"The last Testament of the Nobel": a pseudoscientific detective story or an intriguing political Thriller?


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“Last will and Testament of Nobel” is a fine and hard film detective with elements of Thriller, the rate at which is done solely on the atmospheric pressure.the last Testament of the Nobel This fact can not but rejoice, because the Director didn't go the easy way, punctuated with a picture of the many blatant demonstrations spectacular and entertaining bloody murders. However, “Last will and Testament of Nobel” (2012) contains elements of classic suspense. The alarming concern, exciting waiting do not leave the audience during the entire duration of the film. For that first of all honor and praise Director Peter flint, who did not disgrace the dignity of Swedish and Danish cinema, which after the release of the movie “Girl with the dragon tattoo” became an instant global brand. However, with the above masterpiece, unfortunately, the film P. flint does not match, so it is very smooth, correct. The lack of a strong awe-inspiring moments that could be a much needed shake-up for the viewer, does not have a wide audience to participate in what is happening on the screen. The plot just watching. But even so, for the sake of justice it is worth noting that with each new episode emotional outbursts are becoming more and more that organic interaction with intense action can not but rejoice.

Game developmentthe last Testament of the Nobel and reviews

The film “Last will and Testament of Nobel” after a particularly long tie takes place quite famously, a different and can not be. Think about it: how can it be measured “journalistic detective” with traditional access to the highest echelons of power? In this case, the authors managed to preserve the main intrigue till the final climax. The middle ribbon is served as a dynamic worthy of investigation, but not even in it very essence. According to the author of this article, the main plot of the film is contained in the intriguing personality of the main antagonist. The story progresses candidates for this role will abound, but all of them with every turn of the storyline will be screened, because of his violent death, that is murder. The viewer expects a fairly wide circle of suspects, so everyone looking even involuntarily included in their own investigation to independently get to the truth. And all the action begins with the celebration on the occasion of awarding the Nobel prize itself, which has a reporter Anika Bengston. A woman witnesses the murder of an influential official. Like a real journalist, despite the ban of the police, the main character begins a private investigation, which gradually leads her to a sensational solution. A pseudoscientific detective, and then quickly switching it on Thriller, action – that is “Last will and Testament of Nobel”. Reviews, by the way, the film is very controversial and more positive, the third part – neutral, although there are a bit negative.


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Musical highlightlast will and Testament of Alfred Nobel 2012

The Only thing that was noted by all critics unanimously – music by A. Norden. The music in the film “Last will and Testament of Nobel” a rather tough and tense, but a certain element of mystery, mystery in the sound, an unexpected present of the Overture gave a fresh feel. In any case, the musical accompaniment of a traditional detective Thriller will not name. All experiments of the composer is combined with the ongoing action. Already in order to assess the efforts of Norden, you can recommend this movie for viewing.

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