardieu, a talented singer and Knight of the Legion of honor, in tears and alone, pulling the blanket cold bed.

He and Barbara sang together in the musical, he wanted to melt into a strange recluse, drowning in her black eyes, with desire to break her delicate white hands, taste the sweetness of her delicate neck.

Who knows where destructive attraction to another woman? Oh, Gerard... "But she is poorly to break up our marriage!" - so sure of herself, Elisabeth Depardieu. And Gerard, often remembering the sharp smell of her perfume, knew that Barbara is five minutes.

While Gerard "SOH" on this girl, Elisabeth Depardieu spoke about her husband as of a devoted and honest man, extolling and admiring it.

But every night she thought that's it-and no longer able to continue in the morning when he crawled in perfume and lipstick, she was represented as send him on his way to their home in Bougival. And the next morning nothing happened.

She didn't divorce then, explaining that he did not want to injure and so bad the students and spending time with unknown companies Guillaume and Julie. Since then, the couple have lived another 10 years.

Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani, and also Carole bouquet - Elizabeth knew about them in the life of her husband. She heard rumors about the affair with Gerard and Whoopi Goldberg, who met on a film set.

Elizabeth Depardieu


In 1990, Elizabeth had found in the pocket of Gerard's letter. Roxane asked for a toy - plush deer. The daughter of a model Karine Silla. Gerard recognized the child.

So not the end of life, but choked sobs and burning tears. In tears Betty didn't see the point in their lives. There was nothing to save - marriage was gone. She was not one to pull. Gerard begged, and swore, but it was not worth a penny.

Elizabeth Depardieu

Since 1992, they have not lived together. Elisabeth Depardieu has filed for divorce, the marriage was annulled on the second of November in 1996.


The Films of Elizabeth Depardieu is a "Tartuffe" in 1984, two films in the eighties - "Manon des sources and Jean de Florette" where she snimals with the brilliant Yves Montand. "Tomboy" in 1995, "This is my body" in 2001. Elisabeth Depardieu is also known as a writer.

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