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Not so easy to find suitable anime top cartoons. And yet we have tried to collect the best of the best, so you can enjoy this amazing genre of animation.


The Most famous anime, which everyone has heard, even far from Asian cartoons of people – it "Naruto".

fit anime

Onset of action of the anime "Naruto" takes place in the village of Kanawha, which means “Village hidden in the leaves". The essence of this cartoon is that a regular guy named Naruto wants to become Hokage (leader of village).

Naruto has had a hard life - he didn't have parents, they killed his own brother. He went to ninja school and his mentor was Sensei Kakashi, who revealed to him the important secret, who is a nine-tailed Fox.

Despite the difficulties in school, Naruto got a blue bandage, and they were glad, because it was the first step to getting Hokage. From Naruto had a lot of dangerous missions, and he managed them with their friends. But all very interesting you can learn by watching this fit the anime "Naruto"!

"attack of the titans"

If you want to watch the anime fit in the fantasy genre, the "Attack on Titan" (or "Attack on titans") – what you need. This post-apocalyptic cartoon, done on the manga, Hajime Isama. In the anime "Attack on Titan" refers to how regular people save their lives in battle against the titans. Scary and dangerous, they are different from the people the fact that higher in several times than a normal person.


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fit anime fantasy

It fit the anime contains 25 fascinating series that will pull you into a different reality. Coming soon the sequel, hurry to watch!

"School of the dead"

Love the zombie end of the world and something terrible? Then you are probably looking for fit the anime about the Apocalypse. "School of the dead" – this is what you need.

fit anime about the Apocalypse

A Normal school with normal children. Day unremarkable did not differ until, while to the gate of the school crept up a strange man. He bit one of the students, and after a while the whole school was already infected with the virus.

Surviving children have to leave school, unable to endure the virus, and to tell your friends about what happened. However, they waited for the worst: the entire city – already the living dead. To find their parents, students take a gun and team up against the zombies.

What are some good anime cartoons?

I Watched these popular and well-known cartoons and want to find more good anime? A list with a brief description below.

fit anime list

  • "the crown of the sinner" – an anime about a Japan after the terrible epidemic virus "Apocalypse" began to actively fight any opposition. However, this does not interfere with the underground groups to organize attacks. One of them is the main hero Shu OMA.
  • "Elven song" – an animated series about Diclonius Lucy, who escapes with the help of its forces from the insulator of special content. The government for many years has studied it, and now, having lost memory, Lucy tries to live like a normal teenage girl. Only now the horns give it away.
  • "death note" – a terrible but very popular anime. In it you'll learn about the magical notebook, typing in the name of your enemy, you will be able to get rid of it forever. In addition, the notebook can fulfill your desire to kill a man the way you want.
  • "the Tale of the fairy tail" – fiction and adventure anime created based on the manga Hiro Mashima. It will show you the world of Guild "fairy Tail", and strong magicians and their tricks.
  • "Class killers" – it fit the anime tells you about a difficult class in a regular school. Most interesting is that the examination of such pupils – to kill a teacher, otherwise he will destroy the world.
  • "Black bullet" – an anime about how humanity killed virus", Gastra". The survivors are on a small plot of land and trying to have a life. Create family, have children. Only the girls born after the war – cursed children infected in the womb. On them lay a special mission.
  • Seven deadly sins – an anime about the mighty knights, who wanted to overthrow the king of Britain. They were caught and executed. However, many rumored that the knights alive. Elizabeth, the third daughter of the king, trying to find them for a special mission.

A Good anime very much, and we have collected only a part, which many connoisseurs distinguish from the set. Every animated series – this is a special story, nothing like the other. You can dive into them right now and enjoy the view.

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