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The Series “Lucky in love”, the actors and roles in the paper, was released in 2012. What is this movie?

In this sense all plausible: facial expressions, gestures, words. It is impossible to be mistaken in the person whose presence excites from the very beginning. Does true love really exist? Yes, of course. But sometimes the connection two lovers are threatened with death. What to do? The answer to this question gives romance “Lucky in love”. The actors, setting the theme for thought, forced to rethink and analyze their own actions.

the actors lucky in love

Main characters

Alice and Kostya met recently. The meeting was the beginning of an amazing fellowship. With each new date they felt an incredible heat, as if they knew each other for years. Not doubting the sincerity and honesty, young people continued to see the characters and habits of each other. But with the tenderness and affection a growing feeling of disaster. Who starred in the movie “Lucky in love”? Actors Anna Gorshkova and Stanislav Bondarenko has created a vivid Duo.

Anna Gorshkova

The Actress has starred in more than thirty projects. For the first time in the lead role, she appeared on screen in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. The audience also remember the film "Two lives". In a familiar role appeared Anna Gorshkova in the film “Lucky in love”. Her acting career has developed due to the demand of such a genre as romance. Other movies with Gorshkova – “ticket to the harem”, “Provincial of passion”, “Passenger”, “Heavy sand”.


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lucky in love actors

Stanislav Bondarenko

The actor played the main role in the series “Lucky in love”. It's pretty well known to fans of domestic melodrama. The films Bondarenko has played a major role, “nothing sexual”, “Runaway”, “My mother is against”, “In the name of love”, “Give my love”. Stanislav Bondarenko added a gallery of romantic images of her role in “Lucky in love”.

The Actors who played other characters in the series is Yuri Shlykov, Andrey Finagin, Elizabeth lotova, Dmitry ratomski, Maria Dobrinskaya, Christina At Vadim Kurilov, Elena Petrova. The film also played Alyona Yakovleva has created a number of interesting images on the stage of the Moscow theatre of satire, but in the movie held only as a soap actress. The role of a spouse of one of her characters sang Yuri Shlykov, often appearing in the role of an officer.

lucky in love actors and roles


In Alice's life and Constantine began to occur non-standard cases. The closer they got, the more often they were accompanied by failures. Then health failed, then the long-awaited project was transferred into the wrong hands. Not going to put up with a difficult situation, Alice decided to open the conversation with the astrologer foretelling the future and assessing the situation.

Space the prognosis was not good. The stars and planets reached a verdict. To remove the trouble, the lovers must part forever. Believing in the existing karma, Alice and Kostya went. Over the years, the heroes realized that, once the desired well-being and financial independence, lost ardent and burning feeling that could serve as a gift for their suffering.

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