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Not so long ago the hearts of audiences around the world captivated the young actor Theo James. Filmography teen idol includes films of different genres. And it is constantly updated with new works.

Early career Theo James

The Young actor was born in the UK, in a large family. After receiving a degree in philosophy, he chose to connect his life with the world of cinema. The next stage was the acting. Even then, a promising artist was considered Theo James. Filmography it started to grow in 2010. Then he performed the first role in the TV series “great girl”. The young actor played Craze, the beloved of the main heroine. Historical drama helped the young man to find the first fans. His acting duet with the star of the show “Doctor Who” Billie Piper praised by many critics and viewers.

Theo James filmography

However, this was only the beginning, which did not want to stop Theo James. Filmography of the actor has been enriched with role in the cult British TV series "Downton Abbey”. James played Turkish diplomat, who stayed with a friend in the house of the main characters. Though his role was small, it meant a lot to the further development of the plot.

Debut on the big screen

The young actor's Career developed rapidly. Soon he played in the film by famous Director woody Allen's "You will meet a tall dark stranger”. Let the role of James, and was small, but he had the opportunity to work with Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Naomi watts and many other famous actors.


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Theo James filmography starring

Had Begun the conquest of the young audience, which quickly fell in love with the actor Theo James. Filmography enriched picture of the “underworld: Awakening”. In the fourth part the English actor was given the role of vampire David.


Sometimes one role can make an actor famous in just a few days until the film is rolled. Not an exception and Theo James. Filmography, starring roles in which he appeared very rarely with a new adaptation of the novel by Veronica Roth “Divergent”.

In the dystopian British actor got the role of Four, mentor newcomers to the faction of Dauntless. Mysterious, gloomy young man attracted the attention not only of the main character Tris, but spectators around the world. The first film was a great success, which provided the adaptation of the two remaining novels in the series.

actor Theo James filmography

One of the secrets of the success of the film was Kate Winslet, who got the role of a negative character. Despite the fact that Tris and Four were fighting with the heroine, Winslet, outside the set of young actors managed to make friends with her older peers.

After starring in the film adaptation of Theo, convincingly played their part, attributed the affair with leading lady Shailene Woodley. However, despite all the rumors between the actors struck up a close friendship.

Theo James filmography which continues to grow, is one of the most popular actors among the youth of today. His success in “Divergent” attracted the attention of filmmakers and viewers. This means that he will long to please its fans with new roles.

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