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In addition to socially oriented poetry in the soul of N. A. Nekrasov has always been feelings of personal order. He loved and was loved. This was reflected in the group of poems, which are called “panaeva cycle”. An example would be the poem “I love the irony of your…”. The analysis will be given below, but for now briefly look at his lyrical heroine.

Avdotya panaeva

Pretty smart woman's parents hastily married because the girl is eager for emancipation. She imitated George sand, sought to wear men's clothing and – Oh, the horror! – painted on a mustache! Married gave journalist Ivan panayev, who was not faithful to and does not restrict the freedom of his wife.I love the irony of your analysis everything was going brilliant literary society, and every one was in love with the beautiful and clever Avdotya Yakovlevna. But she answered, not once, just for the crazy, crazy feeling of Nikolai, who, not knowing how to swim, burnt her eyes in Fontanka. Thus began the great feeling that lasted about twenty years. But the world ends all. And when the feelings began to cool down, Nikolai wrote: “I love the irony of your…”. Analysis of the poem will be carried out according to plan.


Presumably it was written within five years after the start of close relations in 1850, and published in “contemporary” in 1855. What could be the cooling of such violent feelings? Indeed, A. I. panayev wrote poems about them. Try to reflect on the lines of Nikolai “I love the irony of your…”, the analysis of which is included in our task.

The Genre of poetry

This intimate poems of a great civic poet. I love the irony of your analysis of the poem the Piece talks about feelings which originated in past tense, about their condition and the inevitable outcome and the expected gap in real time. Apparently, their relationship became familiar and monotonous and does not provide ample food for inspiration, as the civil poetry. Because the relationship began to appear from the side Avdotya Yakovlevna irony, which only exacerbates the coldness from Nekrasov. So there was a poem “I love the irony of your…”, the analysis of which we start. But the poet must pay tribute, he directly and sensitively told his beloved that her behavior irritated him, hiding nothing.


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The Topic was the emergence of love, its dying a gradual and complete cooling.

The Main idea – love tenderly to cherish, since this feeling is rare and is not given to everyone.


N.. Nekrasov was divided into three stanzas “I love the irony of your…”. Analysis of the poem, we naturally start with the first.

The Lyrical hero speaks directly and simply to the nearest woman and asked to stop talking with him to sneer. Apparently, the sharp-tongued Avdotya Yakovlevna couldn't help it when she was something not like it when she has a saw as disrespectful or inconsiderate attitude. In the opinion of the lyrical hero, the irony should belong only to those who survived their desire or have never met them. And in both of them, so dearly loved, still the flames of love, and they warm the soul. They used to indulge in irony: it is necessary to cherish what they have today.

In the second stanza of the poem “I love the irony of your…” Nekrasov (analysis we) shows the behavior of his beloved woman. She still wants to continue Dating their “softly and shyly”.I love the irony of your analysis Nekrasov She is very feminine, still devoted to him heart and can't live without these meetings. And he? He is full of passion. Lyrical hero still hot and passionate, it is rebellious seething “jealous dreams”. He therefore requested not to sneer and not to speed up the interchange. Still it inevitably will come to them, but may last longer a beautiful relationship.

The Third stanza is quite sad. The poet does not hide neither from himself nor from his beloved that their parting will come soon. Their passions are stronger. They are full of the latest desire for love, but “in the heart of a secret cold and longing". Lyrical character bitterly observes this fact. But it will not hide. Therefore it is not necessary irony to destroy the former beautiful and painful, tender passion.

The Irony, which originally contains in itself a mockery, insults lyrical hero, so he says: “I love the irony of your…”. Analysis of the poem reveals the hidden context of the statements Avdotya Yakovlevna direct and sincere words lyrical. He calls his lady love not to show it on occasion and for no reason the negative position, and to Express his sympathy and understanding.

Analysis of the verse “I love the irony of your…”

A Poem written in iambic pentameter, but skips the accents (pirigyi) very much. They passed the reader the excitement of the poet. For example, pirrie starts the first line in the first stanza, they also it ends, it is emphasized with an exclamation mark.

Each stanza consists of five lines rhyming in each stanza is different. The poet uses the ring (the first stanza), cross - (second stanza), mixed (third). The inner turmoil of the lyric hero appears this way in full.

The Poem is built on contrasts. It is opposed to cold and hot, boiling and freezing. Metaphorically love is compared to the rushing flow of the river, ‘but colder surging wave…”.analysis of the verse I don't like your irony After these final lines is a meaningful ellipsis. The river rages, but still freeze, and the cold will hinder them both “very much loved”. Continue boiling tenderness and passion relations metaphorically contrasted with the “secret chill and sorrow”.

The Adjectives have a negative connotation: the inevitable denouement, jealous alarm, the last thirst. Others, however, painted a positive: feelings of “rebellious” boil, lover waiting for the date “softly and shyly”.


Nekrasov and panaeva broke up. Then her husband died, then she lived alone, and then happily married and had a child. However, the poet loved Panaewa and, despite his marriage, he devoted his poems to her (“Three elegies”) and mentioned in the will.


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