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Bulatov Erik Vladimirovich, paintings of which are known around the world – the modern Russian artist, whose name is increasingly associated with Sots-art.

Recognizable, popular, in-demand

The Works were exhibited in Paris, the Louvre, London and Monte Carlo. What has caused such popularity and demand?Erik Bulatov paintingsFirst of all, note that the paintings of the author is saturated with symbolism, filed in encrypted form, and therefore recognizable around the world and enjoyed great success at the leading auction of contemporary art. So, the picture “Soviet space" was implemented for 1.74 million dollars, and two works on the theme of the Soviet era – a million dollars each. Today Bulatov is one of the most expensive artists of our time.

Artistic style Bulatov

Eric Bulatov, whose paintings are especially popular outside of Russia, – a native of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). His father, Vladimir Borisovich, was killed at the front, his mother - a Polish family who emigrated illegally to Russia at the age of 15. Behind Bulatova Art Institute, where he graduated in 1958. This creative method of the artist is recognizable and characteristic: his works combine poster text snatched from the context of Soviet reality, and figurative component, often borrowed from mass media. As a result, the artist manages highly affordable illustrate overflowing with symbols of Soviet propaganda the absurdity of reality, on the verge of fracture, tossing from side to side and running across the stubs of long-lived and meaningless slogans.


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Paintings Erik Bulatov

Many of the artists contain the allusion to the landscape with paths-the roads, stretching into infinity, into the distance. However, in his paintings roads lead to a dead end, blockerase wall from the red carpet (cloth “Horizon”), a huge stand of Lenin (“Krasikova Street”), the Kremlin (called"Live-see”). Visual metaphors understandable to the viewer, Erik Bulatov seeks to further strengthen the symbolism of colour (socio-red closes the passage in the space-spiritually blue) and text inclusions ("Slava”, “Entrance”). A face of desperation and utmost despair, Erik Bulatov, paintings which at an early stage of his work was not in demand, depicted in the work of “the Program “Time”, like reproducing photos from the magazine “Light”: an elderly woman watches TV news, listens to I. Kirillov. The natural tendency of the old lonely man to communicate, even a fictitious domestic common everyday situation of ideological intoxication of the person of the Soviet era.picture of Eric Bulatov

In the main picture Bulatova – the word written in block letters, and space. Picatoste, largeness of font, style news – the desire of the author to Express a word which a person thinks, savoring it, living understanding of the presence thereof in his life, but not yet in full awareness of the role that it plays. This is expressed by the protest and the desire for freedom.

The"Soviet" works of the artist

The Artist Erik Bulatov, whose paintings are documentary evidence of the Soviet period, sunk into Oblivion, popular outside of Russia, his works are present in all foreign exhibitions of Russian art. Eric Bulatov, artist painting a photoIt is Worth noting that the works Bulatov do not contain ernichanya, parodies, and represent a cold detached statement, without a hint of any condescension. And it is not in the person of the artist and his subjective opinion, and the intention to show a public position on events of a bygone era, forcing the viewer to look at the past through different eyes, though.

Russian foreign artist

Erik Bulatov-artist, whose biography is more concerned with working abroad where he went after the fall of the government of the Country of Soviets, and this act can not be called a flight: Eric took advantage of an opportunity to earn your own skill. Besides, in Russia his works were not in demand, so one always had to earn some money by illustrating books for children (Charles Perrault “Cinderella”, publishing house “Baby” 1973). The author considers Russian artist in education and training and European - on the territorial location.

Bulatov – Illustrator of children's books

In the children's publisher, Erik Bulatov, paintings which in most part devoted to the Soviet period, came under the patronage of the artist Ilya Kabakov. With partner Oleg Vasiliev (friend and colleague Bulatov) he tried to portray fairy tale characters exactly as they can draw the children's imagination, while trying not to lose sensitivity to the tale, and to perceive it through the eyes of a child.

Currently, Erik Bulatov lives with his family in France, in Paris, which, however, does not prevent him to consider his native and beloved city of Moscow, where, in fact, he began his exhibition activity. The first exhibition of his work took place in 1957. Since 1992, he works mainly in Paris. Although Russia is the founder of the Sots art movement attends quite often. So lets more discuss about what he wants to tell the world Eric Bulatov is an artist.

Paintings, photos, people

Creativity Bulatov can be divided into Soviet and post-Soviet periods. For works of the Soviet period is characterized by the desire to go beyond the social space, the boundaries of which are unclear, and it is not clear how to overcome them. The post-Soviet period-a time when these boundaries are overcome, and problems varying in nature, become other, more existential.Bulatov Erik Vladimirovich picture

In Addition to the Sots-art subjects in the works of Erik Bulatov traced the theory of the interaction space and paintings. Visual thinking about the dialogue between audience and art displayed in the painting “the Louvre. Mona Lisa”. Hypothetical visitors to the Louvre, reminding the crowd of the old Soviet Newspapers, a purple mass invade the halls of the Museum, obscuring the space – visible only mysterious, somewhat sarcastic smile of the Mona Lisa. Rhetorical question: is it possible to perceive the art in the aggressive as red, noisy chaos?

Another work on the theme of perception of art works – “the Picture and the audience" of reproducing famous works of Alexander Ivanov “the appearance of Christ to the people”. The painting on the wall and the audience, led by tour guide magically turn into a solid composition, a kind of installation.the artist Erik Bulatov paintings

“My tram goes”, “How are clouds”, “Black night, white snow”, “What it" - as you can see, Erik Bulatov, paintings which are extraordinary and not like anybody else's, in his works he uses different sets of phrases. Some words seemed to run through the picture: “Freedom” - blue sky, “Train” - on rails, “My tram goes” - after late man... it's Amazing how the arrangement of the letters and their inclination is able to convey motion! And this too is workmanship.

The Role of works Bulatov in art

The Paintings of Erik Bulatov – Creator of images that have become universal visual models for Russian art – are staged. In his works, the artist raises issues of relevance to new art: the ratio of the image and the word in visual space, the definition of the viewing position, the interaction of innovation and tradition. Erik Bulatov artist biographiesHim – one of the few in Russia – can be safely called reformers of the world art in the second half of the 20th century. After many years of Erik Bulatov paintings do not lose their relevance, their content that caused the ban to be shown in Soviet times, today are also treated with severity.


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