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Indian film actor Aamir Khan born March 14 1965. He was the eldest child in a family of filmmakers Tahir and Zeenat Hussein. At birth was given the name Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan. Father of Aamir producer in bollywood, several other relatives also somehow connected with Indian cinema. The profession has mastered almost all members of the family Khan. The only exception was the brother of the wife of the head of the family, Abul Kalam Azad, who is a prominent Indian scientist and politician. The younger generation also dreams of filming, each sees himself as the worthy successor to the older members of the family.

Aamir Khan

School and tennis

Education Aamir Khan got multi-stage, began to study in a normal school, JB Petit School, and two years later moved to the Lyceum of St. Anne. Before the end of the study transferred to the Scottish school in Bombay, and graduated with honors, despite the fact that the classroom often preferred football and tennis. Racket Aamir Khan wore along with their books. After receiving a high school diploma, he became heavily involved in tennis and to speak at the national Championships.


Then, the future actor entered the economic College Narcy Mongi did and studied there until the completion of the General education program in the amount of twelve classes. After that his education was considered completed, and Aamir left school, having obtained a diploma of higher education.

Aamir Khan filmography

First role

The artistic career he began in 1973 as a child. Young played the character of RATAN in the film "Find each other" who shot his uncle. Then participated in several films directed by Mansoor Khan who was his cousin.


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In 1985, Aamir Khan filmography which included four films, played the character of Madan Sharma in the film Holi, which was directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, senior friend of Aamir. However, friendship is friendship, but from twenty years of the Khan demanded in full, without any concessions. Perhaps it helped him to become a real filmmaker.

The role of the Indian Romeo

The First really significant film in his career, Aamir believes "the Verdict", delivered in 1988, his uncle Nasir Hussain on the classic drama by William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet". Young Aamir played Raja, Indian Romeo, it was his first starring role in a movie. The picture created a furor, and lover boy, performed by the Khan became a national hero.

The Film received eight awards, one of them, in the category "Best male debut", went to Aamir. His partner Juhi Chawla were also awarded the prize "the New face in cinema." After such a successful debut in Indian movies with Aamir Khan began to appear regularly, as the success they were provided with only one engagement of the popular actor. The films came out once a year. Aamir Khan filmography which quickly expanded and filled with new work, thought to act often to the detriment of the artistic dimension of the project.

Aamir Khan movies


In bollywood bright star rose named Aamir Khan. Films with the participation of the audience waited impatiently. The actor was besieged by crowds of fans, he could not safely walk down the street. Fame came unexpectedly, and Khan began to threaten the star fever. However, he managed to avoid this dangerous illness, he remained the same good-natured and attentive to others person and was until his dizzying rise.

The Most popular actor in bollywood the beginning of the nineties was Aamir Khan. Films with his participation brought record box-office takings, and there was not a single failure. After the success of "Sentence", the producers have decided we need to keep the Duo of Khan and Juhi Chawla. It was written a few scripts, and the star couple went to work. On the big screen turn out a total of seven films with Aamir and Juhi, among which was "Passion", "You're mine", "love Love love", "to love". When the movies were filmed with the participation of Juhi Chawla, Aamir Khan tried to play the lover with the greatest accuracy. A partner helped him in this. The young actress has managed to captivate the Aamir and lightly to make him love me. So both were very comfortable to play lovers.

Aamir Khan movies with his participation

Other roles

After a series of films about love Aamir Khan movies which had to diversify, starred in several successful projects without the sentimental rhetoric. It was a new film on a variety of topics. They all had full houses, if the poster was a magical name is Aamir Khan. Indian cinema-goers are spoilt for good melodramatic scenes, for the most part musical, it is difficult something to surprise, but the paintings involving Khan was in a special account.

The Career of Aamir continued its movement in the ascending line, one successful film after another. In the late nineties of the last century was taken a few films that have completed a certain stage in the creative life of the actor. Is "I Want to marry the daughter of a millionaire" (1994), "Different destinies" (1995), "Topper" (1995), "Rebellious destiny" (1998), "Rebellious soul" (1999), "malice" (1999). A few years later the film "I Want to marry the daughter of a millionaire" became a cult and was inscribed in the Golden Fund of bollywood.

Aamir Khan all movies with his participation filmography


In the early 21st century, the Aamir Khan starred in two successful movies: "Laagan: once in India" and "hearts". Both paintings were created in 2001. The project "Laagan" was special for Aamir, he not only played in the movie the main role, but also became his producer. Before that, the Khan, together with his wife Rina Duttas, organized a production company called Aamir Khan Productions. And before he thought about this turn in his career, was too heavy impressions of this thankless work. The father of the actor was a producer in bollywood, and Aamir often caught him anxious and upset.

However, the calculation was correct, "Laagan" directed by friend of Aamir, Ashutosh Gowariker, Director and scriptwriter, has won eight prizes. In addition, the film was nominated for the American top prize "Oscar", but this time passed him by, the victory was awarded to another film. The success of the first film of Aamir Khan as a producer overshadowed his divorce from his wife Rina Duttas. The cause of the breakup, the couple decided to hide. The upset Khan gone for a while from the cinema and he lived alone.
Aamir Returned three years later and immediately made the film "Uprising", which talked about the first Indian war for independence. The second project Khan was the painting "Color of saffron". The next film Khan, called "Blind love". The film starred the famous actress Kajol, who, as well as Aamir, recently returned from a voluntary imprisonment.

Indian movies with Aamir Khan

Nomination for "Oscar"

Actor and producer Khan has long dreamed to try their hand as a Director. And in 2007 he had the opportunity, he made the film under the romantic name of "Taare Zameen par", sitting in the Director's chair. The painting was dedicated to the problems in the educational system of the country. This topic was discussed on the big screen for the first time, the film has sparked public outcry. In the Wake of General social interest the film has received many prizes. And again job Khan was nominated for "Oscar", but, like last time, the award went past.

Next Aamir made the movie "Ghajini", "Three idiots", "the Truth is out there", "Mumbai Diaries". And the last picture was the directorial debut of the second wife of Aamir, Kiran RAO with whom he at that time met. The actor himself played brilliantly student Ranch Canada in the movie "Three idiots". The picture became the highest-grossing in the history of bollywood and remained so for another four years.

the wife of Aamir Khan

Personal life

Currently, Khan lives with his second wife, Director and producer Kiran RAO. In 2011 the couple had a son Azad. First wife, Aamir Khan bore him two children, the son of 22 years named Junaid and 17-year-old daughter Ira. They both work with their father on his film projects.

Aamir Khan: all films with his participation

Filmography of the actor includes more than fifty films. The list contains just some of them:

  • "Mumbai Diaries" was shot in 2010.
  • "Ghajini", 2008.
  • "Stars on earth", filmed in 2007.
  • "Blind love", 2006.
  • "Color of saffron", filmed in 2006.
  • "the Uprising", 2005.
  • "Loving hearts", 2001.
  • "the Fatal feast", created in 2000.
  • The"Rebellious soul", 1999.
  • "the Patriot," filmed in 1999.
  • "Earth", 1998.
  • "Passion", 1997.
  • "Raja Hindustani", 1996.
  • "Duel", filmed in 1995.
  • "the Witness", 1993.
  • "Land of Bansilal", 1992.
  • "the Rivals", filmed in 1992.
  • The"Unwritten law", 1992.
  • "the Heart can not tell...

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