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Hollywood Star Megan Fox (full name Megan Denise Fox) was born may 16, 1986 in oak ridge, Tennessee, in the family of a prison guard. A little Megan Fox in my childhood was a quiet and obedient child, she grew up to three years relatively quietly, and then her parents began to quarrel more and more often. In the end, followed by a divorce, father left home and her mother remarried. Her new husband was violent and unstable person, besides he was a proponent of the theory of strict life principles. Further education Megan was characterized by unquestioning obedience to the will of his stepfather, which could not but affect her mental state - the girl was having bouts of uncontrollable aggression, which continued at a more Mature age.

Megan Fox filmography

Dance and first steps in cinema

When Megan was five years old, her mother gave her in the dance circle, and later in the children's Studio of theatre art. These sessions helped the future actress to the development of creativity. In thirteen years, Megan has participated in dance competition American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, held in Columbia, South Carolina. Then the young dancer has won several prestigious prizes. And two years later hosted the film debut of Megan Fox filmography which thus got its start. The girl starred in the film "holiday in the Sun" directed by Steve Purcell. She played Brianna, harmful the girl that is everywhere poking his nose, trying to keep the sisters Stewart. The role was a success, and Megan went on to star in light Comedy films, which were released by the Studio, located in Florida. Movies with Megan Fox was low budget, filmed in a short time and did not represent art value.


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Megan Fox childhood

Character actress

The Aspiring actress was proud of his participation in the film "Bad boys 2" - not a very good sequel to the painting "Bad boys" in 1995. Megan played a microscopic role, playing a girl at the club, which was not named, but the fact of participation in the popular movie high lifted the actress in his own eyes. Then the Fox first met with the Director of Bad boys Michael Bay, which later in the film "transformers" in 2007 will turn into a solid series of conflicts. Because the Director made the actress to gain weight and to work on your tan, she called him "the real Hitler", because I didn't want to turn into a "tanned fat girl". List of movies with Megan Fox could have been much longer if not for its complexity.


After a while Megan alone with her mother moved to Los Angeles and began acting in Hollywood films. All the roles the young actress has been episodic. In the film "I love you" directed by Shelley Jensen she played Shannon in "Two and a half men" actress appeared in the role of a sexy Bertha in the movie "the Help" - Cassandra Ridgway. All the roles were disappointingly small, very burdened ambitious Megan Fox filmography which left much to be desired. The following film titled "Star scene" directed by Sarah Sageman actress has played a more prominent role, her character was Carla Santini, one of the heroines of the novel writer Diane Sheldon. Then followed a serial film "Queen of the screen" directed by Gil of Jangara in which Megan played a prominent role in Sidney Stanowski.

movies with Megan Fox


And finally, in 2007, at the Studio "paramount pictures" was launched the project "transformers" fiction superboevika in which actress got the role of Mikaela Baines, beauty-classmate of the protagonist Sam Witwicky. The film was already familiar to her, Michael Bay, and produced the staging of Steven Spielberg. The picture with the budget in 150 million dollars it has become a masterpiece of Hollywood blockbusters. Outrageous special effects, stunning scenery, and technical excellence represented in the film flying spacecraft and ground-based miracle mechanisms have done their job, and the film became a sensation, showing a record box-office takings. Actress Megan Fox filmography which added to a fantastic superboevika, suddenly gained unprecedented popularity.

"transformers 2"

Two years Later was filmed another movie of transformers called "transformers: revenge of the fallen". In the picture was a little less explosive and frightening special effects, but the adventures of the main characters broke out with renewed vigor. Actress Fox continued to play Mikaela Banes, the girlfriend of the superhero Sam Witwicky. In the movie "transformers 3: the other side of the moon" Megan Fox is not involved, she finally quarreled with Director Michael Bay and was fired by order of the project's producer Steven Spielberg, who has long watched with interest the behaviour of a wayward actress, believing that a beautiful woman has a right to some extravagant antics. But when Megan started to go beyond the limits of decency, followed by sanctions.

movies with Megan Fox horror

Maxim Magazine and the actress

The Role of Mikaela Baines however has brought the actress Megan Fox world popularity, she was awarded the prize for cinematography in the category "Choice of teenagers", which the young actress unconditional recognition of her talent. And in 2008, just a year after the triumphal March of "Transformers" on movie screens around the world, the actress was considered the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim magazine and traces the image of Mikaela Baines. The critics did not stop even constant newbiest heroine of "Transformers" and torn clothes, was dressed Michaela. As it turned out, the high signs of a woman's sexuality does not lie in its shiny and glamorous appearance, it's much easier and more natural - a woman just needs to be a woman. She calmly took his new title, stating that the recognition of sexuality is meaningless and contrived reception for journalists from the tabloids and can't be taken seriously.


In 2009, Megan Fox filmography which become more diverse, starred in the horror film "Jennifer's Body", performing the lead role. Her character, Jennifer Check, is the victim of a ritual murder, but due to an error of a physiological nature does not die, but becomes a monster that kills others with poisonous bites. The script of the film written in the genre of black Comedy, based on the work of brook busey-hunt (Diablo Cody). Movies with Megan Fox, horror and nightmares, fantasy and witchcraft, was liked by the moviegoers and added to the popularity of the young actress.

a list of movies with Megan Fox

Personal life

The Personal life of the actress Megan Fox is no different variety, her companion was and is still Brian Austin green, star of the television series "Beverly hills," in which the actor starred from 1990 to 2000 in the role of David silver. The young people met on the set of another television show. As she says of Megan, Brian's favorite of all the men with whom she had relationships. There were not so many, but not enough. Brian is even a character in one of the eight tattoos on the body of the actress. His name is in the lower part of the belly Megan Fox, quite low.

The couple has always had a character of instability, mainly due to the violent nature of Megan, which is not always possible to control their behavior. In 2007, the Alliance of Fox and green were enjoying a period of relative calm in the ocean of passions actress, celebrity couple even announced then about the engagement. However, the marriage did not take place, the young people broke up. The marriage was registered only in June 2010.


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