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The Eldest son in the family of Paul Yegorycha and Eugenia Yakovlevna Chekhov, Alexander Chekhov was born in the mid-nineteenth century, August 22, 1855. Works signed with the pseudonym A. Gray.Alexander Chekhov

His prototype was Misael poloznev in the story of Anton Chekhov “My life”. As Alexander, Mishael, challenge their behavior to that circle in which he lives. If unbiased look at the life of Alexander, even to the end of the nineteenth century, you see all sorts of Russian reality, it seems unusual.

Chekhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich biography

Having Studied at the Taganrog gymnasium and received the silver medal, he entered the Moscow University, the faculty of physics and mathematics, writes stories and is printed in popular magazines. By the way, the brother is obliged future great writer Anton Chekhov to his literary activities. Alexander Anton parked in a journal, and he returned to Taganrog, where she escaped from his father, fleeing from creditors.

In his hometown of Chekhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich is in the customs, thereby causing confusion among family members. He dreams of a family, clean, good attitude, loves children and at the same time, twice married to women that didn't fit his dreams.

His First wife was Anna Sokolnikov, who was his senior by eight years and had three children and a ban from the Church (as was divorce) in the secondary marriage. But she was not embarrassed, the woman had free views on life.

Second wife was Natalia Ipatiev, who served as his governess with his sick mother and sister from starving children, poorly married to the artist of the last century.

All this had to take care of Alexander Chekhov.


Parents were believers, and strict morals. They openly showed their love, especially my father. Alexander Roth, a difficult child, wilful and capricious. Behind him, Nicholas was born - a painful scrofulous child. Sensing that she is pregnant again, Eugene Y. Alexander gives her younger sister for an indefinite time in education, and she in the first half of 1859 is sent on a pilgrimage to the monasteries.Chekhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich


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Anton, after so many prayers mother was a reward for parents, and Alexander Chekhov was outside. Although Theodosia Y. (younger sister of the mother) lived next door, the boy still felt detached from loved ones.


Chekhov's story is about older vacation at grandma and grandpa describes in detail his childhood and Anton. How they had to indulge in the usual pastime of children. Their peers had a rest after school, went to each other's homes, played in the yard, and the brothers were forced to “stuck” in his father's shop, selling goods. Pavel Egorovich believed that it was their disciplinary and teach life, but the boys hated the shop. Chekhov in the story "Three years” describes in detail his childhood and the feelings which he experienced.Chekhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich biography

Chekhov, Aleksandr Pavlovich during his short life in which adventure is not to get involved. He was a vegetarian, took pictures, biked, studied foreign languages, was fond of birds. Forty birds lived in his room, freely circling it, then he also bred the elite hens, he made the clock of moss, boiled linoleum from Newspapers, milk was added gases…

Participated in social activities, built a hospital for alcoholics (himself an alcoholic) and shelters for the mentally ill.

Conclusion, the end of life

381 printed a letter of the elder brother to Anton. Alexander soon realized that literature is not his strong suit, but in letters to his brother he is free, he writes about whatever he thinks, making it aptly and skillfully. Letters, in turn, are of historical value to all people, not indifferent to the great writer A. P. Chekhov and his family.

The Death of Anton was for Alexander the great shock. Alexander Chekhov's stories about his childhood dedicates brother. Sam Alexander dies nine years after Anton. He died in 1913.

At the time, he was popular among his compatriots not only for artwork but also for work on alcoholism, treatment of the mentally ill in St. Petersburg and in many other works.Alexander Chekhov stories

His son from his second marriage, Michael Chekhov, became a famous Hollywood actor who made of Stanislavsky's system in America. Michael idolized his father, his erudition, knowledge not only in literature but also in medicine, chemistry and even philosophy.

Alexander Chekhov many trials suffered in life, it seemed, he should bend from the failures and tribulations, but he was a big man living, extravagant, with a loud voice adored by children and animals.

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