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What is the work of writer-storyteller Evgeny Schwarz? As you know, he wrote several philosophical tales in his life, including, for example, “Ordinary miracle”. Just as Schwartz had produced over 2,000,000 books, if you count the total circulation. The tale, written in the form of plays, at first, were not published and were severely criticized. But in the end saw the light and is still widely popular among different age categories. And their motives are filmed movies and cartoons.

Schwartz, “way.”

One of these much-loved masterpieces, and is the creation. It was written by the author in 1940. Brief contents «Tales of a lost time” can fit a few pages writing paper. Let's read together.

Short contents of "Tales.”

The Main character Peter Zubov, student of the 3rd class is not too fond of school anyway, it's a tedious job – to learn. He always puts it in a box, not doing homework, promises to adjust their knowledge to the proper level. But laziness overpowers promises and wins.

summary of the tale of lost time

And then one day he suddenly turns into a an old grandfather, so that even his own mother doesn't recognize the kid. He doesn't know what to do next, and runs away into the forest, which is located nearby. The boy in the way grandfather feels despair, he is overcome gloomy thoughts that, well, he's old, and so anything and do not have time in my life. And not even noticed how he had aged.


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While in this mood, Peter gets into a small forest house where there is none. There he lies down to sleep. Waking up, the boy's grandfather sees that returned home: two boys and two girls. They sit down at the table and begin in the accounts to calculate something. The my love, these children seem very suspicious and unusual, since they refer to each other by first name and behave like older people.

Zubov open a terrible secret: it is not students – boys and girls, and the real wizards, very, very angry. They have done so, Peter became old. In General, night visitors to the house do what steal minutes and hours in children. Those who tend to waste time in vain (as most people)! Peter discovers that, besides him, the wizards minions artificially aged three guys-students.the tale of lost time summaries

There is a solution!

We Continue to briefly describe the contents of «Tales of a lost time”. Not all were so sad. It turns out that the boy has a chance to return to childhood. You need to find all the others affected by evil spells and magic come together in a magical forest Lodge where to turn the hands on clocks 77 revs ago. But to do this procedure, it is imperative at midnight, otherwise everything will be forever.

Petya Zubov at the cost of many efforts manage to accomplish it right. He finds children, old people, transformed by the wizards and leads them to the forest hut. And the amazing thing is that almost the first time all of them obtained without delay. Children become children again, magicians are old men disappeared, and justice has been done. Here is a quick summary of «Tales of a lost time”. The plot, written with humor and interesting language.Schwartz the tale of time lost

Summing up

Here we have “the Tale of a lost time”. Short content we have already discussed. But what is morality? And it is, as in any story. Main – it is a necessity to appreciate time, not wasting it on trifles. After all it is – something without which can not do any one thing in the world that is for everyone, only some people seem to have just more than. And in fact, time is our priceless treasure that needs to be used sparingly.

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